It’s A Fast BEAST…The World’s Largest Off Road Wrecker!

It’s A Fast BEAST…The World’s Largest Off Road Wrecker!

So I got a build and it’s fully running!
Will You Win The Can-Am Maverick?
Check Out Tom’s Bird House.


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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt’s off-road recovery!

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29 Responses

  1. Carlos Brookmyer says:

    Lizzie is becoming quite the accomplished welder. Brake pedal looks awesome!

    • Fix It Again Tony says:


    • Jeffrey S says:


    • chris Oakey says:

      Lizzie it looks great but you should grind the top edge so it has a sharp leading edge. Or some grip material should be added.

    • David Hoskins says:

      I know. I mean intellectually I always knew there were lots of women out there that could put my welding to shame.

      But seeing it makes me feel like maybe I should brush up on my sewing or something?

    • Jerry Carpenter says:

      What a chunk of BEEF that is. That would be so awesome to drive. Sooo… in the skeem of things is it worse to forget keys or run out of gas. Just saying

  2. Janalee H says:

    Watching this with my husband and before Tom even mentioned that Matt needed a punishment, my husband goes, “Matt’s punishment should be that he has to measure everything correctly, using all the correct tools, measuring twice, and even planning it all on the computer before hand. Basically everything by the book, no guessing.” 😆 Love you guys!

  3. Sam Sleem says:

    This is incredible. I have been following this build and everyone at MORR should be proud of this accomplishment and all the hardwork that has gone into it. Amazing job everyone.

  4. Loren Hemstock says:

    Matt should have to build a bird house with every kind of PPE you can wear. Safety glasses, face shield, ear plugs and muffs, welding apron, welding gloves, and a hard hat.😁

  5. LTDunltd says:

    The look on Matt’s face when the wrecker first moved under it’s own power is priceless. Great job everybody. Looking forward to the wrecker’s first recovery.

  6. Subverted World says:

    Tom’s chimney was all win! Perfect final piece for his bird house. I love how the wrecker has a super cool steampunk Mad Max feel to it. What an awesome machine!

  7. TxRiderDave says:

    Tom is a good sport. The birdhouse is great.
    Whatever Matt builds, he has to measure everything with calipers and wear all the correct PPE when using tools.
    The smile on Matt’s face the first time the wrecker moves under it’s own power says it all. Congrats to Matt, Lizzy, Tom and the whole MORR team on the heavy wrecker.

  8. Sam Thompson says:

    Awesome job on the wrecker gang!! I can’t believe it’s already been a year in the making. Also, Tom, what a great sport at building the birdhouse. You did amazing dude!! I love the idea of auctioning it off. Matt, what an incredible team you have working with you. ALL great people.

  9. Braxton Nelson says:

    I’m very proud of Lizzie’s progress as a metal worker! She does some really nice welds, and is a big help at the shop!

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