It’s Official: Sen. Kamala Harris ‘Might’ Run

It’s Official: Sen. Kamala Harris ‘Might’ Run

‘The Truths We Hold: An American Journey’ author Senator Kamala Harris gives a two-word answer about 2020.

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89 Responses

  1. Joe Metzger says:

    Please show me you will fight for ideals by putting forth a progressive platform and not compromising yourself.

    • Erik S says:

      She’s already shown who she is. The 2020 model of Corporate Dem politibot.

    • brettfavreify says:

      Isn’t compromise the essence of politics? There’s is a knucklehead in the WH who has no concept of that.

    • Erik S says:

      +brettfavreify taking bribes to look the other way isn’t the sort of compromise skills I’m looking for in a president.

    • Glurp puffloid says:

      +brettfavreify I agree with Erik S

      Compromise is one thing, completely giving up everything in favor of nothing just to please your corporate overlord is another. There are some things i’d expect a politician to fight for till the dying breath, It’s a horrible compromise when the ideals you vouch to fight for are the 1st to be sacrificed and you end up with fluff and garbage that the republicans would’ve wanted anyway.

      Free College
      Universal Healthcare
      High Speed, Cheap and Anonymous Internet
      Basing Minimum Living Wage
      Environmental Protection
      Social Security
      NASA & (STEM)science funding

      These are the basic internal policies, which if a politician caves on, the politician in useless, these are the nonnegotiable final lines, you can add as much as fluff to sacrifice to republicans on-top of it, if you want, but these essentials must NOT be given up.

      On international stuff,

      Stop all the wars, fix the countries we invaded and left for dead, get Israel and KSA in line. i.e. stop the war in Yemen and the occupation of Palestine.

    • Tim Countis says:

      “People will sleep better, not knowing how their sausage and politics are made.” – Otto von Bismark.

  2. Floyd Mayweather 50-0 says:

    The establishment keep trying to push her on us but shes not popular at all. Bernie sanders and joe biden are the top 2 candidates according to the polls

  3. sprybug says:

    Nope, didn’t hear anything about policy, just flowery language.

    • ainumahtar says:

      Look at candidates in the past, the vast majority don’t give a peep about any policy they support (other than senate positions etc) before they officially announce. A fair amount of them hardly talk about it even after declaring when not forced to, so I wouldn’t put much faith in her not going into any detail about her running or not. “I might run” with an expression like that? Yeah, she’s running.

    • Hej San says:

      She doesn’t need to announce shit for us to discuss how useless she would be as the presidential candidate. Even though we all know she most likely will run. All we are saying is no thanks to more establishment corporate money grabbing hacks like her. We are tired of neoliberals

    • Danny B says:

      She spoke about constitutional aspects. She’s on another level you dont understand she is one of the smartest lawyers in the country.

    • Flegenklatsche Spielen says:

      I’m Always Right policy is the most important thing in a political candidate

    • * * says:

      Welcome to American politics…. Where we the people stare blankly at screens reserving our vote for the biggest offer of disingenuous pandering.

  4. Neak says:

    I’ll accept that book Stephen is holding as President of the United States at this point. Anybody(thing) but Trump.

  5. Keyo Wilson says:

    If anyone woulda beat Trump at the polls AND break the glass ceiling, she’s the one.

    P.S. – That laugh.

    • jenni says:

      +Brandon Moreland You don’t know much about her then, I guess.

    • Brandon Moreland says:

      +jenni unless your from her district I doubt many do

    • Erik S says:

      Even if she could win and break that glass ceiling, which she probably could, Tulsi Gabbard could do so much more easily, and has 3 identity politics brownie points (pacific islander, woman, hindu), but also has strong progressive values and a military background… And don’t forget the sadly relevant sex appeal

    • Brandon Moreland says:

      +Erik S well said

    • MT Yankin says:

      +Erik S You may think Tulsi Gabbard being a Pacific Islander, woman and Hindu is a political brownie point, a whole lot of US voters would consider that a triple whammy.

  6. Gauss24 says:

    man this election campaign is gonna take forever considering how early these people are gonna announce their run. good luck lady, let the hungry for power games begin

    • Paul B says:

      Ariel Steinsaltz damm, you grew up under the fascist war on terror? My condolances

    • Gauss24 says:

      +Ariel Steinsaltz good for you

    • Ariel Steinsaltz says:

      Paul B Well, I grew up (and live) in Massachusetts, it’s kind of a little bubble of mostly reasonable people. But I do distinctly remember in first grade getting into an argument with my bus driver over the war in Iraq, when he insisted that they liked having us in their country and I said “War is bad.”

    • Paul B says:

      Ariel Steinsaltz i grew up in a liberal upper middle class suburb near san francisco, and remember being forced to take suffocating stress postures in public middle school detention and being forced to pledge allegiance to the flag and god every morning. This was in 2002/2003. I though i stepped into Nazi Germany, North Korea or the USSR. It was the first year in my life when i though about suicide on a daily basis

    • Ariel Steinsaltz says:

      Paul B Oh. I mean I went to a Jewish day school so we had to do half an hour of prayer every morning, that we also were expected to pledge the flag didn’t add much. I didn’t go to public school until the 6th grade and I never got detention. In high school I did always refuse to say the “under God” part of the pledge. Schools can’t make you do it, the Supreme Court ruled that in the 1950s.

  7. Critical Defense says:

    I like Senator Harris but I wouldn’t vote for her. I’d rather vote Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren cuz we need someone to stand up to the corrupt banks and wall street

    • Shelley Green says:

      +Glurp puffloid I doubt Bernie would win the primary or general because he’s not that appealing to a broad range of people but hey ho I guess we’ll see what happens in 2020.

    • lunabranwen says:

      I love Bernie but I think maybe to old. Like to see someone younger for a change

    • lunabranwen says:

      +omi god totally agree. Trump would wipe out Warren. Hope I’m wrong if she gets nomination

    • Pookie0504kb says:

      why wouldn’t you vote for her (really want to know)? why do people rather vote for Warren? I’m obviously not American, so I would really like to know… just seeing Harris here I like her (but don’t know anything about her poltical agenda!)

    • Kennet says:

      +DailyChronical That’s why VP is a thing. I trust Bernie to pick a young (possibly female) VP.

  8. Rikitikisiki says:

    Hey at least the “applause” and “cheer” signs are working.

  9. Brawn says:

    BERNIE sanders + Tulsi Gabbard

  10. Erutanx7 says:

    You can speak all the pleasantries you want but we see through you Kamala Harris. I wonder who’s going to bribe you to look the other way this time?

  11. charley15z says:

    I am definitely going to be voting for Elizabeth Warren over her.

    • Yokie Miller says:

      +Johnte Price I thought the same thing when I saw Ms. Harris on The View..they could be running mates.

    • Yokie Miller says:

      +D LG Name 4 things Bernie Sanders has accomplished in his decades in office..

    • Paloma Thomas says:

      555elliott you might be right about that. At this juncture, people probably want someone who is demonstrably different from Trump AND Hillary. Some of that anti-Hillary hate may transfer to Warren. Biden and Sanders are in that old white man demographic like Trump, and people have been publicly criticizing that myopic view over the past couple of years, although those three don’t believe the same things. Kamala can’t be roped along with Trump or Hillary, isn’t old, white and male, is outspoken, fiercely intelligent and has plenty of political experience. I think she could be a winner.

    • AK V says:

      I agree I mean she’s definitely better then Trump, and Biden.. But far better then the likes of Bernie, Gabbard or Warren

    • Patricia A says:


  12. Thrustin Von Helmut says:

    Harris is a female Obama. Don’t be fooled she is at bent knee with Wall Street and corporate media along with Beto. A Harris administration will result in incremental change. Just enough to get reelected, but not enough to upset the status quo. She is a PONI and will not get my vote. (Progressive Outside; Neoliberal Inside)

    • Michal Perach says:

      Sure, don’t vote, and get 4 more years of trump.

    • Liam Boon says:

      +Michal Perach you realize that she probably won’t win the primaries right?

    • Thrustin Von Helmut says:

      +Michal Perach Do you know how elections work? The voter is never blamed for a result. The politician is blamed. Bernie or Jill Stein are not the reason Trump is President, HRC is the reason. She did not EARN enough votes. Her tactic of trying to win moderate Republicans instead of progressive Democrats failed. She is at fault.

    • Sierra Moncada says:

      I don’t know…maybe picking up the economy after the Bush economic crisis…let’s say that it wasn’t bad. I don’t know, just saying, he bettered the economy.

    • Thrustin Von Helmut says:

      +Sierra Moncada Yeah, Obama brought in a cabinet full of Wall Street guys who were connected with that very crashed economy. They then decided the best thing to do was to give the banks massive tax free government loans (tax payers on the hook now) so the banks could lend it to generate fees and interest to get them out of their massive hole, Obama said sure (just fund my second term) and no banks were split up or folded and no bankers went to prison. Yeah! Obama. He had the chance to restructure the financial system in the USA to be fair with regulations and by having people pay a consequence (prison) for defrauding institutional investors (who bought the bogus mortgage backed securities) and individuals that the banks pushed into home loans they could not afford. Now we are seeing the same scam with student loans and consumer debt. Yeah OBAMA!!!

  13. Cecelia Wight says:

    As CA AG, she refused to charge Mnuchin with illegally foreclosing on housing, even when her office had clear evidence. Guess who gave her $$ for her Senate run? The only democrat he gave $$ to….

    • MenTaLisKing says:

      +Vega Prototype You’re probably right, The Republican-Lite Establishment Dems are just as stubborn as Trump is and would much rather see Trump/Pence for another 4 years rather than someone who’s a genuine progressive

    • Vega Prototype says:

      +MenTaLisKing – So, Thank you for Trump / Pence 2020. I guess thats better than any Democrat. I just might as well vote Republican, huh? Food for thought. (I would vote for ‘Marxist Maximus’, far-far-far left candidate, if the majority of liberals wanted it, while you would piss on anything that isn’t your candidate. Interesting that you would sabotage anything liberal, just for ideological reasons, and allow conservatives to win. SAD.)

    • MenTaLisKing says:

      ​+Vega Prototype You already did vote for a republican if you voted for HRC and any other corporate shill you mindlessly voted for just because you saw a (D) next to their name, too late bud

      If you don’t realize how much of a tool you are blaming non voters for Trump…Donald J Trump… there are 100’s of more legitimate and very worrying reasons Trump got elected and we’re gonna blame non-voters?? Have you ever taken 1 second to think about how we got here in the first place?? This is exactly why Corporate Dems will continue to lose us elections because people like you think they’re entitled to every bodies vote just because they’re not the Republicans. You’re not gonna get my vote just because you call yourself a Dem… you have to act like it to!!

    • Vega Prototype says:

      +MenTaLisKing – I truly feel sorry for us real democrats, having to suffer these childish, ideological tantrums. Good luck with that. Just go vote for Trump, and get it over with.

    • MenTaLisKing says:

      +Vega Prototype Truly remarkable levels of ineptness here to blame NON-VOTERS for sabotage btw… Yes those who became disinterested in the political system after seeing the two horrendous choices laid in front of them are guilty of sabotage!! genius…As if the Democratic Party didn’t rig the primaries….as if the establishment doesn’t have the MSM in their back pocket to constantly smear real progressives… oh yes we’re just supposed to forget about it and move on or else WE are the reasons Trump/Conservatives continue to win… smfh, when will you idiots learn there’s not gonna be a Democratic Party if we continue to accept the lesser of two evils incrementally bringing us closer and closer to the right. Eventually the two party system will officially be Republican and Republican Lite

  14. Richard Wagner says:

    We need to stop getting excited about every single Democrat that says they’re thinking about maybe exploring the idea of probably running for president; I’m glad it’s happening, but it’s just too much at this point…

    • Erik S says:

      They’re definitely running, they just avoid announcing they’re running because when they do, it imposes legal limitations on how they can raise campaign money

    • Hey Arnold says:

      I’m glad as well…but its going to be a mess with every Dem throwing their hat in the ring… better strap in its going to be a long one

    • * * says:

      Amén. It just demonstrates how fucking out of touch these people are. They think the process still works and that we’re all on the edge of our seats waiting to be presented with new exciting choices. The fact is, the process has been rejected. Trump is the consequence of that. He was elected by protest votes, not traditional Republicans. The sooner Democrats acknowledge this, the better. But if we don’t, …. God help us. It will happen again.

    • Mike Wagner says:


  15. Hey There says:

    Bernie Sanders has been a consistent voice for everyday working Americans. I don’t hate Kamala, but Bernie has a long career of consistency. Medicare for All wouldn’t be popular today if it weren’t for Bernie. A $15 min. wage wouldn’t be popular if it weren’t for Bernie. Bernie is still the only one willing to openly fight against the power that corporations wield over our lives. He’s been willing to do the right thing even when it’s unpopular

  16. Just Visiting says:

    Kamala Harris is awesome! Remember the time she was the attorney general of California and decided not to prosecute Steven Mnuchin for his and his company’s crimes they committed during the last financial crisis because Steve made a hefty donation to her campaign? Good times!

    • Ashutosh Sinha says:

      Or the time she was “shocked” that her office argued that letting nonviolent offenders go free would hurt the prison labour industry. Such a typical politician. Lots of platitudes, but she’ll stab us right in the back when it comes to actual work.

    • Brent Foster says:

      Ashutosh Sinha So, explain the whole situation when Bernie was asked about it in his campaign? Oh, I guess he gets a pass, right?

    • Glurp puffloid says:

      +jenni even $1 dollar of bribe/lobby money makes you corrupt in my books, it’s not the amount but the fact, she took money, so she’s bad. end of story.

      I don’t care how cheap she valued her soul, but the fact still remains, she sold it.

    • Glurp puffloid says:

      +Hej San I’m not too sure of Tulsi’s foreign policy.

    • squallofreeves says:

      Glurp puffloid You sound stupid. The fact that it is a small amount of money means she didn’t do it out of corruption. Because she has a brain but you don’t.

  17. TheHehe1223 says:

    Tulsi Gabbard is a better candidate for 2020

    • Erik S says:

      Damn right she is! I’d love to see Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang on a ticket. Her military chops, his business chops, no cries of “he’s too old”

    • Hej San says:

      +jenni please elaborate why corporate kamala harris is better. We are waiting

    • TheWeepingCrayngel says:

      Tulsi would have a landslide general election.

    • Brent Foster says:

      Sooooooo, where has she been? Why is that we’ve heard more about the new freshman representatives than we’ve heard from Tulsi. The only people that are really supporting her are the hardline Bernie supporters, and that ain’t gonna be enough to get the people’s attention.

    • miching mallecho says:

      Gabbard is a pro-Assad hack.

  18. tom burcher says:

    No policy just a bunch of bs, she is a corporate hack, Next!

  19. Donald Jabba The Trump says:

    Kamala is nice, but Bernie is what we need to extinguish the ongoing dumpster fire known as Trump.

  20. scytheboy says:

    All these corporate dems thinking they matter.

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