J. Cole’s “MIDDLE CHILD” Explained | Song Stories

J. Cole’s “MIDDLE CHILD” Explained | Song Stories

J. Cole is kicking off his soon-to-be-packed 2019 release schedule with his new single, “Middle Child.” The song is produced by T-Minus, who previously worked with Cole on 2018’s “Kevin’s Heart” as well as the Cole-featuring 6LACK song “Pretty Little Fears.”

Read more on Genius: https://genius.com/a/j-cole-recalls-fans-wanting-him-to-diss-drake-alludes-to-kanye-west-s-antics-on-middle-child

Read all the lyrics to “MIDDLE CHILD” on Genius: https://genius.com/J-cole-middle-child-lyrics

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71 Responses

  1. NBD_Palmz says:

    That song is straight ????

  2. Ali Enan says:

    Everybody finna know Dreamville in 2019

  3. carloscreativity says:

    who’s a middle child here? ??‍♂️

  4. Stephen Ikama says:

    It’s gonna be a tough year for the haters

  5. Anonymouse says:

    It’s been trending all day. Super fire.

  6. James Waters says:

    J Cole is simply one of the goats ?

    • Chris Jackson says:

      +Legenderp and for the love of god stfu about this to pimp a butter fly shit… The only thing that shit good for is gettin tossed out the muthafuckin car… Dont nobdody wanna hear that lame ass corny ass fake political rap

    • Legenderp says:

      +Chris Jackson for me it’s about who made the best music. Kanye so far made far better albums than anyone you mentioned. That’s it.

  7. Jordan Edwards says:

    Real Cole fans know he went to St Johns university✊?

    • e_lee 14 says:

      weird flex but okay

    • SpicyTomato109 Xbox says:

      That doesn’t make u a real fan it makes u someone who probably saw that shit on some complex story and now thinks u are a real fan which u might be but that’s not how that’s measured. Also I’m not hating just saying ?

  8. Danelly Danelly says:

    The ?

  9. Danelly Danelly says:

    J.Cole is the realist ?

  10. Mauri says:

    The bridge between the new era and the OGs?!

  11. Donovan Babby says:

    The Christmas music connection was unnecessary lol

  12. Jaelen Collins says:

    When he mentions LeBron it’s not a metaphor as he uses “like” which means it’s a simile you swine, nah jk

  13. Sweat Pants says:

    Did y’all really have to show us Santa clause is coming to town as if we didn’t kno

  14. Pandaz says:

    Where the middle siblings at?

  15. Zayntp3 The Great says:

    KOD means 3 things Kids on drugs Kill our deamons and King overdose

    Learned this at KOD concert

  16. Timmy Time says:

    Producer : how many features you gonna do Cole?
    J.Cole : yes

  17. Natdog99 says:

    They really did break down the Christmas lyric….

  18. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    Who’s better?
    J. Cole = Like
    Kanye West = Reply

  19. PewDiePie The Nazi says:

    This guy is literally the black version of the guy on hot ones

  20. Yung SkrrrATL says:

    The connection between this song and Santa Claus is coming to town just made me like this song even more lmao

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