It’s Time to go BACK TO THE FUTURE! | Reunited Apart with Josh Gad

It’s Time to go BACK TO THE FUTURE! | Reunited Apart with Josh Gad

Great Scott! Things get heavy during Episode Two of “Reunited Apart” as Josh is joined by the creative geniuses behind the Back to the Future trilogy. Make like a tree and leave your YouTube page subscribed to our channel!

Directed by James Merryman
Produced by James Merryman and Meghan Monaco
Executive Produced by Taylor Stuewe
Edited by Will Newell

“Reunited Apart” Theme Song by Kate Anderson and Elyssa Samsel
Sung by Kate Anderson

Opening Credits by Ryan Kravetz

Christopher Lloyd
Michael J. Fox
and Special Guests!

Clips provided by Universal Pictures


Back To The Future Theme
Composed by Alan Silvestri
Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Power of Love
Performed by The Cast of Back To The Future: The Musical
Courtesy of Colin Ingram Ltd.

APM Music

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63 Responses

  1. MixMoealot says:

    Two things had me in stitches Josh: Christopher LLOYD!! It’s so good to see you!

    Chris: I loved you in Jumaji 😂😂.

    Also I never knew that was MJF in drag who played his daughter but now it makes sense when she did that neck roll-on “Mom is that you”?😂😂😂

  2. american ninja 2.0 says:

    I cant put into words how much this means to me.. legit in tears right now.. thank you for this video

  3. JRM Tech Gear says:

    A great movie is made based on a great antagonist and Biff was the perfect bully antagonist for this movie. Where’s Biff in this video?????

  4. Jeffrey Fairfield says:

    Too bad Crispin Glover, Thomas F. Wilson and James Tolkan couldn’t be a part of this…….

  5. Dhammadeep Bhagat says:

    This was way too short. I would love to see these guys talk for hours.

    • jedijones says:

      With this many people, they definitely should make these an hour. Unfortunately Hollywood’s attitude about attention spans just gets worse and worse year after year. They think we’re not willing to pay attention to anything more than short sound bites.

    • LANDO Gregori says:

      @jedijones thank you that was great. To all the cast of back to the future a big thank you! You all are great. Michael I Foxx was right Elizabeth does look great as does lea.

    • Wilson Saka-san says:

      And hours and hours and…

  6. DKGifford19608 says:

    Really should have had John Mulaney ask a question to the Bobs about the pitch meeting?

  7. PopSyckill Pete says:

    I love how giddy Josh Gad is with this Reunited Apart series. You can tell he’s truly a fan

  8. sjaool says:

    Even now Michael J. Fox would be the perfect Marty McFly!

    Back to the Future is timeless!

    • Alex Martínez says:

      Same for the Doc!

    • Brandin Bertucci says:

      sjaool, oh he’d be willing to do it, it’s just really hard for him to do anything on camera because of the Parkinson’s. His whole story is pretty heartbreaking and will kinda make you mad, especially because you (we) can’t do anything. 🤷‍♂️

  9. Yang Xiao Long says:

    would of loved to see Biff in this i wanted to hear him say “Hey Butthead!!!”

  10. Woodyoncp says:

    This is amazing. The gang’s all here.
    I wish Tom Wilson and James Tolkan could’ve made it. Maybe Billy Zane and the gang. Too bad things didn’t work out with Crispin Glover.
    Either way, this was amazing.

  11. GG GG says:

    Need a reunion for the following:
    1. The Breakfast Club
    2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
    3. Beetlejuice
    4. The Lost Boys
    5. Innerspace
    6. Top Gun

    • Hevva67 says:

      The Lost Boys! But it wouldn’t be the same without Corey Haim.. 🙁

    • Hevva67 says:

      Stand by Me, wouldn’t be the same without River Phoenix either.

    • Hevva67 says:

      He has done the Goonies the other day!

    • Asoble says:

      i say yes to this

    • Jenny Smith says:

      OMG Yes Ferris Bueller’s Day off is a must!! That is my favorite movie! Every time my kids get dramatic and say they are dying, I tell them, they are not dying, they just can’t find anything good to do! Hahaha! I want to add Pretty in Pink to the list. or even Weird Science, that would be fun. Ferris Bueller, you’re my hero!

  12. Phil Haynes says:

    This is great; Christopher Lloyd is easily in my top 10 favourite humans.

  13. DM00SE says:

    The best three films that have graced this world.

  14. Bill Morris says:

    Lea Thompson must be a time traveler. She has timeless beauty.

  15. JustNess78 says:

    There had to have been something really important that kept Tom “Biff” Wilson away from this because he’s a big BTTF supporter. He’s at all of the conventions, is still very good friends with the entire cast and loves talking about the movie. He’s also a youtuber. I’m subscribed to his channel and I talk to him every now and then on Instagram. He’s great on social media. I hope he’s ok because now I’m worried. He would’ve been a much added spark to this awesome reunion 🙂

    • mememefinally says:

      I was so disappointed that he was not in this 🙁

    • Brandin Bertucci says:

      Yeah, it’s hard to not see Biff.. 🤷‍♂️

    • F. Kusuma says:

      How fun would it be if they welcomed Eric Stolz….

    • Selma's Life says:

      F. Kusuma omg that would have been so awkward and funny

    • Lou Standards says:

      Well if I were to venture a guess, it may have something to do with Josh Gad. I know that I had a remarkably difficult time watching this because I know that I, personally, do not enjoy looking at his face or observing his mannerisms. I know that reads as crass, please forgive me, but that would be my guess.

  16. Joe Garrity says:

    I was lucky to see Back to the Future on opening night in Springfield, VA, having no idea what it was about–just went with a buddy who picked me up in his beat up, silver RX7. We saw the 10PM showing, and were blown away! After the movie, we go out to the mall parking lot, and see his silver car sitting all alone…The excitement got the best of me, and I ran to the car, and slid across the front, just like Marty–and put a HUGE dent in his hood! Far from being mad, he and I spent the next half-hour trying to get to 88 in the parking lot! 🙂

    • maddy ferguson says:

      that’s such an amazing story omg. nowadays you’d be arrested for doing that 100%

    • Chancho 51 says:

      I just rewatched the movie with my mom and told her that I’m jealous that people really got to see the movie in the drive-ins or theaters

  17. InvaderPet says:

    Christopher Lloyd: “I loved you in Jumanji!”
    Josh Gad: “….. That wasn’t me.”

  18. will says:

    When Josh finished his density quote I was hoping Thomas F. Wilson would join and say “Hey McFly”

  19. InvaderPet says:

    Michael: “1955?!!….. I scared my dog.”
    Poor dog.

  20. Serevarno says:

    Michael looks like he’s doing better. That makes me really freaking happy.

    Lea Thompson is still a stone cold fox too. 😀

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