It’s ok, I’m her PG

It’s ok, I’m her PG

Nah. Let’s start Young Person Guidance though, I could use that. It could tell me what ‘boo’ means.
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hope you guys are having a wonderful week and that you’re all really well

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20 Responses

  1. Olivia B says:

    When I was little G and PG were basically the same rating. Same with pg-13
    and R

  2. Jake Marvin says:

    I swear, Nat. You literally make the most original, clever, and hilarious
    videos ever. ;)

  3. fz mm says:

    ‘i grew up in a rough playground’

  4. hengeyokai says:

    So there really is no more “bye” before porno music/comment time?
    It feels weird without it.

  5. Thokpower1 says:

    I feel like Nat said “sshhh” because she didn’t know what on flick is.

    And ypg is actually called urban dictionary

  6. wildeagle1376 says:

    I see you’re using the “Skip Ad” button design to take advantage of our
    Skip Ad Conditioning.
    Well played, Nat. Well played.

  7. Nanu Siri says:

    Omg ICQ!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

  8. Kevin Lor says:

    the way you say Adult…… sooo.. idk this weird feeling of sexiness

  9. BouRou35 says:

    OMG…..Nat is sleeping with people….!!

  10. Joanne Paul says:

    Is nat in bed with nat?

  11. BloodyAdorable says:

    I’m in college and spend pretty much all my time on the Internet and I
    don’t even know what kik is?

  12. Nicholas Lee says:

    This vid was on fleek

  13. Erick Martinez says:

    Nat, you are so creative and different with your videos. You are very
    original. I think you deserve so many more subscribers because of the hard
    work and dedication you put into your videos. I”m glad that I am
    subscribed to you. :)

  14. diggerad says:

    ICQ! Classic!

  15. Valkenhyne says:

    Wait do people still use kik

  16. Chaloner says:

    2:02 Nat wearing a tank top is so hot!

  17. Violet Gottlieb says:

    Nat, you’re one of my favorite youtubers of all time. I’m so glad you
    haven’t changed and you’re just as cheeky as always! Also, nice timing for
    this video. I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I saw this video out
    so early O.O

  18. Seth Miles says:

    How much did you enjoy shooting that bedroom scene? I mean, how did you
    know how to act?

  19. KizuRai says:

    I dunno Nat, I feel awkward already with sex scenes, having either a
    parental guardian there or being the parental guardian will just make it

  20. Bea Dougboh says:

    I didn’t know people used kik in Australia?