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46 Responses

  1. rosnanee _p says:

    #8 Trending in Thailand.
    Midzy in Thailand support you guy fighting my love! JYP Fam!

  2. anabelly atiny says:

    #16 *trending in the USA* !!

  3. Sumi Ali/알리수만 says:

    I swear at the beginning, i thought i was watching an ad ? (my volume was low lol)
    Also: This is trending at #10 in CANADA!!! ???????

  4. Chris Tea says:

    How Much International Midzy Here?

  5. B M says:

    It is just so satisfying to watch the little dance here! So unique and refreshing!

  6. a r a h says:

    People in the window: *nOt agAin*
    please dont hate me or anything okay? ;-;

  7. Kollene R says:

    Itzy always surprises me with their talents. ❤️

  8. Every kpop idols sister says:

    New choreography to memorize even though i look like a potato while dancing, feel me?… okay I’m the only one

  9. 루아 says:

    Trending #9 in Brazil, you know how hard is for a group to trend that high here? Also with just one damn teaser!

    • •[vantesoo] • says:

      BTS the phenomenon why tf did u bring bts name in the first place when this is about itzy. Fyi,since u hate blinks an midzy,their faves trend in brazil too. Bts is not the only one who trend in brazil but yes it’s hard for kpop to trend there but that doesn’t mean you can brag about bts in other group video. Blackpink even got diamond certification there. Im an army but you shouldn’t bring bts name in the first place. U even said that one(army and a blink) should change their profile pic to bts just because you hate blinks and midzy. You just being immature and childish here.

    • •[vantesoo] • says:

      Syifa Andriani how tf is she toxic tho? She just said how to vote. The one she’s replying to is the one who’s toxic and childish.

    • •[vantesoo] • says:

      Syifa Andriani EVERY F-ING FANDOM HAS TOXIC FANS. Why are u blaming blackpink only. If u go to twt then u will know who’s the real toxic one but ofc they have defendants since all of the fandoms hates blinks sm. i don’t see any blinks commenting shit here so why are you dragging blinks here?

    • 제니Jennie says:

      @•[vantesoo] •
      You are right

  10. spill the tae says:

    *1 like = 1 MIDZY!*
    I’ll start! ??

  11. Wilfred Allan F. Santiago says:

    The beat and vibe was so freakinh good. Can’t wait for these young ladies

  12. Alfonso _ says:

    who’s fanboying hereeee? Like if you are HAHAHAHA

  13. pѧяҡ jımıň says:

    I’ve came back to this video like 16 times today, and honestly I’m not even surprised.

    Edit: make that 24 times

  14. shin ryujinnn says:

    i used shazam and it says for yuna and chaeyeongs teaser the song is “ITz Summer”. For Lia and Ryujin the song is “CHERRY”

  15. Lee Kurokawa says:


  16. Minari_ mnr TH says:

    #7 trending in Thailand ????‍♂️

  17. AlexFroste800 says:

    How can a KPop teaser be #24 trending on Spain??? Impressive Itzy!

  18. sana chijukimbap says:

    for a rookie group and teaser mv its *trending no. 33 in the philippines* omg yesss midzy pinoys are growing yaaaassss ❤

  19. LeeKnow You know? says:

    It’s just only a teaser, yet I has already 1.9M vi3ws and trending #33 here in Philippines!

  20. Amber :D says:

    #11 trending in US
    We are actually going for top 10 yall lol
    Great job midzys

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