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43 Responses

  1. Lauren Emmerson says:

    Even tho I already stan, I stan even harder now! Rookie queens of the new generation

  2. Lina says:

    The robotic music playing first is so similar with yeji’s new rules cover’s dance break music

  3. NM says:

    snap that NECK. honestly expecting a death drop for a hot second

  4. Annie Young says:

    Who do you think is the most talented?


  5. BTS heart says:

    Others : looking at ITZY

    ME: looking at people in the back watching ITZY.

  6. nico le says:

    the editing of itzy’s music videos is really satisfying to me and their music,wow, it’s unique and cool. also the trippy glitchy style is AMAZING ‘n it suits them!
    edit: thank u for liking omg

  7. FOREVER GLOW says:

    New girls
    New sound
    Cool outfit
    Cool music video

  8. TD MJ says:

    Dalla Dalla – Yeji song
    Want It – Ryujin song
    Icy – Yuna song
    Soon Lia and Chaeryeong era ❤

    Edit :
    Guys remember, the MV comes out on July 29 at 00:00 *in KOREA*..
    In my country it’s July 28, 5pm.
    Check out what time and day it is in your country!!!

  9. Soya Milk says:

    ITZY really loves breaking necks and bones or whatevah ❤️ they are slapping us really hard

  10. 배 소연 says:

    So NCT dream just came out with their song so now I just have to wait for ITZY

  11. Chicharon ni Mina says:

    The environment lowkey reminds me of Likey. Judging from the beat, I think we’re gonna get a Malijima 2.0

    This is gonna be a good song

  12. 루아 says:

    Trending #11 in Brazil, that’s the 2° time they trend with a teaser here, I’m amazed

  13. kheshire kat says:

    Tbh I’m the most excited for Ryujin
    JYP I’m hoping for legit lyrics this time a whole rap preferably. We already know she has a charming tone, let her use it!!!

  14. yael says:

    Yuna is already owning this era

  15. kelsi garrett says:

    bruh i’ve NEVER anticipated a comeback more than this oh my god i’m so excited

  16. shoomy is life says:

    *I just woke up to this. A great way to start the morning indeed* ??

  17. YOCH TWINA says:

    I can already tell the amount of people that’ll break their backs just trying to do that choreography

  18. Maheen Azhar says:

    Any CHAERYEONG fans here!

  19. Rzky Wais says:

    Teaser 1 just reach 4,8M vi3wers and then its also reach 1M so fast, i can feel the smell we will broke all the record.

  20. La Troy says:

    I told you guys, this is gonna be another trending teaser.
    #13 in US

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