It’s Time to Come Clean — Brandon Sanderson

It’s Time to Come Clean — Brandon Sanderson

This is because something irregular has happened in my career lately, and I need to let you know about it.

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  1. Brandon Sanderson says:

    Hey, all! I want to give you my thanks, and an apology. The apology is for being so silent about this. I’ve learned that you all are really, really good at guessing what I’m up to. So if I want to preserve a surprise, I have to be extra careful in what I say and how I act.

    At the same time, I wanted to say thank you to all those who worried about me, expressed concern, or otherwise were nervous from yesterday’s video. (Or from the start of this one.) Your emotions aren’t misplaced; I really was starting to feel the burnout I imply here. Only, it started three years ago, and I managed to get through it.

    It was strange to realize, at the start of the pandemic, just how much I was relieved by not being forced to travel–and how much I’d started to dread certain aspects of my job. By luck, I was able to have the time to take the steps I needed in order to prevent burnout. Yes, I’m a little strange in that the thing that most helps me most in such situations is writing something completely different, something unexpected. It probably seems incongruous that I avoid burnout by doing more work–but I truly love telling stories. So, here we are!

    I realize that many of you would rather I have focused that time on writing the next book in your favorite series, rather than writing something off the wall. However, this is how I work–and it’s the fact that these were so unexpected that let them pull me back into a healthy (for me) relationship with my job.

    Regardless, I really did need your positive vibes to help me through this. I got them, back when the real crisis was happening three years ago. I appreciate you all, and the way you treat me and my stories. Thank you. Not just for that, but for putting up with me doing the occasional overly-dramatic reveal like this. –Brandon

  2. Philip Hartshorn says:

    Brandon Sanderson has reached such a level of dimension bending self awareness that exaggerated jokes we have made about him writing nonstop have vastly underestimated how fast he writes and how many books he makes at the same time 😳 what an absolute Giga colossus of an author.

    • Business Proyects says:

      @Gerald Peterson Melts a bunch of things in a pot and drops all of it on to sand, it cools down … and so a book was forged.

    • Gerald Peterson says:

      I’m convinced he just grows them on his face and shaves pages and pages off every morning.

  3. Splendipulous says:

    The fact that this video has been live for only 2 hours and the Kickstarter has reached 5x it’s goal is WILD and just shows how much fan support Brandon has <3

  4. T.J. Bronley says:

    Honestly, when Brandon said “don’t roll your eyes at me” I had just finished rolling my eyes. Mostly because I’m friggin jealous of Brandon’s skillset and ability to write so well. Congrats Brandon!

  5. Robbie Hormann says:

    “This is the mindset that created The Emperor’s Souls and Warbreaker”

    Oh so just my two favourite Sanderson books. This is so exciting

  6. Nils Spehr says:

    Brandon, I’d like to echo many of the comments on the Kickstarter: Please add an option for International / EU to have a single shipment at the end of the year containing all books and swag boxes. Your “Year of Sanderson” tier doubles in price due to shipping cost for International currently, making it very unattractive for only that reason. I’d love to support and get the full Year of Sanderson experience, but myself, and many others, aren’t quite ready to pay double the price of the tier for that. Please help us with a bundle shipment tier where you ship everything to us with the final shipments in month 12.

    • S says:

      @Lexi Lens just a bit over 5 minutes later and reaching 8 million. I’d like to buy them as well, but as everyone said, it’s too expensive, and as I know it’s already funded, I might as well wait for the traditionally published version

    • Kurodarkness says:

      They address in his livestream (after the Kickstarter launched) on why they can’t do that and other similar custom things if that helps. I think it might also be in the Kickstarter FAQ.

    • Lexi Lens says:

      Agreed, was going to back but that shipping cost is insane. But eh, he doesn’t need to change anything, look at those numbers. Over 5 mil at the time of writing, I’ll just buy the books later.

    • JadeAnkh says:

      Can you update a Kickstarter once it’s live?

    • JadeAnkh says:

      Yeah. Even 2 shipments 6 months apart.

  7. Daniel Greene says:

    The man is trying to out write his fandoms memes about his writing.

  8. rainingtrees says:

    I’ve known your name as long as I can remember because I grew up with a father who loves your books. I’d re-read all the names on his bookshelf since I couldn’t read the books yet and there was always a large section of nothing but Brandon Sanderson.

    That came full circle beautifully when I regained my love for reading (the accelerated reading program ruined it for me) and discovered your writing lectures! It’s a long journey getting back my reading skills so I haven’t read any of your books yet, but my dad still reads and re-reads them. So while I’m watching your writing lectures he’s reading your novels!

    I guess I just wanted you to know that I appreciate the way you’ve shared your talents in multiple ways. You’ve got a household of fans with my family! EDIT: LMAO I can’t wait to tell my dad to watch your “apology video” I love a good surprise

  9. Nathan Kozak says:

    I love this man so much! He is the epitome of the nerdy boy who grew up to do what he loved. I’m just glad we all get to benefit from his amazing talents! Thank you Sanderson!

  10. Viktor Rangelov says:

    Amazing news, but very sad to see the sheer cost of shipping estimate for international shipping… 1K USD is a big ask when almost half of it is just shipping. I want to see the Hoid box so badly, but yeah… Brandon is amazing as always, so hoping everyone in the position to get the boxes enjoy them to their fullest!

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