I’ve been thinking of retiring.

I’ve been thinking of retiring.

the weekly slap: https://youtube.com/theweeklyslap

(Sorry Linus.)

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  1. Thanovic says:

    Since finding your channel I think I can very easily say you are not replaceable sir. Others will do similar stuff, but there is never gonna be another jschlatt, there will never be another big guy. Awesome to see that you’re passionate about producing shows and moving forward with a new approach to content. I’m sure no matter what you do or where you choose to take your ideas, you will have the full support of your viewership every step of the way. All the best until next time <3

  2. AIROAH says:

    Totally hear you in this one. Being an in empty, isolated apartment and having no-one around you to be bouncing ideas off of and collaborating with fucking sucks and has whittled me down into almost quitting YouTube multiple times.
    Really hope you get keep that drive that you have for this upcoming project, you’ll have plenty of people on here ready to celebrate that with you when it’s ready <3

  3. Aidan Barrett says:

    JSchlatt sounds like he’s about to breakdown crying throughout the whole video. You can see how genuine and how much this has been affecting him. I hope things get better in the future for him.

  4. CManiac123 says:

    There’s no way anyone could replace you, Schlatt. You’re such a one of a kind man, with such a specific vibe and persona, that there’s no way in hell someone could come in and take your place. It’s so good to see you super hyped about the upcoming projects and we cannot wait to see them. Everyone’s behind you and everyone supports you no matter what.
    But the main thing is to do what makes you happy. You got this dude. We all love you Schlatt <3

  5. Loa Nelson says:

    “I’m replaceable.”
    No, you are not, Schlatt. You are one of the most entertaining content creators I’ve ever watched in the past few years. Sorry about all of the things that you’ve gone through and I sincerely hope that things will look up in the future, Big Guy. ❤️

    Edit: Damn not even 30 minutes later, and war has already started in the replies.

  6. SILENT says:

    Schlatt really is a man who keeps his humor even at his lowest. I have nothing but respect for this man.

  7. Zac Jarvis says:

    It’s sad to think about the fact you’ve thought about retiring, but it’s even more sad for you to think your replaceable when you’ve helped so many including me. When I was at my rock bottom the first thing I did was watch your best of 2020 and for a breif moment I was happy. With whatever comes next we all hope above all it’s somthing you love, whether that’s podcasts, funny guy clips, call of duty commentary or whatever else you’ve thought up, we’ll be here for it because it’s from the big guy himself. Thank you, for everything so far. 🙂

  8. Egg Socks says:

    «And i didnt even find any diamonds that are different» based on this specific context. We all wish you the best Big Guy. I’m pretty sure you will make the right decision, remember you don’t need to do youtube as a main thing, you can always have it as a side job and do a video everytime you feel motivated enough. Psdt: I will never forget how the first time i watched a video with you in it i was crying of laughter bc of ur world famous half jokes.

  9. Kelsey Urquhart says:

    You’re absolutely not replaceable. I grew up watching Seananners and all those people too, and while their content is timeless and will always hold a place in my heart, yours will too. You’re my favourite youtuber of this generation and it’s sad to see you considering throwing in the towel when you have so much potential already. If things don’t work out and you do decide to call it quits I’m sure your subscribers, myself included, will continue supporting no matter what you do. Take care of yourself man.

  10. Maxwell Wandschneider says:

    He says he’s replaceable. The problem is he’s google and the replacements are bing

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