It’s not you. Commuting is bad for your health.

It’s not you. Commuting is bad for your health.

My commute is like a second job, and it might be killing me.

Check out our video on how highways negatively impacted US cities:

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Millions of Americans commute to work. It can be a stressful journey that involves cars, trains, bicycles, and even airplanes. This video breaks down the pros and cons of long commutes — it’s by someone who actually has a painfully long one: Vox’s Kimberly Mas commutes to Manhattan almost every day. She drives her car to the train station, takes the train to the subway, and finally rides the subway to the Vox office. She’s had this routine for a long time and she always wondered what kind of toll it’s taking on her. Her reporting shows that, while commutes may just be an unavoidable part of life for many Americans, they don’t have to be all bad, all the time. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what’s really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app.

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73 Responses

  1. Kevin TheScreenKiller says:

    shut up and move….

  2. Our Founding Liars says:

    Commuting is especially bad for your health when you’re commuting from a planet with a different atmosphere. Investigate VOX. Keep asking questions

    • The Dead Immortal says:

      Imagine how in 100 years this might actually be true. One day there’s going to be someone who’s annoyed that they have to wake up at 6 so they can make it to the moon on time for work.

    • Get the Joke! says:

      Those women from Venus try to change our atmosphere; but if I’m not hot enough for them, then earth will never be.

    • Robot Man says:

      The most important channel on the internet strikes again!

    • Obeso Gracioso says:

      I see them changing skins when i’m drinking my coffee at the station, can’t say which one because they might start gang stalking me. And it has nothing to do with all that acid i did which probably melted my brain, they are real. Lizard people control us. Keep asking questions.

    • Avengerie says:

      Oh, another melon dickrider.

  3. King Fynx says:

    She cute

  4. Profound Desperado says:

    Shut up and move…

  5. Bandstand says:

    Just your daily reminder that Logic is biracial.

  6. Alicia Mn says:

    This is how much I hate mornings

  7. The Ambling Bristolian says:

    I wonder if the disappointment over commuting goes hand in hand with the rise in remote working. Working from home might seem weird, but I do it and the number one benefit is not having to commute. That and free coffee.

    • Carin0316 says:

      I wish my office job gave me the option to work from home but unless I had a work laptop (my department didn’t give me one 😑) I can’t really access my jobs server. We recently had a day off work for emergency (thanks snow in the south, no one was prepared to deal with it lmao) and I remember still waking up early and thinking how I wish I could have had the option to get SOMEthing done. Hope in the future I have a job that allows me at least a couple days a week/month to work from home. It’s nice be able to work where I have access to my food (don’t have to worry about making time to pack it/wasting money for lunch), can play my music without needing earphones, can light some candles for relaxing scents, getting to wear comfy pajamas or sweats, etc…yeah working from home sounds like a dream lol. Or even if I could take a work laptop to a nice cafe sometimes. I use to get tons of studying and homework done during school when I had different options of places to study.

      ETA: also having the option my own coffee. Yeah that would cost me more money down the line vs free coffee at work but my home coffee not only tastes better, I have so much stocked up from not having it every morning that i could probably go a few months before needing to buy more lol. (I don’t like masking coffee before work because the thermos I have always spills in my car, plus that’s another 5-10 minutes anyway since I have an old moka pot for my coffee lol)

    • RPDBY says:

      The Ambling Bristolian hwo do you get free coffee?

    • Dale Galiniak says:

      My last job I commuted on the train. My current one, I work from home. I will say that while I miss the few hours a day reading (something I never quite seem to cut out time for on my own), the amount of stress in my life is way way lower now.

    • Jesse says:

      Coffee isn’t free if you buy it

    • Matt Johnston says:

      I work from home a lot, and there are a whole other set of challenges that come with it. Overall, it’s harder to motivate yourself when you’re in an environment that has your game system, your tv, or any other form of entertainment or distraction when you’re not being supervised. It’s not for everyone.

  8. Swapnadeep Kapuri says:


  9. abluemug says:

    I wonder if working from home should be an option? 2.5 hour commute one way equals 5 in total. That’s close to an entire work day and seems really freaking sad!

    • URBANKAMI says:

      It’s not just bad for the employees, but also for the companies. Your productivity goes down hill and so does your efficiency plus you can barely work overtime so if anything it’s both in the interest of the company AND the worker to have little commute time

    • jbmp1390 says:

      abluemug Working from home is a nice idea but for many jobs it’s just not a possibility for one reason or another.

    • Briganda C says:

      abluemug Not likely there will be lots of jobs out there where u can work from home. The company wants to have control over their employees

    • Allie Doak says:

      A lot of people would find themselves pretty socially isolated if they didn’t get to work with others which would also be bad for their health.

    • Orian de Wit says:

      Working from home is often countered with “that’s just not possible for this job”. If you are a contractor building houses or a cashier at a store, fair enough.

      But in many cases, you can consolidate office-activities to one or more days, and provide the tools to employers to do the rest from home. Even a teacher spends 20-40% of their time not in front of a class, developing new lessons and correcting tests…

      I think most people would be much healthier if they could split the week and spend for example the Wednesday away from the office.

  10. Azliana Lyana says:

    Can ‘Anywhere Door/Dokodemo Door’ from Doraemon be a reality? It might help everyone.. hopefully, in the future 🙂

  11. rewer says:

    I feel you, but it’s a dream where your workplace is within walking distance.

  12. issa osama says:

    I love my alone time when commuting tbh. I either read or listen to music. That’s why I appreciate train drivers and bus drivers so much. Imagine doing that for hours non stop knowing that you have so many lives in your hands. Lets give them some appreciation guys.

    • The Dead Immortal says:

      @issa OsamaRobots already are. Have you never heard of self driving cars? If anything a bus would be even easier. We’re already there buddy

    • vennril says:

      @The Dead Immortal: Cool, where can I catch the next self-driving bus then? Oh, there are none? Self-driving cars don’t even get a license yet? “We’re already there”

    • Richard Santos says:

      issa osama Thank you for your appreciation, and yes can be stressful but you can make the best out of it

    • The Dead Immortal says:


      Because we are. The technology’s already there. Implementation is a whole other thing.

      LOL look at you trying to one up me with your limited intelligence

    • MrBeaux says:

      I don’t really blame you, but not everyone’s commute is on a train or bus, some people have to drive on the interstate in bumper-to-bumper traffic, which gets old fast.

  13. serge00storms says:

    why is the dog not mentioned in the credits

  14. Vox says:

    Check out our video on how highways changed US cities:

    • ro pro says:

      Oh quit yer whining. You made the choice to live in a big house with a nice, giant yard.

    • Fay Vlogs says:

      Vox Make a vid about shutdown plsssss

    • Sykotik Shadow says:

      Regardless of my commute whether it be 30 minutes or an hour, I still manage to get my 10 mile biking every other day and I love commuting by myself before the fact to all my great Tunes. A very happy to commute by myself hand crank up my radio. In the end it all really boils down to the attitude that you have and perceive in life. Your only down if you allow yourself to get down. I can just having some better Tunes to your commute. Hope it takes me an extra 30 minutes just give me another 30 minutes to jam out.

    • WopTopDrop says:

      Shut up and move

    • Breeze says:

      Sykotik Shadow that’s real healthy advise. thank you,😀
      so much music, so many possibilities. I also ride a BMX.

  15. average human says:

    Try catching 9am local in Mumbai it will definitely kill you

  16. Arkolion says:

    She is so cuuuuuute!

  17. One Cyclist in Lisbon says:

    For those who live near, choose a BICYCLE = exercise + transportation + motivation.

    • Kris Carlson says:

      The Scandinavian Countries are always the happiest, they have Universal Health care, 6 weeks of Parental Leave, Maternity leave, Wages are set with the rate of Inflation, etc.. They’re the happiest because of their Social Democratic views, which will unfortunately never happen in the United States.

    • Lance Lovecraft says:

      I absolutely agree. if you live within 5 miles of your job. you should consider cycling

    • hedgehog3180 says:

      Jasper de groot Live in Denmark and I always biked almost anywhere, my high school was 7 km on a mostly flat path except for the really long hill at the start so every day I’d get about 1 hour and 20 minutes of exercise and some fresh air. It definitely helps that there are bike paths going almost anywhere, I can’t imagine having to drive a bike next to heavy traffic like I’d have to without the bike paths.

    • DizzyDenver says:

      Daniel I do agree about getting healthier, however if you are a sweaty person you will sweat before and after being in shape, like myself.

  18. Charlie Clumsy says:

    In the end of this video I felt that I’ve learned something. But then I thought about and realised I didn’t learn anything.

  19. CardsNHorns04 says:

    Another take on this: Affordable Housing.

    While I assume the vlogger in this video loves her job, she is likely not being paid well enough to work in Manhattan (I assume she works in Manhattan b/c she stated that she arrives to Penn Station). But living in Manhattan is extremely expensive, especially if you want space.

    There might be an argument for a simpler lifestyle, one without all the comforts of suburban living, but we aren’t there as a society yet. But when I worked in DC, it still took me ~20-30 minutes to get 2 miles to my job in the Navy Yard neighborhood on the Metro with the transfer.

    We need our local governments to ensure that new housing developments have a healthy mix of affordable and market rate housing so we can all live healthy lives regardless of socioeconomic status.

    • Allie Doak says:

      Affordable housing, better walkability, more functional public transport infrastructure and less support for cars are all in the public interest. Affordable housing with designs that encourage community will also mean that the commute could be more social and thus more enjoyable and less taxing and could be used to offset the sacrifice of suburban comforts and to create a sense of place. Shared indoor spaces to offset the loss of housing space, shared green spaces to offset the loss of the ‘yard’.

    • TheKinglord12345 says:

      Yeah this is also Vox’s fault; they’re not paying enough to ensure she can avoid a home nearer to where she works

  20. Sonia's Way says:

    You know it’s really important to have time everyday to just relax.. coincidentally I recently made a video about that too..Stress is not a good thing.

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