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  1. La Chori says:

    Minuto 2:20 !!😍Pedazo coreografía! Ya ando aprendiéndola para hacer un Cover😆😆😆😆!!


    Novamente trazendo estilos novos, conceitos impecáveis. Esse grupo é perfeito

  3. ilniki says:

    Вау…я не могу описать свои чувства…это было нереально. песня, танец, их голоса, клип…волшебно

  4. Ana says:

    En Eleven nos mostraron sus increíbles habilidades vocales, nos mostraron que todas cantan hermoso. En este comeback nos mostraron sus habilidades de baile, que son unas excelentes bailarinas y con ese dance break lo demuestran. La canción es totalmente de mi gusto, aunque el ritmo del dance break no es lo mejor del mundo, pero amé la canción.

  5. Nicol Román says:

    tiene un gran GRANNNNN potencial es imnegable, creo que las seguire, simplemente me encanto WOW

  6. LEIA 리아 says:

    this song is so refreshing plus THAT DANCE BREAK!!? *heart eyessss*

  7. Katya Zm says:

    Блин, а песня классная и девушки красивые. Мне очень все понравилось. Удачи девушкам!!!

  8. Gille M says:

    No puedo parar, mi nueva obsesión, definitivamente IVE vino a ser leyenda.

  9. won tokki says:

    Since Wonyoung said it herself that as Music Bank MC, she wants to announce them winning and personally hand the trophy to her members. I wish we can fulfill that for her (It’s kinda heartbreaking for me to see her expressions whenever they don’t win. Though she’s still smiling) I know that it’s not just her who wants it, even us Dives. That’s why I’m doing the things I can do for them. Let’s work hard Dives! But do not forget to take care of yourself too. So take a rest when you’re tired! I know you guys are doing your best as well. You did well.

    EDITED: Btw, of course I would love to see our girls winning on every music shows because they deserve it. But Music Bank is my top priority because of our Bank President Wonyoung.

  10. iambored says:

    I’ve been listening to kpop for more than a decade now and this is probably my favorite comeback from a girl group ever. The song is absolutely amazing it puts you in a trance and the pre-chorus, like wtf, it gives me chills. The MV was also amazing, I can’t recall if I’ve seen an MV shot the way they did, actually I may have but because the song is so good I can’t even think so… Then there are the girls like god really said lets dump a whole jar of beauty and talent when he made these girls. I LITERALLY CANT!!!!!

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