2019.02.12 TUE 6PM THE 1ST SINGLE

[ITZY Official]

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43 Responses

  1. 殺せんせー says:

    I don’t hate it but I don’t love it. The song is indeed good, but I feel like it was kinda messy. There are some parts that don’t fit the rest of the music. I know it’s just a debut and etc and I’m sure they will improve as time goes by. Looking forward!

  2. Julia says:

    Trending at #4 in Brazil ??

  3. I killed haters using Taehyung's Gucci Necktie says:

    1:42 – the legendary tunnel of kpop mvs is back

  4. كوريا Tv says:

    is it just me or?
    *This doesn’t look like a debut*

    *More look like a comeback*
    Anyone agree?

    • DJP 36 says:

      Well they already have a sponsorship from Kia. Also really like how they are pushing the Soul ev rather than the other versions of the car.

  5. bts cult leader says:

    This was beyond my expectations, I love it when groups give us something we don’t expect and surprise us. Idk why people hate this song. Guess it’s just about taste

  6. Twiceu Fan says:

    See how they put their crown in the end?!

  7. Kuroi013 says:

    Still streaming
    ?1M ✅
    ?2M ✅
    ?3M ✅
    ?4M (soon)
    Let’s do it !

  8. FIONA DC says:

    Wow they successfully combined the girl crush and girly concept how could you not stan

  9. oh hecc says:

    listened to the entire mv and thought ‘wow, what a great debut!’ and came to read the comments,,, just shows you how what one person hates is what another person loves!

  10. JMLine TV says:


  11. David Coolz says:

    I like this song, because it makes someone different believe in themselves, also all members so beauty,unik.

  12. Paige Ewert says:

    The song doesn’t flow, musically and rhythmically. I love the concept and message behind the song and I think itzy is the type of girl group that we need right now. They are different and I like that but the song could’ve been executed better. I really hope do well✌?

  13. Rain Tan Yin says:

    This song is actually great. The glitches make me think if there’s a connection between itzy and stray kids. Nonetheless THIS SONG IS A BOP LETS GO 10M IN 24 H

  14. 8D VIBES says:

    I’ve made an *8D AUDIO* of this song, feel them around you! <3

  15. Minseok Hamster says:

    *Literally says that we can be anything and be different from others yet yall make toxic ass comments about them having weak debut or some sht* ?

  16. K PopFnct says:

    Just pretty but not attractive at all
    I’m different from the kids. I’m
    I can relate lol…

  17. Flary DK2 says:

    This is the group K-pop needed! Just 5 girls being themselves!
    f(x) of the 3rd Generation 😀

  18. mehxamo says:

    This song is a BOP. This group just debuted and people are already negative… but watch when they blow up everybody who was talking shit will come back?

  19. Yoo Jeongyeon says:

    Somi is just watching this in a corner in YG’s Headquarters..

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