It’s Boys vs. Girls in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Game

It’s Boys vs. Girls in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Game

Ellen tested “The Big Bang Theory” cast’s knowledge of general trivia with a boys vs. girls game called “The Big Bang!”


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59 Responses

  1. ROCKSWOT says:

    Do you think fish get thirsty?

  2. Melissa Putney says:

    Who else thinks Ellen needs to make longer videos

  3. Ipshita T says:


  4. KilimitiFrriuuu says:

    Mayim is exactly like Amy in real life. You can tell by the way she’s playing this.

  5. Arjun .K says:

    They really are geeks and I love it♥️♥️♥️??

  6. ScarlettP says:

    Seems like Ellen wanted to get done with the game so fast lol

  7. John Anthony Budiongan says:

    amy is competitive af?

  8. Martina F. says:

    2:40 “Bahamian?”
    I started laughing with Mayim???

  9. Ameya Shetty says:

    Just look at mayim she’s in character as amy

  10. Eya Mesina says:

    Penny got that science question right ??

  11. Christian Villanueva says:

    I’m not used to hearing Melissa’s real voice. Hahahaha

  12. Madhav Jayadevan says:

    Kunnal knows everything proving the Asian stereotype Indians rule

    • Madhav Jayadevan says:

      +Alice Cooper yes I agree but only if “you wish” means “you are absolutely correct and I have a huge crush on you”. BTW how u doin’ ?….(joey style)

    • Kaustav Nayak says:

      This thread went from funny to mean to creepy, really fast.

    • Madhav Jayadevan says:

      +Kaustav Nayak that’s what everyone I talk to say about me for your information I’m actually going for cute but yeah I get it

    • E Markiplier says:


  13. Peculiar Potato says:

    kaley went full penny on the last question haha

  14. Ayyy Gurr says:

    Whispered, “Kourtney..”
    Slapped Simon’s hand.
    More whispering and mumbling.

    Kunal is in his Raj element.

  15. Fadwa Sabani says:

    Questions for the girls : what’s the fastest mammal ?
    Questions for the boys : who’s the eldest kardashian?
    Like what!!!!

  16. Grace G. says:

    I’m going to name my pet Sheldon

  17. Chiqui Perez says:

    “Bahamian?!” Kaley is still in character! Oh Penny! ?

  18. kmallory100 says:

    I love how excited Miyam was!

    • Ramesses The Great says:

      +Mikhail Israeli’s protect their country? That doesn’t make sense. Israel got that piece of land handed to them by the British without the Palestinians approval. So if I stole your iPhone, I have a right to fight you if you fought me to get it back?

    • MrNikkimaxine says:

      kmallory100 yes I am inside

  19. Mr Dhaliwal says:

    Leonard standing there doesn’t know what the heck is going on, because he’s an experimental physicist.

  20. SophisticatedPanda says:

    Mayim knowing the science questions, Kaley just doing Penny thing, Kunal answering the Kardashian question right and Simon getting Mario question..Man, they are their characters from BBT irl. Love these guys and going to miss the show ♥♥♥

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