its been a while..

its been a while..

the storm is coming..

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20 Responses

  1. GMAN says:

    this video is all over the place, i apologize. i’ve never made a video with no actually content and me talking the whole time

    but man, it is good to be back. im not gon say much cause ion wanna jinx it but folks. the storm is coming.

    the supporters who are still here, thank you from the bottom of my heart. i promise to make it worth while.

    this video is also the first time i even spoke about my personal life this much.

    im a little rusty as well, editing wise, so that will also improve as we get things rolling.

    love you all, so so much. forever grateful.

  2. STEEZO THE GOD says:

    Love u bro🖤

  3. nasdondada says:

    gotta wipe sum tears after this one gman being so inspirational!

  4. nicholas Rodriguez says:

    I genuinely smiled for the first time in a while when I seen you were back, love you bro 💯

  5. Ethan E says:

    Yo GMAN! Glad you back, I can relate to you I had some shitty years cause of some shitty friends and your videos always helped me laugh during that time, the lil rock video where you get reset was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. If 2k ass again who cares I will support you on twitch whatever you play SSH

  6. Benji Boi says:

    Glad to have you back gman, most people probably know u from 2k but u got the entertainment factor to be a great twitch streamer, pursue it! people will never not wanna watch gman 🙂

  7. Jay🔫 says:

    Gman finally returning we missed you man and here’s a warm welcome back hope your good now and I support you 100% and let’s see if 2k22 is good or bad

  8. KiDD NepTune says:

    “If You Keep Trying, You Can Never Fail” -GMAN, an inspiration

  9. Wesley Causey says:

    Hey GMAN, i’m so happy to see you back. I missed watching your youtube’s videos. I’ve been through some of the toughest years of my life lately and watching your videos helped me through them. I’d rewatch your videos over and over because you didn’t put anymore out, but no matter how many times I watched them they still made me laugh.

  10. Kaden Bowen says:

    Yo GMAN I appreciate it glad to see you back, can’t wait to see you playing 2k you got me into 2k so ima a huge fan I recently tore my acl and have been lost in my thoughts so I have decided to take a break from games and it’s helped. But 2k22 I’m coming diff watching your dribbles and jumpshot videos would help. So in all this thank you gman but you should try out gang beasts with a group of people if you would like I could help you out.🙏👏

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