J.R. Smith’s NBA Finals blunder deserves a deep rewind | Warriors vs Cavaliers 2018

J.R. Smith’s NBA Finals blunder deserves a deep rewind | Warriors vs Cavaliers 2018

The Cavaliers and Warriors battled in the NBA Finals four consecutive years. LeBron James versus Steph Curry and the Warriors just became an expected matchup to end the season. But the last Finals series between these two teams wasn’t quite as close as we had come to expect and it left a sour taste in the mouths of Cavs fans. It all started with a Game one slugfest, ending in one of the many mistakes made by wild card two guard, J.R. Smith.

Written and produced by Mike Imhoff
Directed by Ryan Simmons
Edited by Joe Ali and Ryan Simmons

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77 Responses

  1. Benny Panella says:

    Beef History: JR Smith vs Good Decisions

  2. The Asian Persuasion says:

    Rewinder: the birth of a meme

  3. derpinated says:

    smh he didnt have enough henny come on guys, you cant expect JR-the henny god-smith to function without henny

  4. Pláybòï Slàttîér says:


  5. Jibril Javed says:

    To understand we need to rewind. Hennessy was invented in 1765.

  6. King Benny Garcia says:

    it hasnt even been a year now THIS, *THIS IS HISTORIC*

    • DC Riloo says:

      +T .O WHat do you mean do everything? They had Love, Hood, Hill and Tristan. Love is a perennial allstar and Hood and Hill are both doing major damage in the playoffs right now. So he wassnt doing everything, he had the ball all the time so it looked like he was doing everything. His teamates are just standing around whill he hogs up all the shots and assists. So now bron get all the credit for a win and his teamates get blamed for the loss. While Curry is doing everything on ball and off to get his team involved. So you are expecting 6’4 JR to get rebound over 7’0 KD lmao. Cuz of JR they were lucky to be in O’T cuz if Curry or Kd would have got the ball with 4 sec left its over

    • Cristian Fermin says:

      King Benny Garcia stfu

  7. Ricksson Nilson says:

    I haven’t woken up with a dry pillow since May 31st 2018

  8. Eric Silver says:

    You should do “the creation of SB nation deserves a deep rewind”

  9. CARTERO 917 says:

    This video is factually incorrect jr has the highest basketball iq ever and he is the greatest player ever and lebron was his sidekick

  10. Harambe's Grandmother says:

    what the hell you guys just used two fantastic rewinder topics (LeBron block and kyrie shot) to talk about JR SMITH ???

  11. b411z says:

    “A miraculous blip in Knicks history in which they participated in the playoffs ” ?

  12. Victor Arendse says:

    0:33. Sorry, hard correction – NO ONE expected the score to be that close. The 2018 Finals is considered one of the most lopsided Finals in history heading into it with the Warriors being overwhelming favourites.

    • EebstertheGreat says:

      Oakland had a team. Cleveland had Lebron + 4. Apparently the Warriors were 12 point favorites for game 1.

    • johnnyXx4321 says:

      No casual fan expected it****

      Anyone who understands basketball knows that the Cavs, if they changed their style of play, could’ve been a good matchup for the Warriors. But instead, they went for a LeBron drive to basket then kick to a corner three….. every. single. time. For Steph, the Cavs had Kyrie. For Draymond they had Love. For KD they had LBJ. Only Klay didn’t have a definitive matchup but the Cavs’ deeper bench full of veterans made up for it.

      Casuals overlook the fact that when KD joined GSW, it was the first time that GSW had someone to match LBJ. It’s easy to do so since they won 73 games before. But their main weapon before wasn’t star power, it’s their ball movement and team work. Something the Cavs had plenty of chances to develop but didn’t.

      When you guys say how overpowered GSW is, you’re actually taking some credit that they deserve. They aren’t overpowered because the gods turned their sliders all the way up. It’s because they’re all working hard to make their teamwork the best

    • Noah Minick says:

      Hmmmmm please don’t claim something is the “most something in history” if you don’t know the history. 2007, 2002, 2001, 1999, 1995, 1991, 1990, 1989, 1983, 1975, 1971 were all a lot more lopsided in my opinion. But hey, I’m a basketball fan, not a bandwagon fan my dude

    • Bacon strips says:

      johnnyXx4321 dude we are talking about the finals which does not have kyrie, kevin love was injured almost the whole year. That’s why we are expecting a landslide victory for the warriors that year

  13. Ragnarok043 says:

    George Hill: chokes on the free throw line

    JR Smith “Hold my Hennessy”

  14. thegreatcalvinio says:

    JR Smith: “I was trying to find where Kyrie was at!”

  15. Ricky Riedstra says:

    Beef History: The Knicks vs. Making the Playoffs

  16. Da Big Jacktus says:



  17. Epsilos says:

    Jr Smith 2018 moment finals 2k card

    -99 offensive rebound
    -2 awareness

  18. andrew payette says:

    “And everyone thought he was super cool for doing so.”


    • strangewatch4 says:

      Lol a lot of inaccuracies in this video. Pretty sure people hated Durant for his decision to join Warriors.

    • Cortes says:

      strangewatch4 that’s the joke silly

    • Birds in the Rodeo Sing Astroworld says:

      strangewatch4 you’re a ducking idiot it’s called sarcasm

    • strangewatch4 says:

      Ok I’m an idiot. But in my defense, he made other serious statements in the video that were wrong. Such as explained by @Victor Arendse

  19. PlayerMick - says:

    JR Smith was actually Finals MVP for the Warriors.

  20. TheDCGuitar13 says:

    Lebron was having a game more special than even iversons stopover game. That killed the mans soul to the point where even bron hasn’t been the same since.he seems so over basketball these days.

    • Connor G says:

      +Willie James He had already broken his hand by then out of frustration. Thats his fault, but he can’t unbreak his hand and play his best bro. He broke it between the 4th and overtime of game 1 out of frustration with JR.

      Whether bron shoulda handled it better or not, JR practically ended that mans will to basketball.

    • Trevor Zarnstorff says:

      +Jacob Pintos You mentioned arguably the 2nd greatest shooter in history (Klay Thompson), but not the greatest (Stephen Curry)?

    • TheNamesDitto says:

      +Connor G I’m surprised Bron didn’t break his hand on JR’s face. I would have but he’s a better man than I am.

    • Jeremiah Austin says:

      +Trevor Zarnstorff steph is one of the MVPs

    • ngichuru3 says:

      +Connor G LeBron *HIGHLY* *BRUISED* his hand after game 1 in the lockeroom ya dumb ass. He didn’t break it while on the court lol. And like I said it was *HIGHLY* *BRUISED* *NOT* *BROKEN. The MRI was done & it was *HIGHLY* *BRUISED* to the point that it felt kinda broken which is what LeBron even said. That it felt broken but it wasn’t. Tho a Highly Bruised hand would obviously feel broken to any athlete that isn’t LeBron. So, for LeBron it just felt broken but he still played through it & averaged 35-8-12.

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