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  1. R. says:

    Let’s be honest. IVE has NEVER released a bad song.

  2. Monia Blackpink says:

    이브의 신곡 정말 멋지네요 우리 모두 이브에게 많은 사랑과 응원 부탁드립니다 또한 우리의 현실과 자기애를 이야기하는 노래인데 정말 멋진 곡이네요 행운을 빕니다💗💗🥺

  3. 🎧Brenda Moraga🎧 says:

    IVE never disappoint us!!

  4. atticus finch says:

    Beautiful song

  5. Dev Dry says:

    I love this song this is heart touching song 💖💖💖💖💖❤

  6. TWICE says:


    ¿Quién apoyará a IVE para siempre?

  7. karlitooo says:

    It’s very catchy. It’s marketable. It’s iconic. it’s awesome. It’s on brand, it’s brainy, it’s witty, It’s conceptual, unique, amazing, talented, period

  8. Long says:

    the fact that the lyrics describe the hate they get makes this song even more emotional.

    wonyoung: “sometimes i can’t even understand the looks i get.” she gets hate for being a “pick-me” or doing simple things
    leeseo: “that i’m almost like a fool” and “but she acts too childish.” she gets hate for her “fake tears” and “childish behaviors” even though she’s literally a child
    yujin: “i’ll just take it all” she wants to take all the hate to herself so her members don’t experience it since she’s the leader

  9. bread gong says:

    노래 너무 좋다. 눈물 보니 나도 눈물 좋아요 아주 좋아요

  10. ★𝑍𝐴𝐼𝑁𝐴𝐵★ says:

    ¡¡Eve NUNCA DECEPCIONA!! Quién apoyará a Eve para


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