J.J. Abrams Has The Script For ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’

J.J. Abrams Has The Script For ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’

‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ co-producer J.J. Abrams is in possession of something he isn’t always lucky enough to have ahead of a ‘Star Wars’ movie.. a script for said movie.

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87 Responses

  1. Hakageryuu says:

    Not enough lens flares in the interview. Disappointed I can actually see what’s going on.

  2. Shroomy says:

    J.J. Abrams didn’t ruin my childhood, fucking _polio_ did.

  3. Graham Wynn says:

    So happy JJ is doing episode 9!

  4. Zachary Alexander says:

    This man’s a fraud, star wars, lost, cloverfield, he loves questions, creates them with no answers in mind.

  5. AldousC says:

    Pity Star Wars. This guy will ruin it like all the others.

  6. Keln says:

    Jar Jar abrahams kinda lost all credibility when he started talking about the fanbase as “haters” who were “afraid of women”…

    • domydishes says:

      all i hear are people complaining about shitty writing done by a man.

    • Awake Now says:

      Magdalena Moss Nope. You must not talk to many Star Wars fans. Most of us never hated Rey because she is a woman. When I first saw the trailers for TFA, I was super excited about her. My first thought: “wow she might be the most interesting protag in Star Wars!”. She appeared to be intriguing. But when I watched the movie, I realized how unrealistic she is. Able to to do things that most inexperienced Force users can’t do. No training. Making a complete fool out of Finn(who is a trained soldier btw).

      And no, regarding Rose…it was her personality that was an issue. She was annoying to most of us. Plain and simple. Her personality traits were simply not appealing. I am asian and I did not like Rose. Hell, I even know WOMEN who don’t like Rose(including my own mother and sister). Again, her arc was not necessary to Star Wars…and again, she was pretty much there to make Finn look like a complete fool as usual. People didn’t like Anakin in episode 2…why? Because he was annoying! It had nothing to do with his gender.

      You know who was a better option? Rose’s sister. I was hoping from the start that she would play a major role in the movie…but they killed her off almost immediately. Why is she a better option? Because shes got a likeable personality…and they gave us a reason to like her right off the bat.

    • Hurricane Long says:

      Keln more like he totally lost credibility!

    • where am i says:

      Keln There are tons of fans who actually hate the new films because women have some strong roles. Don’t delude yourself

    • Ember says:

      No, he wasn’t talking about the entirety of the fanbase. He was referring *specifically* to the SW fanboys who hate the new female characters and complain that the new SW sequel trilogy has too many women. And I’m sorry, I’m not a feminist but he’s got a point. I’ve seen my own share of butthurt fanboys who really do behave like they’re allergic to seeing more women on screen (especially when most of those women can’t function as eye candy).

  7. Marc Shanahan says:

    After the rehash that was The Force Awakens and the stupidity that was The Cloverfield Paradox, I wouldn’t watch anything from Abrams if I got the ticket for free. Looking forward for Abrams to add 10 minutes at the end of Episode IX to reveal that it is part of the Cloverfield universe…

  8. issa osama says:

    Idk about you but I loved both the force awakens and last Jedi.

    • Magdalena Moss says:

      There are some SW fans that I think are really pathetic. It’s cool to not like the movies or even hate them, it’s cool to express your opinion on these matters, but what absolutely isn’t cool is telling fans that did enjoy the movies to go kill themselves, that they aren’t “true” fans (whatever that even means), etc. As someone who loves all the movies, and enjoys watching them, I think it’s just sad that some people seem to deny themselves any pleasure of watching, by reiterating that only true fans, only the most commited ones, truly HATE the new movies. It’s such an illogical turn of events ?

    • Yishai Thau says:

      As did I.

    • Skankhunt_74 says:

      issa osama Theyre hands down better than the ancient sock puppets from the 80s movies.

    • Jonathan Mckie says:

      I also liked both of them. Honestly they are better than the prequels. Obviously they aren’t perfect, but no movie is “perfect.”

    • Tijain Jyunichi says:

      issa osama
      I prefer TLJ over FA (still enjoy it though). Glad you’re enjoy the newest movies…unlike *cough* some people *cough* *cough* Oh, man, I need some water.

  9. Jamie M. says:

    What’s with all the hate?! The movies/shows he’s done were successful!Probably successful for a reason – reason being they were actually GOOD. Ah well haters just gonna hate?

  10. October Rain35 says:

    Go home Jar Jar Abrams

  11. Deep Patel says:

    I don’t know if SW is interesting anymore without Luke Skywalker, its just Rey and Kylo now, nothing more.

  12. MrCjprice193 says:

    Im exited as hell for episode XI.. I loved what rian johnson did with the last jedi.. Cant wait to see what direction jj takes it..

  13. KatarinaTVD says:

    I know The Force Awakens was criticized as a copy of A New Hope but it’s a masterpiece compared to the The Last Jedi. That movie was a complete disaster, hopefully JJ will be able to save the franchise.

    • Pradeep Chand SEKAR says:

      KatarinaTVD they killed off the characters people care about… what the fuck to do with shitty rey, poe, fin…?

    • athemocracy says:

      Both were garbage, I’m truly unsure where and what you watched.

    • Ben Robinson says:

      The last Jedi is the best directed Star Wars ever and has the one of the best scenes ever put to the silver screen.  Jumping to light speed in complete silence is breathtaking beyond measure, and although it is nowhere near a perfect movie, it is the best actual film in the Star Wars series.  The original trilogy has better characters but the movies as films were hardly even close to the Last Jedi.

  14. TheaMarie101 says:

    All these fanboys saying they’re not watching the new movies makes me happy because the community will be less toxic.

    • Toxin says:

      TheaMarie101 they say there not gonna watch it but trust me they will

    • Jake Harvey says:

      TheaMarie101 And people like you are just as annoying as we are.

    • Zyxyx says:

      T. Gregory Kelly Do you know how games with microtransactions make most of their money?. A small percentage of the userbase, usually about 1-3%, create 90%+ of the revenue.
      There have been star wars fans who have spent thousands of dollars on the franchise, you really think the average person is going to spend more than 3 movie tickets worth on the franchise whenever a new trilogy is out?
      Also consider the fact that disney is *still* a couple of billion dollars in the hole after they bought the franchise.

    • T. Gregory Kelly says:

      There’s like so much “face value” in that comment I’m honestly kinda stunned, but here goes:
      1) You realize Star Wars has games, right? They make money from BF2 micro-transaction as well as all their phone games. Star Wars also has toys that it markets to people of all ages, clothes, you name it, there’s a Star Wars version of it. They’re so massive in their scope that there’s absolutely no way a small set of superfans could massively affect their bottom line, that’s ridiculous thinking. 
      2) There have been major corporations that have spent millions of dollars to work with Lucasfilm on all sorts of stuff just to get the Star Wars logo attached to their product, unless you superfans have Bruce Wayne money, you’re not scary. 
      3) Yeah, cause it’s Star Wars. Something you superfans don’t seem to want to acknowledge is that this new trilogy has its own legion of dedicated fans, people freshly introduced to the franchise. There are superfans of the Disney-owned Star Wars now, if you leave that just makes it easier for them to grow since there won’t be so much negativity amongst the fan base to scare people away.
      4) Seeing as how Disney just bought Fox, I highly doubt they’re still in debt. Not to mention they’ve earned at least four billion dollars at the worldwide box office from the three films they’ve released so far. When you factor in that Disney also owns Marvel which has earned at least another four billion just since the first Disney-SW film released, I’m almost positive you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Deranfan says:

      +Pablo P TFA was unoriginal garbage, it in it any better or even worse than TLJ.

  15. TheaMarie101 says:

    Even tho I loved the shit out of ep VIII I’m really excited JJ is back to end the trilogy!

  16. Jonathan says:

    Disney: “So JJ, what are we gonna do with episode 9?”
    JJ Abrams: *slams Return of the Jedi script on desk* “Take a wild fucking guess”

  17. Joey jaze says:

    To those of you who hated the recent Star Wars movies, remember that it’s YOU who hated it and that it’s YOUR personal opinion and be considerate of those who actually enjoy it and stop harassing them. I appreciate respectful criticism but this just pure abhorrence. Theyre just movies people if you like them you like them if you don’t you don’t . Good day

    • nahor88 says:

      Things JJ needs to do to fix what TLJ did:

      1. Bring back Snoke and make him someone of significance (hint hint, Darth Plagueius)
      2. Bring back Luke as a force ghost and make him TRUE TO CHARACTER what was established in the Originals.
      3. Reveal Rey’s origin as having strong force parentage so she can stop being a Mary Sue.
      4. Have Captain Phasma fucking DO SOMETHING.
      5. Kill off Rose and have Finn get with Rey.

    • Ember says:

      1. Who cares about child predator Snoke, I’m glad Kylo took his ass out.
      2. Luke was true to character and had plenty of reason and backstory to take the path he did.
      3. Force users don’t require “strong Force parentage” to be inexplicably strong in the Force, and Rey is not a Mary Sue, unless you consider Luke and Anakin Mary Sue’s too.
      4. Have Boba Fett do SOMETHING.
      5. Finn getting with Rey is boring, predictable and thankfully will never happen. Kylo Ren and Rey are the central romance, and that’s actually a complex and intriguing turn that people did NOT expect.

    • nahor88 says:

      1. Kylo is NOT main villain material, which is why they needed Snoke. Rian Johnson is a fucking dumbass for making him no one. Why should we even be intrigued by Episode IX now?
      2. True to character? Did you even watch the Originals? He devoted himself to seeing the good in a man that had done so much fucked up shit, yet he wouldn’t do the same for his nephew that hadn’t done ANYTHING???
      3. You clearly don’t know what a Mary Sue is… Luke and Anakin had extensive TRAINING, what training did Rey have? You’re looking increasingly stupid wow…
      4. Phasma was supposed to make up for the fact Boba Fett hardly did anything, duh?
      5. I’ll maybe give you this one.

  18. Starsurfer74 says:

    Not one word about The Last Jedi??? Avoiding it? Is it that awkward?? While everybody is curious about how the hell he’ll get out of the absolute mess Rian Johnson left him while destroying all JJ set up in ep. VII????

    • kobretti88 says:

      What mess? Rian Johnson didn’t destroy anything.

    • Starsurfer74 says:

      Are you kidding? None of the characters evolved… If you compare this trilogy to building a house, Johnson did not start building on the foundation created by JJ, but demolished the foundation and put a cardboard box full of holes in place….

    • stanley kowalski says:

      kobretti, that statement alone confirms you are an idiot and know nothing about SW franchise, story line, characters, plot history. go check in local mental hospital

  19. koooo34 says:

    Hopefully JJ can salvage the garbage that Rian left him.

  20. The Movie Wolf says:

    Screw JJ Abrams

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