It’s Finally Here… My Tesla Model S Plaid

It’s Finally Here… My Tesla Model S Plaid

My Tesla Model S Plaid has arrived. What a time to be alive.
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42 Responses

  1. Tom's Turbo Garage says:

    Congratulations sir, enjoy the heck out of it! 😁👍🏻 Also at the 7:00 mark you perfectly captured the experience I have with my Plaid every time I drive it. Well done and thank you for the great video!

    • Leget says:

      @J L Calm down buddy and let the people have fun

    • DinoBoy says:

      @J L Autopilot, huge display in the front that controls everything, the app, the launch, automatic doors, cool updates, good at snow that your BMW gets stuck on it, tell me how these things don’t taste good to you.

    • SheridanTank says:

      @J L
      “Good taste”
      Says the guy typing by slamming his face into the keyboard in a rage because he’s a Tesla hater.

      You : “fAnBoY”
      Me : “What brand do you like?”
      You (probably): “BMW”
      Me : “fAnBoY”

      Taste is just a snob’s way of saying opinion. Get over yourself.

    • Marc Sherwood says:

      while I agree it is great he got this car, addressing him my “sir” is a bit much.

    • broschetta says:

      @SheridanTank you seem like you have some issues you should work on, maybe get help!

  2. The Living Miracle says:

    The launch and reaction instantly put a smile on my face

  3. Marcus Jay says:

    You know you’re in the future when your 21″ in-car touchscreen display has bloody basic fruity loops studio built in 😲 craziness!

  4. SpawnPoiint says:

    I really need this! Congrats on the awesome car!

  5. FlytPath says:

    The launch never gets old. Congrats Lew!!!

    • Scorpion7substance says:

      @Manuel R. How’s your GM stock doing and the Chevy Bolt EV?

    • Snoopy Pilot says:

      @Antonio Neilley-Menendez de Llano if none of what I said makes sense, then you should be able to easily explain and not be a grammar nazi and try to correct grammar on the internet, worst of all YouTube. That’s sad lil guy.

    • Snoopy Pilot says:

      @Antonio Neilley-Menendez de Llano so please reiterate yourself and explain to your best “possible” knowledge on what doesn’t make sense lol. Because all I can see is you’re insulted over my remark about Tesla’s 🙂

    • HrH says:

      The Ekonk by Vazirani is a much better car.

    • venom5809 says:

      @Sophie Edel Teslas are for low IQ buyers that accept a mediocre car for a high price mostly because they are fanboys of that psychopath. My neighbor has many cars, one was a Tesla Model 3 used just as a runaround car to get to his clinics, the rest are Mercedes, BMWs and Audi. As soon as Mercedes came out with the EQS he got one and got rid of the crappy Tesla. LOL. If Teslas had GM or Chrysler badges on them no one would touch them. The electric cars from real manufacturers and even some new ones like Rivian and Lucid are showing Tesla up for what it is, a mediocre car company with a one trick pony, making the car go fast for short bursts. I test drove the Model S when it came out and passed on it and got an S-Class and years later drove one again and passed on it and got another S-Class. I’d get an Audi e-tron GT, Taycan or EQS but never a Tesla if I did decide to go electric, even the VW ID4 is pretty nice as is the Hyundai Ioniq 5.

  6. z says:

    I’m gonna buy this one day

  7. Lonely Sandwich says:

    Deep blue metallic with white interior is a 👌 spec

  8. Doomy_Doomy says:

    It is insane how far this stuff has come. Makes me excited that hopefully in 7 years when I get a new car I will be able to get possibly a used Tesla and experience the features myself.

  9. ahloke cafe says:

    Tesla got their promo hear pretty well.

  10. Insta360 says:

    The beauty of tech is making a grown adult feel like a kid in a candy store – your reaction says it all, Lew 😍🙌

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