Italy WINS Euro 2020 on PENALTIES vs. England! | Highlights | ESPN FC

Italy WINS Euro 2020 on PENALTIES vs. England! | Highlights | ESPN FC

Italy denies England its first major tournament win since the 1966 World Cup as it prevails on penalties. Luke Shaw scores the fastest ever goal in Euro final history after volleying home Kieran Trippier’s cross after just two minutes. Leonardo Bonucci levels the score midway through the second half off a corner. Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka all miss decisive penalties in the defeat.
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55 Responses

  1. Goji Center says:

    England: it’s coming home
    Italy: Rome*

  2. Dreist Studios says:

    The ref was really good today, ignoring all the diving and keeping the game in check!!!

    • Ilovemycat says:

      Yea unlike the ref in Brazil vs Argentina

    • Punjabi Soorme says:

      @Nicholas Charles 😂😂😂😂😂 i laughed so out loud when that happened… he wanted a penalty for that lol

    • Mark Halvorsen says:

      Yup totally agree. I think those dragging ur back foot to create an awkward foul should be ignored and booked for simulation. We all know the move and it’s ruining the game. Stay on ur feet!! Also I think the penalty spot for shootouts should be moved to the top of the box. Should take a special strike and not a 50/50 dive to score. Funny cuz it’s so hard to score in football then they make or incredibly easy. Make the PKs harder and let the drama build.

    • J Pham says:

      Sterling darling, Björn Kuipers won’t buy it. Neither he couldn’t be bought by England!

    • GodSpeed says:

      Went sterling went down in the box in the 47 min thats a pen

  3. Freddy Dominguez says:

    Well deserved, toxic England fans were getting out of control. It satisfies me to see the cry 😈

  4. I Was Thinking says:

    Jorginho won the UCL and the Euro, he’s literally a Champion of Europe

  5. Indigo says:

    Italy absolutely deserved this win, but let’s take a moment to thank the ref for no bs calls.

    • Shark in the woods says:


    • Russell Stutler says:

      @Wand Camilo they got completely dominated I’m the second half

    • scep says:

      @Shark in the woods What?? What’s wrong with playing for your home country?

    • Real Person says:

      Except not giving chiellini a red

    • Jack Adam says:

      @Mashti8 it was pretty reckless as he ended up basically horse collaring him, but to give a red would be simply ridiculous. the english were begging for reds all extra time. any manager worth their salt knows that the best way to protect a 1-0 lead is to score another.playing a defensive and cautious game with the type of squad they have is utter hilarity.

  6. Lazer Cobra says:

    Score one goal then sit back and hope to hold on.. Sub on players in the last minute who hadn’t touched the pitch in over 2hrs and expect them to make a crucial penalty. Horrible coaching decisions.

    • ErnestoRC21 says:

      @Roman Arkhipov “Columbia”, I find it funny there’s still people that think that’s how it’s written lol

    • Roman Arkhipov says:

      @ErnestoRC21 Im sorry. I did not know we do a spell check in comment section. colOmbia. Are we done here? Don’t forget to check your tie.

    • E T says:

      @Roman Arkhipov I knew the English racism wasn’t far behind.

    • Vidith Iyer says:

      @Slam United yea but if your doing that don’t put them last.The best order should’ve been Maguire,Saka,Rashford,Sancho and Kane

    • Vidith Iyer says:

      @Roman Arkhipov I’m not saying that this is correct but another way to look at this is a learning experience for these players since England will likely reach more finals in the next few years so giving their young players this pressure might help them win future world cups

  7. River Person says:

    I feel bad for England’s players but not for the fans

    • Simbecile says:

      Same. With England playing at home in front of their own crowd I thought for sure they’d take this game although I’m an Italy supporter.

    • B 671 says:

      @Brain With Limbs that’s what them cocky England fans get! Sore losers

    • Luis Bravo says:

      England didn’t deserve to be thier

    • Stan Anderson says:

      I don’t know about the worst fans but not far from it!!! I can think of a couple nation’s fans who are just terrible

    • doozie doodle says:

      @George Jungle it wouldn’t be a youtube comment section without someone bringing politics into it for absoulutely no reason. You replied to a person who was just talking about football and you weirdly bring politics into it out of nowhere. 😂

  8. Lydia Morris says:

    Italy deserved this win. They fought back and played with heart and grit. Even though they went down early, they were pounding at the door and I knew it was just a matter of time before they scored. You never know how things will go with PKs, but Southgate clearly made some missteps in his choices of who should be taking them. Sad day for England, glorious day for Italia.

  9. Stephen Mason says:

    The defensive trio of Chiellini, Bonucci, and Donnarumma were absolutely stellar the whole tournament beginning to end.

  10. Ralph Smith says:

    *Julius Caesar: “Veni, Vidi, Vici. The cup is coming to Rome.”*

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