It’s Charlie the Unicorn Time!

It’s Charlie the Unicorn Time!

Help us create this ridiculous 30 minute finale:

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FilmCow Industries International Business Conglomerates is a full service “Internet Machine” operating out of Orlando, FL and various large ships. It is currently owned and operated by filmmaker and amature croissanteer Jason Steele.

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20 Responses

  1. strongforce5 says:

    Lol “Hurrah” XD

  2. Anonyma Pungentfart says:

    Meow meow meow.

  3. Tony Apple says:

    Filmcow that’s awesome that you already reached your goal, I am so excited
    for the Final Charlie the Unicorn

  4. Soroxas Battle says:

    This tune reminds me of stick a banana in your ear and ocean blue tunes

  5. The Kush Minister says:

    they always blow up in the end, rip you magnificent bastard

  6. Optimalillusion says:

    The tune bounced around in my big ol’ noggin, and it just struck me! It
    sounds like a Donovan song!

  7. iTouchedYuu says:

    my childhood animation is going towards its finale after all these years

  8. Loebane says:

    I just need the coffin joke please.

  9. Arctic Chill says:

    I’m Surprised he Didn’t Try To Eat Charlie.
    *He DOES look like Marshmallow Pie*

  10. Vincent Burgess says:

    meow bitch

  11. PissedOffCookie says:

    Send each of your backers nice, warm Grand Slaaaaamwicheeeeees, Jason. 😛

    They are helping to make this finale soooooo populaaaaarrrr :3

  12. Iffondrel says:

    Your skills are impeccable, good sir.

  13. ilikepieii says:

    Can the excess money be used to make a Charlie teh Unicron finale too?

  14. DpoProductions says:

    Mannn I wonder who are those people that give over $1000, like are they
    just random millionaires who are also fans??

  15. POTDAD Smackfad (Demon King) says:

    I’m excited for the inevitable Charlie teh unicron 5, and the exciting
    conclusion of the GRAND SLAMMWICH ….sorry i just threw up a little bit in
    my mouth

  16. ArpholomuleNutt says:

    I like how Charlie doesn’t even care enough to comment on the cat head
    anymore. He’s just like, “Oh. You’re here. Okay.” and just waits for the

  17. chibignoufs says:

    charlie brings back many memory’s it was the very first youtube video i
    ever saw

  18. The Odd British Fellow says:

    Why can’t one of the rewards be a grand slamwich, I hear they are really

  19. PoweredByFlow says:

    Good thing the cat head exploded or else i would have been very

  20. Cor3 says:

    oh shit he’s cumin back bitches