it’s been 3 years since we left NYC

it’s been 3 years since we left NYC

READY SET by Joey Valence feat. Brae;

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other tracks by So Wylie

additional music by;

NYC in 1993

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33 Responses

  1. Shaun says:

    I could not be happier to see a new video from you Casey. We appreciate you!!!

  2. Kaysha says:

    You guys are coming back one of these days.
    That song had a dope Beastie Boyz feeling

  3. Drone Camps RC says:

    Man I used to really like watching the NYC vlogs. Havent watched hardly any of the LA vids. Just something I LOVE about NYC! Love the daily VIDs, edits, music, and gritty fun NYC Vibes! Miss that bro!!!!!

  4. Jack Gordon says:

    Joey Valence is incredible!!

  5. Dobra Espacial says:

    Oh boy, YouTube is NOT the same without your videos popping up in my subscription box. You’re a genius, Casey. Please come back 🥲

  6. Rami Abdulhai says:

    The nostalgia in this was real

  7. Dark Exploration Films says:

    You dont know how much i missed these nyc vlogs, so much nostalgia in one video ❤

  8. Scheiffer Bates says:

    nice to hear Joey Velance in the vlog!

  9. camerawalebhaiya says:

    I am in Mumbai Local when I got the notification
    It’s overcrowded here just trying to survive till I reach home so that I can watch this masterpiece peacefully 😍

  10. Jesús Alzamora says:

    Dos videos de Casey en una semana.
    No me quiero ilusionar ❤️

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