It’s Finally Time…

It’s Finally Time…

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79 Responses

  1. Alcor The Dreambender says:

    Love the name! But the clothes are a bit expensive πŸ˜…

  2. Dark Flame says:

    *At times like these….I REALLY HATE BEING POOR!!!*

  3. Tori Smishy says:

    I preordered a hoodie and I’m so excited for you guys! Congrats on being able to get the brand up and going ❀️

    • Locket Angel says:

      Pizzario or you can budget your money and shop sales, and get both. If you aren’t broke, it’s not a ridiculous idea.

    • Rabbit Guts says:

      Locket Angel any proof that it’s ethically made? Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s not made in a sweatshop. I could literally have made my own jumper for far less and it still be ethical. also just because clothing is ethical doesn’t mean it’s going to last any longer than any other clothing, I’ve had ethical clothing that’s shredded like tissue paper after only a few days. It depends on what you do day to day not always where it was made :/

    • Tori Smishy says:

      Rabbit Guts I’m sure there’s a way on the website to contact them and ask questions!

    • hudashick says:

      People who said she could have spent her money elsewhere..

      It’s HER money and she wants to spend on this. Leave her alone.

      And I don’t get this it’s ethical or not shit. To me it’s a simple “if I can’t afford, I won’t buy it.”

  4. Andrey Pizarro says:

    I love it Sean but it’s very expensive and I don’t have that much mulla

  5. CryptoFiddle70 says:

    I really want to support this brand, but I can’t afford those prices. . . I got adult things to do, man.

  6. Scarlethawk says:

    Literally I think the hoodie should be $40 dollars not $80… that would β€œcater to everyone” a bit more

    • Ari says:

      yeah that price is reasonable for a good quality sweatshirt

    • 42ndMoose says:

      Or buy a regular hoodie? There’s a reason why it’s expensive. And a lot of jack fans seems to think this is merch that everyone needs to support..

    • Locket Angel says:

      If you want it made ethically, it’s going to be expensive.

      Rayon can either be made ethically, or unethically. When rayon is made unethically, the people making it suffer longterm health problems.

      Low impact dyes are more expensive, especially when dealing with synthetic fibres (they’re a pain to dye)

      And a sweatshop isn’t making these.

    • Rabbit Guts says:

      Locket Angel Do you have any actual proof that a sweatshop isn’t making these?? No you don’t, you’re just assuming that because they’re expensive and people have branded them β€˜good’ quality items that they’re not made in a sweatshop. I could buy a Nike $200 shirt, it be good quality and it STILL be made in a sweatshop and have cost Nike $0.30 to make. :/ until there’s actual proof of where these come from and the reason for the price then people are entitled to bitch about it.

  7. Finbarr D'Arcy says:

    β€œIt feels good to finally have clothing” The wave of Demonetisation has hit Jack the hardest…

  8. Domi Domi says:

    I see all these comments and I totally agree, that this brand is not for Jack and Mark’s audience. Most of us can’t afford this. I like the design, but they need to explain the prices. I will understand these prices only if it is an ethical and sustainable clothing line. Only if they can explain who made my clothes. How the materials are sourced and how much the people making it are paid. Are they working in good conditions? Because sustainable and ethical brands have prices like this. And it’s better to buy from them, but still, it’s not for everyone. But if there is a good reason for prices like this, I will understand.

    • Brad Ng says:

      saying “this is high end” isn’t really explaining the price sigh

    • Potato Salad says:

      THANK you for a reasonable response to the prices, and not screaming MONEY GRAB

    • Gravemind says:

      *THANK YOU*
      I get comments from kids after calling this crap out and the kids are saying shit like “Your just a dirt poor retard”
      “That’s a bit rude”
      and best of all “y dude, this is supposed to be a positive community remember that”
      Trust me I love the fact that this place is mostly positive, but this garbage ISNT acceptable.

  9. rairatoakane says:

    If their production is fair trade I’d understand why expensive though, fair trade companies like People Tree also sells simple t-shirt for around 63 USD. Actually I really hope Shaun and Mark’s brand is this price range exactly because it’s fair trade……I would gladly support them though would definitely need to save up first.

  10. jones81381 says:

    Jack with all his Youtube money is losing touch with normal people. Most people aren’t gonna want to or be able to spend out the ass for a single piece of clothing. Quality is nice, but you have to balance between quality and final price point. If it’s too expensive for most people to buy it, it’s a bad product to endorse/create/advertise to fans.

    • Locket Angel says:

      jones81381 it’s expensive because it’s not made in a sweatshop and made with ethical materials. Cheap clothes are basically made by slaves.

    • jasmine story says:

      +Locket Angel But coming from his viewers being mainly children/ teenagers, do you think their parents are going to go out of their way to afford the shirts of jackets. I would rather save a few more dollars and buy a new pair of converse than buy a 80 dollar jacket. I understand that the material is expensive, but I know that not all of his fans are going to be able to buy the merch that he is producing which is bad business on his part. No other youtuber so far that I’ve seen has merch going over at least 45-50 dollars. I appreciate where you are coming from though because most people view the material and adding up prices. But he could sell more products at a cheaper price and still benefit from each item sold.

  11. BaDwv says:

    HOLY SMOKES THATS TO EXPENSIVE *I will buy it one day*


    I want to say something to combat the negativity about the price but don’t want to make it a long rant. So to sum it up: β€œCheap things come at a price, either in the quality of the product or expense of someone else.” Some of the classes I’m taking deal with capitalism, outsourcing, and the underpaying + alienation of workers. I’ve also worked in jobs that had to do with clothing (so I’ve more things to compare it to). Before either of these I might’ve been in the same boat of β€œtoo expensive…” but I can most assuredly say now that I think it’s a very fair price if the quality that is spoken for is true. And I trust them wholeheartedly. That’s my two cents, or nickel because we don’t have pennies up here anymore Lol.

    I really love it, the clothing fits my sense of style so perfectly and I hope they don’t feel deterred in continuing it.

    • TheMrVengeance says:

      First of all “expensive” =/= “not made in a sweatshop”. In fact many brands that are “expensive” have their products manufactured in sweatshops and/or other unethical ways.
      Besides these hoodies are made mostly of rayon, which is an artificial fabric created through a very dirty and dangerous chemical process turning wood pulp into fabric. Big chance that that’s being done somewhere where health and safety regulations are a little more .. loose.

    • The Android Sent by Ciberlife says:

      The materials used to make this stuff is CHEAP I checked

  13. William LC says:

    For everyone complaining about the price, I would like you to read trough this from someone who goes to school for fashion design.

    Cotton, rayon and spandex are all very different materials and they all come with a cost. Cotton is very unethically produced which is why many brands, don’t use it and instead use polyester. One good thing about cotton is that it doesn’t make you sweat as much as polyester, it’s easy to work with and it’s biodegradable as it’s a natural fiber. Rayon is a semisynthetic fiber made out of wood pulp which is more ethical than cotton and is more biodegradable than cotton, sadly, rayon can causes serious harm because of carbon disulfide which is used to make rayon. Spandex is a synthetic fiber which makes it very stretchy and it’s made artificially so it’s easy to get to it and also, it’s the usual go to for clothes that have cotton in it. Sadly because it’s a synthetic fiber, it isn’t very biodegradable and also because it’s stretchy, it’s a hell to work with.
    If you haven’t noticed by now, every one of these has it’s perks but also cons which all go into the overall price which also includes, the workers time, the production, the price of shipment and also the amount of money that at the end will actually be pocketed for later use of production (hopefully).
    Not to mention, some of the pieces are made up from 75% rayon and as I mentioned it, that can cause harm to the workers so not only is their time being paid, it’s also their health.
    If you still don’t understand the price then here is a simple tldr.
    Cost of materials + production + time + shipment = 35$ to 85$
    (If you didn’t check the site, they have shirts that are 35$)

    • Direwoof says:

      @TheMrVengeance Thanks, I wasn’t going to deal with that idiot.

    • Direwoof says:

      @Dreny Your point made me think of something.

      This is a new thing to them, yea? A clothing line is a bit different than merch. Merch they’ve done before and that’s easy to talk about and give out the info people want to hear about it.

      They’ve never done a clothing line which requires much more tact and communication with fans/consumers and that lack of communication is really hurting these two with this. Hoping they’ll get some kind of hang of it. Cuz heres the product details…
      Product Details

      Color: Color Blocked, Heather Grey/Black
      Extended mock neck with full zip
      Critical flat seams and a kangaroo pocket

      Tons of info and reasons for the pricing.

    • Maki Su says:

      Very interesting, thank you buddy!

    • Blue Eudemonia says:

      He said he β€œdidn’t care”? Ouch

    • William LC says:

      +Direwoof Sorry, didn’t see this until now and if you want the numbers, here. I’ll use the pricing of cotton, rayon, and spandex at the price of wholesale which means the fabric needs to have a minimum amount of meters so I’ll try to keep it around 20000 meeters since we are talking about a company production which would buy even more than that.
      Cotton- 14,200$
      Rayon- 8,730$
      Spandex- 24,550$
      One hoodie takes approximately 7 to 8 hours to make if you do it with a normal machine but since it is made by multiple people with better machines, let’s say it takes 2 hours to make it.
      Shipment is a bit harder to calculate since we don’t know from where they are shipping but let’s say it is shipping from the USA if we are giving the benefit of doubt that the clothes aren’t made in China. Shipment to the states in the US can go from 5$ to 12$ and outside of the US, it can go from 10$ to 26$.
      Now, the payment of the workers. Here it gets difficult because that will vary and since the only numbers I can get are from factory workers in Bangladesh and China, these are the numbers I’ll use. If you can find the wage of workers in other countries, it will differ.
      Pay for each worker per day: 87$
      Pay for each worker by week: 609$
      And to add on something I forgot in my original comment: You are paying the name of the brand which is often why a simple Supreme hoodie, can cost up to 200$.
      Cost of manufacture for one hoodie- 11$ to 18$ (if made in Asian countries by fast workers, with highest quality material)
      There is also a cost for printing but that can vary by what the design is.

      Here, I gave you the numbers that I was able to find.
      For a simpler way to see why it all adds up to so much, here is a simpler example:
      If you want to make a hoodie yourself and sell it, making it with sweatshirt fabric for 2,5 meters (enough to make a simple medium sized unisex hoodie) it will cost you 37$. Let’s say it takes you 6 hours for one hoodie which, if we make into 5$ an hour (which is underpaying) is plus 30$. Which adds onto 67$ plus shipping.

  14. RANDOM PERSON says:

    Also I enjoy that when I go on the Cloak site, rather than saying “CLOAK – THIS IS YOUR BRAND”, the toolbar couldn’t fit it all in so it just screams out “CLOAK – THIS IS YOUR BRA”

  15. The Shroom says:

    I really like the clothes but the price is just way to high.
    I guess it makes sense if you’re aiming at being a designer brand though.

    • Rabbit Guts says:

      The Shroom even a designer brand has to start somewhere and if no one is willing to buy your products from the get go because of the price then they’re going to struggle to remain a β€˜brand’ at all if they done sell 😰

    • Blue Eudemonia says:

      They’ve introduced their brand to an audience that, for the most part, are young teens to broke college students. That’s the first problem

  16. Jodie Ella says:

    I’m so sorry and I said this on Mark’s video, but I can’t support this. Like I can’t afford to support this. Its so cool and well designed but it’s so so expensive.

    • Locket Angel says:

      Jodie Ella it’s expensive because it’s ethical. This is considered affordable in the ethical clothing category.

    • Mom's Failure says:

      +Locket Angel I’m sure she understands why it’s expensive. She is just stating that because it’s expensive, she cannot support the brand because it’s out of her budget.

    • Dumb stuff says:

      Locket Angel My question is how exactly do you know whether the clothing is ethically made? The products could very likely be made in a sweatshop and you’d be none the wiser.

  17. Chocoffey - says:

    For all those people commenting β€œ stop complaining β€œ OKAY WE KNOW YOU ARE RICH BUT WE DONT

    • Brad Ng says:

      one thing i like reading these comments is fans throwing out facts from their asses

    • Potato Salad says:

      You don’t have to be rich to tell people to stop being a bitch

    • 42ndMoose says:

      +TheMrVengeance because you guys are already deciding whatever the product is worth when nobody has tried it yet.. feedback is saying that “they should have feminine options”, “they should make pants”, “why only black”, “will it be impossible to wash?”… not like; “i’ve seen better products so this should be cheaper”, “how can we support you if we can’t afford it?”, “you’ve changed, all this is proof that you want more money”

      Nah. They aren’t expecting every fan to buy this.. not even a quarter of the fanbase… they’re just opening a brand to other people even if they don’t know youtube. To the people who buy shirts & hoodis that has this kind of quality.

      No, this isn’t merch. And no that isn’t the feedback they wanted.. if they drop the prices even just a little bit, it would be impossible for them to continue making the same products as shown in the video.

      Because they’ll have to make something cheaper that sells cheap. Do you understand?

    • iMainWidowmaker says:

      The problem here is that its not expensive to make now but it is expensive to buy it

    • TheMrVengeance says:

      Do I have to eat the bread, to know that $100 slice of bread is absurdly expensive? No.
      I don’t have to buy an overpriced hoodie made of all cheap synthetic materials to know that $80 is overpriced.
      And if Sean is asking for feedback on that product, _”it’s too expensive”_ isn’t bad feedback.

      Also could you please cite your sources on the production cost of the hoodie. You seem to know exactly what the cost is and what the profit margins for their middle man and their company is. Else you couldn’t be making the claim _”if they dropped the price even a little bit, it’d be impossible to keep selling”._

      That’s the same as all the people commenting without any kind of source or proof that it’s expensive because “it’s ethical”.
      Seriously. Cite your sources.

  18. vance sacobie says:

    Sorry jack … a bit too pricey for me

  19. FreereaperGaming says:

    Good luck with the brand and clothing idea, but its a bit too expensive for most people?. I would rather just buy your own merchandise to be honest, its cheaper. Peace.

  20. Mac Foraday says:

    The word “Cloak” is barely visible, but the words _”and Dagger”_ are completely invisible to the naked eye.

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