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54 Responses

  1. Amelia D says:

    ITZY is one of those groups where every era you have to find a new bias cus they’re all so stunning

  2. Suextae says:

    “People loves to talk about others”, “Why do you care so much about others lives”
    Netizens are quaking 😂😂😂👏🏼🔥

  3. Sarah Style says:

    Is nobody gonna say something about how good Ryujin cuted her hair?

  4. Frost Flower says:

    Dalla Dalla: I Am Different!
    Icy: I Am Confident?
    Wannabe: I Am Me!

  5. toe tuff says:

    Me: ohh cool! ryujin is acting like joker!

    Also Me: slightly scared.

  6. Cedar May says:

    I’m noticing a trend with itzy songs that it takes me till the second chorus before I’m here for it

  7. Lyony J says:

    I like how itzy’s concepts and songs revolves around things like self love and confidence. Considering that there are a lot of young teenage girls that are their fans, it could really help them and itzy can be a sort of role model for this. Heck I think it can really help with everybody regardless of gender and age who is struggling with self confidence and image. Fighting itzy!!!

    • lunaxzo says:

      I get what you mean but as the person above me said, it’s kinda cringe and they didn’t write it but also this could make girls more insecure as itzy are telling them not to care what anyone thinks when they look “perfect” and pretty ykno

    • Ashley says:

      I think it’s better than love songs, they are more cringy and unrelatable.

    • Twice Is The Revolution says:

      And teenage boys! We also have confidence issues sometimes you know 😉

    • L-1485 EXOCb says:

      @Arianna Hagins blah blah…yall are always gonna find something not to be satisfied about…

    • 이아리수 says:

      Arianna Hagins I hope you say the same thing about love songs.

  8. O2E4 says:

    *_If you searched “I wanna be be be” You won’t see this song! XD_*

  9. Kennez says:

    C’mon chill guys, just stop asking like “no one talking about” bleh “is just me” bleh “I didn’t see comment whos said” bles
    Just lets enjoy the music and appreciate those talented girls, okayy. Keep str3aming

  10. kawter kwitra says:

    this is my favorite comeback so far the music the choreography every thing is so perfect

  11. KaraKara says:

    ooooh I haven’t gotten into itzy bc I don’t like their other songs but this comeback is fire. Ryujin though

  12. minsdohyx says:

    we agree that this is the Ryunjin era.

  13. S says:

    “ errbody errbody errbody teachin’ me “ – ryujin 2020

  14. Kennez says:

    5 M 🔓
    10 M 🔒
    15 M 🔒
    20 M 🔒

    We can do this Midzys, let’s give them the best we can do!! Hwaiting

  15. Bridget Rodas says:

    I’m seeing so many comments saying how pretty Chaeryeong is (the girl running from the drones) and I can’t be any more happy. I hope she looks at these comments and sees how many people admire her beauty

    • Holly G says:

      I’ve seen so many negative comments about her so it’s refreshing to see nice ones. Sad thing is, she’s prettier than 99% of the people talking bad about her.

    • TXT BEOMGYU Waengg says:

      Holly G prettier than 100% of those people, chaeryeong is soo freaking beautiful and I really love her skin and eyes🥰🥰🥰🥰

    • Manky Kermit says:

      She’s so pretty and it’s not nice to see rats talking about how she’s “UgLy” like settle down she’s better looking than they’ll ever be

  16. Taissa Santos says:

    The best part of this mv is wishing to be pretty like them while hearing “I don’t wannabe somebody, just wannabe me”

  17. Lorenzo says:

    Yeji starts with putting her Jacket off of her shoulders just like she did in Dalla Dalla when ste started singing :))
    (Sorry for mt bad English 😀 )

  18. arosequartz says:

    *”I’d rather be bad, a hundred times better than pretending to be nice and getting hurt.”*
    This line really hurts because it says a lot about our world. Time to change things around.


    _Midzy: How many loved Ryujin?_

    *Ryujin: Errbody Errbody*

  20. AidaShirayuki says:

    These lyrics hit hard. Hope those stupid k-netz who are always nit-picking everything idols do repent on themselves and realize idols don’t owe them anything. Even if they buy their favorite idol’s goods, it’s not only their support that makes idols thrive: it’s the idol’s own hard work and talent. Idols will try their hardest, regardless of whether u support them or not – they ain’t owe you anything.

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