“It’s a DISGRACE! It’s a war on football! – Rio lashes out at European Super League proposal

“It’s a DISGRACE! It’s a war on football! – Rio lashes out at European Super League proposal

Rio Ferdinand, Robbie Savage and Francis Benali share some strong feelings about the European Super League.

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43 Responses

  1. Sam Lewis says:

    This morning I hated my club for drawing to Fulham. Tonight I hate them for selling their soul.

  2. Thomas Blew says:

    As Drogba himself one said:

    “It’s a disgrace!”
    “It’s a f***ing disgrace!”

  3. Anthony says:

    As a City fan, I will be supporting PSG in the Champions League. I am disgusted by their greed

    • Epico says:

      I’m real madrid fan…time to support psg after 18 years of my life and I’m 19 years old

    • Anthony says:

      @ozzy82nick no because it would be a shame for City to finally make the leap to UCL champions the same year they decide to deny smaller clubs of the same opportunity in the future

    • Streets IsWatching says:

      Plastic fan

    • Holly says:

      the only reason psg aint join because moiney givers are from katar and they cant have players banned for their own world cup

    • Anthony says:

      @Holly damn that’s actually big brain. I get it, I’m not a fan of either of the teams’ owners. Regardless of the motive, PSG is still taking the better position, so I’d still rather have them win than City

  4. inverterville says:

    PSG, Bayern and Dortmund, massive respect for these clubs

    • 91 Sid Pillai says:

      @AndreaJane no not because of that. Psg’s owners are from Qatar and the next fifa World cup is in Qatar. Psg wouldn’t risk their partnership with Fifa

    • SweeePz One says:

      Bayern don’t need to sign and be a founding member. They can just win their domestic league and qualify for the super league year after year anyways

    • Nasrul Fzi says:

      They not supporting this, that’s why they not involved, love football more not money.

    • Mario Gae Luna says:

      oh they will join as soon as they see the money. They just don’t have the balls to make a stand.

    • Paul Baker says:

      Without them and also Ajax and PSV Eindhoven, this simply won’t work.

  5. Dharam Cheema says:

    The beauty of the champions league is that these big european games are quite rare. I feel like these games won’t be as popular and exciting if they’re practically every week.

    • WeisswurschtTV says:

      They kill the emotions

    • Flower says:

      Tbf people still get excited when say mancity play liverpool. Plus the teams will probs only play each other twice so i dont think it will make it less exciting

    • WeisswurschtTV says:

      @Flower nobody has any relation to a tournament like this. There already is a tournament for the best teams. CL.

      This cup has history. So many emotions Involved. It will get killed if teams like Real and Barca dont take Part.
      On the other hand, winning a tournament with the same teams involved is senseless as well.

      In the end there won’t be any relevant trophy.

      -> No emotions, no football.

    • Sid Sloth says:

      especially if there’s nothing to play for.

    • Kuper says:

      spot on

  6. Dylanjakub says:

    Heja BVB, proud of the bundesliga and Dortmund for saying no.

  7. Jan Mikael says:

    If this goes through, everyone watch Bundesliga. I guess Union Berlin is my new team.

  8. Paul Amita says:

    The coffin dance guys are dancing to this right now

  9. Emmanuel Kolawole says:

    Bayern and BvB one of the few clubs that respect theirs fans to money

  10. Murky says:

    Im actually heartbroken… never thought i would be so ready to disown my football club

    • S Andersson says:

      Whatever your club is, it’s been fleecing fans for years.
      This isn’t a change. They haven’t cared about fans since the sky money came in.

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