I’ve Finished Diablo IV – The FINAL Review

I’ve Finished Diablo IV – The FINAL Review

Diablo IV is finally here. After spending over 100 hours with the game, here’s my final review of what we’re getting at release. While there are some pain points and I do wish Blizzard took some bigger swings, overall I’ve really enjoyed the game. I’m pumped to jump back in and play with everyone else at launch.

00:00 Diablo 4 Review: A Few Notes To Start
01:54 Campaign (Spoiler Free)
03:43 Open World: It’s Massive
07:03 Unlocking End Game
12:11 End Game Explained: What Is Everything?
15:47 Paragon Board: Your Power Progression
17:45 World Bosses: Not Much Here
19:42 PvP & End Game Loop: Here’s What You’ll Be Doing
22:16 Monetization: It’s Here and It Aint Cheap
24:00 Complaints: The Biggest Concerns
27:17 Final Conclusion: How Long Will Diablo IV Last?

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20 Responses

  1. Avaris Paradox says:

    Thank you for this detailed and easy to understand review/overview.

  2. CashLindonTV says:

    This is the only review that I was engaged with all the way through. You gave me alot of insight and great coverage. Thanks.

  3. Santoroz says:

    Excellent review due to your respect of keeping from spoilers. I appreciate that a ton.

  4. JavaMonkeyJ says:

    Thanks for all the work you have done on all the Diablo stuff from Beta to now. You rock man.

  5. Doh Lee says:

    And we all know Force is going to hit 1M as we play through D4. Congrats in advance!!

  6. shocktop says:

    A review actually worth watching and non-click bait BS. Thank you!

  7. Nick Asselberghs says:

    Thank you Force! Thank you for all you have covered, thank you very much for this review as well. I remain as excited for the game, as I was in the open beta and the server slam.

  8. Mikko Larke says:

    Nice review. And by knowing Blizzards track record lately, it might actually be silver lining that they didn’t try anything too risky with this one 😅

  9. Matt s says:

    Thanks Force. Really appreciate the work you’ve put into this.

  10. Glish says:

    at least one of the strongholds in act 1 had a world quest that was essentially a replay of the initial clear, not sure if something similar will happen with others

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