I’ve Delivered

I’ve Delivered

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20 Responses

  1. oion eagle says:

    No! Just no.

  2. cjgilc says:

    Nobody gives a shit about your stupid conservative record you putz.

    • Eric Bell says:

      +The legend His record only looks good because Florida had the largest
      housing bubble in the nation. Take a look what happened when it crashed.
      Florida had some of the worst growth (negative actually) in the nation,
      completely erasing all the artificial growth seen under Jeb. He
      accomplished nothing long-lasting.

    • The legend says:

      shup up we need a record like that in Washington you putz #allinforjeb #jeb!

  3. Deep Space says:

    Fuck the Bush/Clinton neo-cunt dynasty.

  4. Aaron Hutton says:


  5. moniquemonicat says:

    LOL! Bush still giving ENGLISH SUBTITLES. he is VERY low energy.
    Trump 2016!

  6. Yo Mama says:

    DEZ NUTZ 2016!!!! WooHoo!

  7. typeinusernameisunav says:

    why cant this guy just accept his brother ruined any chance he had?

  8. Pitt Student says:

    Yawn! I almost fell asleep listening to this 33secs ad. That is the power
    of Jeb Bush!

  9. MakeWashingtonWork says:

    There is over 300 Million people living in the United States. It’s time we
    give people other than Bush and Clinton a chance to run our country.
    Neither family did a stellar job in the past and we are still reaping from
    the damage they did from the decisions they made. I want someone who works
    for the people and not bought and paid for by special interest groups.

    • Grant Puffer says:

      +MakeWashingtonWork Then Bernie Sanders is the one for you. He doesn’t owe
      any corporations/banks anything, and his campaign is paid for by his
      supporters and not from Super PACs

  10. J. R. Gonz says:

    a whole year of material for comedians across the US

  11. LIFE 360' says:

    Your dynasty fooled us Twice, But This time, Fuck You Bush. You have a
    better chance of becoming Mexican President than U.S president.

  12. Cheney Chick says:

    I love you Jeb!

  13. len got says:

    dude, step down, be smart

  14. Missy Norris says:

    His eyebrows keep jumping up every 5 seconds. It was like he was trying to
    keep from falling asleep in the middle of his own sound bite. He does not
    seem like a happy person. Tired and his heart is not in it.

  15. DaMav says:

    “I’ve Delivered”

    I hope Jeb and baby are doing well

  16. GODZ STR8SHOOTER02 says:


  17. Robert Vermeulen says:

    Jeb’s video, with just over 1000 views, is in the popular section, where
    vids don’t end up unless they have 100.000 views. It is disgustingly
    obvious what Youtube is doing and what their political agenda is. Don’t be