It’s Morning Again In Canada

It’s Morning Again In Canada

Marco Rubio’s striking new campaign ad shines a spotlight on the struggles regular Canadians face.

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20 Responses

  1. Sherif Set says:

    Jeb dropped out

  2. Marcaveli7 says:

    Canada loves this by the way! You’re welcome anytime! haha

  3. Will McHardy says:

    I hate this man. He is the most racist person on TV! If America is sooo
    star-spangled awesome, why do they let this racism on their television?!?!

  4. Ben Grieve says:

    I like that the Degrassi High image is using the Degrassi: The Next
    Generation logo.

  5. hyperlazyful says:

    Go Mum!!!

  6. MrEnky007 says:

    Haha, trop drôle XD J’ai le goût d’une poutine maintenant…

  7. sherpajones says:

    lmao @ beaver crossing made me think of lesbians scissoring.

  8. RealMetalSonic1 says:

    Don’t they know we’re raising a Beaver/Moose army?

  9. wackydelly84 says:

    nice secret code there marco . . .the people who pay more on taxes than
    food and clothing are extremely wealthy.

  10. Huw Davies-Phinney says:

    Wow this is what a talk show should be… Funny and not just stupid

  11. SmartNinjaGamer says:

    Maybe beibers going back om that boat

  12. Emhar Gaming says:

    Oshawa generals vs the Windsor spitfires huh nice choice of hockey

  13. CurlyDude says:

    I lost it when I saw the soldier with the moose head lol

  14. Richard Abeysinghe says:

    Okay. Never thought I’d say this. Marco Rubio is a bigger idiot than Trump.

  15. LordOfTheBored says:

    Did I get that right?? Stephen really encouraged voters in South Carolina
    to vote for Trump in the introduction to this skit when he said something
    like “You will be deciding which person I´ll make jokes about in the next 4
    years and I think you all know who my choice is”????

  16. James Bonded says:

    His ad is a copy of Ronald Reagan TV ad “It’s morning in America again”. So
    it’s not really a new ad it’s a revised very very old ad. Google it.

  17. primadonna. says:


  18. zindi1138 says:

    what cartel will assassinate haircut boy

  19. Leha Rays says:

    Canadian here, we don’t want your Rubio, sorry.

  20. Jason Dangle says:

    All of what Rubio said in the first add was bullshit :/