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46 Responses

  1. Video Upload says:

    So many of y’all attacking the Chorus, am I the only one entranced by it?

  2. ; L i l i says:

    WHICH ONE? ?

    ICY: Like
    DALLA DALLA: Comment

  3. immad says:

    when Yuna said *they keep talking, I keep walking* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I really felt that

  4. Alif Uzair Abd Rahman says:

    Hey hey hey. Those who doesn’t study computer science thinking emoji will freeze view counts ?????????

  5. JI M's says:

    35M in 24hour
    We can do this midzy

  6. Wiktoria Kulig says:

    Who love Ryujin with pink hair! She looks so soooooo so so beautiful

  7. Federick Peradilla says:

    JYP has used a Miss A formula for this group. Only Say As can notice.

  8. Michelle Yocte says:

    Omg they uploaded this on my birthday? I’ll just think it’s a gift??

  9. Gen le says:

    No offense but I thought it’s zimzalabim of rv in the intro. ?
    But I love the song. A total bop. I think it is yuna’s song this time ??

  10. Tae Yeon says:

    ryujin’s rap lines r killin’ it ? she needs more lines JYP…

  11. Skuukzky is my Bae *•* says:

    Trending #1 in Peru! ????
    Let’s make it 20M! Fighting!!!

  12. Crispy Chris says:

    *_this mv makes me think they are not a rookie group._*

  13. Kim Tichia says:

    How many onces who supports Itzyy?
    Make this blue

  14. Wiktoria Kulig says:

    This is my first G group where i am from the beginning❤️ I am feel like a proud mama

  15. Reika Wolffies says:

    Yassss gurls

    Who else here wants to audition for JYP but are foreign and their parents won’t let them ?

  16. vitória says:

    #1 TRENDING IN BRAZIL!!! GIRLS WE LOVE YOU!!! ❤️??❤️??❤️??❤️??

  17. ツLeeh says:

    #1 in Brazil ^^
    Congratulations girls, we Brazilians like you very much :3

  18. Crispy Chris says:

    *_you can’t finish dancing this whole choreo without breaking any parts of your body_*

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