Ja Morant suspended from Grizzlies activities after a video featured him with a firearm

Ja Morant suspended from Grizzlies activities after a video featured him with a firearm

On NBA Countdown, Adrian Wojnarowski joins to discuss the Memphis Grizzlies suspending Ja Morant from all team activities after a video surfaced of Ja appearing to be holding a gun and Stephen A. Smith, Jalen Rose and Michael Wilbon give their reactions.

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47 Responses

  1. Rekikye says:

    I’ve never witnessed anyone work so hard to destroy their future.

  2. Randy says:

    I don’t know what’s worse, Ja making the same mistake twice, or all the people who think he has done nothing wrong at all.

    • MakerWhy says:

      The latter. Those type of people enable this stupid behavior

    • John Michel Ona says:

      Nah. It’s not the second, he doing everytime hee just caught again. A NBA player promoting gun violence

    • Baby Pinhead says:

      I wish this was the only statement circulating. It highlight both sides of this idiocy consistently going on

    • jonathan Reed says:

      I literally dont understand why hes not allowed to handle guns? he thinks its cool, hes wrong, but lots of 23 year olds are?

    • ERES BASURA 🫡 says:

      @jonathan Reed league rules also all the other 23 year olds aren’t in the nba and don’t have a hundred million dollar contract

  3. Ultimate Activities Dude says:

    Imagine if this keeps happening, and the NBA decides he can’t be in the NBA. That would be insane, especially for Memphis

    • damarideadass says:

      It’s honestly overblown. He’s an adult with the right to bear arms. This media coverage is unnecessary.

    • Williamsowers Sowers says:

      @damarideadass ur 13

    • thedan1000 says:

      Bruh he has every right to bear arms but he can’t be in strip clubs or on the road waiving it around for no reason lol. If he and his boys went live while they were out at the shooting range or out hunting it wouldn’t be that bigger deal. The NBA is 90 billion dollar company and they and Nike have a certain image they like to portray, recklessly waiving around guns in public ain’t it.

  4. SOYCD99 says:

    Must respect for Ja, he’s still working on his shooting in the off-season.

  5. Plant Based says:

    It’s a sad situation. Companies were ready to throw millions of dollars at him, but he doesn’t seem to care. Hopefully he doesn’t end up standing on a sidewalk begging people for spare change.

  6. Matthew del Rosario says:

    And people giving him a pass ’cause he is a “kid”?!
    He’s not 12 years old!
    He’s a college-educated, 23 years old MAN!

    • Coach says:

      Crazy! I know!

    • Sean Webster says:

      You’re extremely naive if you believe he did any actual schoolwork while at Murray State. Calling him college educated is a major stretch.

    • Matthew del Rosario says:

      @Sean Webster still doesn’t ignore the fact that he had better opportunities than most people who are actually from “the hood” and lived a “gangsta” life like he wants people to believe that he is…. point is, he had it better than most people so there’s no reason for him to act this way.

    • JJ says:

      @Sean Webster college is more about higher social graces than learning what’s in the books

    • Gail Tony-Noel says:

      Let’s us wait for the facts before drilling down on Ja. However, I will say he needs to rethink his position and understand his assignment. He needs to slow down and watch the people around him even his parents and slowly release himself from him.

  7. C Green says:

    Not a different mistake… making different mistakes is normal. It comes with youth and eventual experience. Making the same mistake twice means you didn’t learn your lesson at all.

    • BENÉ DI BRAVA says:

      mistake? how?
      the guy has a gun, thats all
      when its a mistake to protect yourself, and tell others you cant tell me not to own gun?
      you are not their slave

    • TheMoose says:

      @BENÉ DI BRAVA how was he protecting himself by parading it around on ig live 😂

    • Wayne Wilson says:

      ​@BENÉ DI BRAVAit’s about owning a gun it’s about an NBA STAR getting seen with 1 in a video I’m not famous clearly but I still have 0 videos with weapons & I have a couple 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • BENÉ DI BRAVA says:

      @TheMoose people show many things, why not gun? you supposed to carry your gun, or gun is useless, its like garage your car.

  8. Tom says:

    Dude is quickly going from doing sky high dunks to crashing hard to the ground with these 2 incidents in just 2 months

    • Niel Mir says:

      Ain’t incident when it’s intentional.

    • Comedy Vague says:

      He had like 4 incidents…2 involving guns on camera.

    • Wolfgineer says:

      @Comedy Vague yep the other 2 being allegedly threatening a 17 year old with a firearm that charges were dismissed in court to no evidence. The other being threatening a mall security guard with Morant a group with him

  9. Magnificent3333 says:

    I knew that apology a couple of months ago from him was rehearse and not from the heart… He’s the type that is going to have to hit rock bottom and learn the hard way, and Memphis is a crime-ridden city, in a major way and that is what is influencing him, the minute he made it to the NBA he should of packed up and move elsewhere, rather his family follows him or not…and that’s FACTUAL 💯

    • Romeezy 98 says:

      You do know that he from south Carolina?? He had to move to Memphis after getting drafted

    • Jav Jav says:

      The kid is trending in the wrong direction. He is not mature enough to handle the fortune he has amassed to date.
      He lacks the responsibility and suffers from being surrounded by, “boys” who are using him and could care less about him

    • Steven Enrique says:

      Its not a great city if KD, Lebron, Curry and others aren’t going there.

    • Magnificent3333 says:

      @Romeezy 98  there’s many players that make home 🏡 in other states…take for instance, a journeyman let’s say like Matt Barnes when he was playing, Matt played on 9 different teams when he played, so where do he make his homestead at ? or Do you think Aaron Rodgers isn’t still living in Green Bay or atleast keep a home there?….Plus these players are in different cities every 2 to 3 days anyway, cuz you’re completely gone throughout the season and on the road 41 out of 82 games, So your Dam home 🏡 can be anywhere of your choice…Do you think Kanye is from Montana ?? NO!! and Dammit!! That’s FACTUAL 💯

  10. Lee Thompson says:

    I use to love basketball ..I had to work in college..I go to work everyday I’m 32.. and struggle to survive in Louisiana…but it help me stay out of trouble ..people like this gets all the attention and chances..life is crazy

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