J. Cole – m y . l i f e (Official Audio)

J. Cole – m y . l i f e (Official Audio)

J. Cole – The Off-Season is available now:

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47 Responses

  1. TheGamerMonkeyz says:

    The King has returned!
    Here’s your crown, King 👑

  2. Nitin Randhawa says:

    This feels like a sequel to “A Lot”

  3. Sadiki Joseph says:

    jcole soo influential he made 21 savage a lyrical rapper just for this song

  4. SP says:

    This feels like a school project where everyone did their part

  5. Meshach Downer says:

    I got goosebumps. Jcole is a honest person. 21 Savage is Jcoles alter ego hence the reason why they work so well together. You would think it’s one person on a track.

  6. Torey SmithJr says:

    This is the hardest song on the album

  7. Edward Dickson says:

    “I disrespect you respectfully” 21 killed his verse

  8. MikeBeast Gaming says:

    J.Cole, morray, & 21 savage all on one track. This is the best day of my life 💯

  9. Roxy Reyes says:

    Perfect for sitting in Houston traffic 👌🏼

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