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It’s Finally Here!!!!!

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36 Responses

  1. Red Dirt Catfishing says:

    Matt go to your local fire department and look at their brush trucks and the way that they’re set up.

  2. Matthew Ellisor says:

    What you’re looking for is called a
    “circulation relief valve”
    Also, make sure that you don’t hard pipe it all. Leave a flexible coupling on each line or something is gonna give.

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    • Matthew Ellisor says:

      @Dutch Traveler Ask me how I know…. Scratch that, please don’t… just use your imagination.

      Also, what is that noise in the other three replies? People, use your words!

      I don’t think it’s spam unless it’s just Lorem ipsum to create bots that aren’t filtered out. Maybe someone else can read me in?

  3. William Hull says:

    Matt: “It’s never cold in Texas.”

    Mother Nature (6 months ago): “Texas needs snow and freezing pipes and power outages”

    • Kevin G says:

      @John Smith So, your government failed you by not regulating to make sure your power mix has basic weather resilience. That’s unfortunate.

    • BLKMGK4 says:

      @John Smith You mean the windmills that were also not weatherized?

    • John Smith says:

      @Kevin G First, if the past few days of watching Afghanistan makes you think you can rely on your government for anything, you are an idiot. Second, it was the federal tax subsidies that distorted the power mix in the first place, otherwise we would have had a lot less wind and a lot more coal. Third, a 100 year storm (3 storms in series actually) is not covered under “basic weather resilience”.

    • John Smith says:

      @BLKMGK4 Think of it like a airplane wing, it can operate fine at -30F, it cant operate for long at 30F in freezing rain.

    • BLKMGK4 says:

      @John Smith Actually no, they didn’t opt to weatherize their mills but windmills in other states ARE and work fine in the weather. Finland, Sweden, Norway and other places have no such issue. Just like weatherizing their other infrastructure they cut corners on the windmills too.

  4. Halo ت HᄐA ᅮᅢᄐ N says:

    For the refilling part, consider a second pump. You would then also have back up pump.

  5. Charlie Rubendall says:

    Move the tank back over the rear axle. Set up 2 hose reels in the front of the tank to allow for fires to be fought from both sides at one time. Plus that way you can run a hard line from the pump straight up to the hoses rather than running all the way to the back. You could put a valve in there as well to allow either side to have water or both. Just my thoughts, hope it helps.

  6. dingus153 says:

    When you hook up the hard lines, make sure you’ve still got flexible couplings at least once per run so nothing cracks

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  7. Tyler Murray says:

    Matt, you need an adjustable circulating relief valve. Stationary fire pumps quite often have them

  8. Torrey Jones says:

    I think the terms you need to search for are “water cannon” and “fire monitor” and you can even get them so they can be “remote controlled” from inside the cabin. Southernprepper1 did a video a while back on firefighting gear, and Wranglerstar showed off his wild land firefighting gear not so long ago. might want to look them up for gear ideas for your truck.

    • F**СК МЕ - СНЕCK MY РR0FILЕ says:

      ake them to your grandmother☹️😲🤑🙃😕😔😓

    • Charles D says:

      You didn’t hear of the issue Wranglerstar had with Matt (Bunker Branding) or you would not have mentioned him on Matt’s channel! Lol

    • Torrey Jones says:

      @Charles D No I didn’t. I don’t remember it making its way onto either channel, or I may have missed it (gotta love YouTube’s randomness at times). The info itself is still good, and he may get something from it, regardless of what the two may think of each other personally. I don’t care much for The Governator, but I still respect him for what he’s done.

  9. Jason Stevenson says:

    Matt, the valve you need is called an off-loader valve, we use them for heavy duty pressure washers, you can then just return to tank the water that you don’t use. Also be carefull with the hard piping as everything will move so you want some flexiable joints in the system.

  10. Scott Hayes says:

    Put the backup tank on a tower. Feed it with 1″ to fill it and use 4″ to drain it into the truck! The flow rate of 4″ is 260 gal/min. 2 minutes for a refill beats 10 by 8!

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