Jaboukie Young-White on Why Young People Don’t Vote | The Daily Show

Jaboukie Young-White on Why Young People Don’t Vote | The Daily Show

Jaboukie Young-White, The Daily Show’s newest correspondent and actual young person, breaks down what’s keeping young people away from the voting booth.

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97 Responses

  1. David McGann says:

    NO WAY!!! He is actually on the show! Omg !

  2. Eritrean News Network says:

    welcome young men

  3. Ezel Francisco says:

    Wait, Voting Day is not a national holiday in America?

    • zaxx29 says:

      So do Democrats if you don’t vote for them.

    • Kathofel says:

      +stephjovi oh yes, here you can vote before the election day as well, if you know you won’t be able to do it on the day. I did that for the last regional election, because the election date was a day before I was due to give birth 😂

    • Jessica D says:

      Yea we have plenty of that shit to sway the country’s vote. Like Gerrymandering where they just pick certain areas that are leaning more towards there side. And even when we vote each area has a different guy it goes to and he can either cast our votes or be lobbied to vote the other way. Lots needs to be fixed :/

    • stephjovi says:

      +Kathofel that’s a good reason to be indisposed 😂. Good thing you still did your civic duty and voted in advance

    • Nonya Bizness says:

      +B Dub not to mention that to get a ‘real id’ driver’s license or id, you have to bring the dmv a utility bill mailed to your house, which many people do not have anymore, and/or a lease, which many also don’t have, and a social security card, which no one can find because we don’t need it unless we are looking for a job and put it somewhere ‘safe’ and you can’t get a new one without a birth certificate, which you have to buy, if the place you were born can even find you. it can take hundreds of dollars and weeks on end to get what they require- if you even succeed- in order to cast a vote. last time i voted, i saw my neighbor, an old guy who served our country and lived in the same house for years, sitting in a corner of the voting room like a kid in time out. i said ” hey neighbor, whatcha doing over there?” it was his second time there in one day trying to vote, in the same room he has voted in for years and years, but they would not let him because, EVEN THOUGH THE POLL WORKERS KNEW HIM PERSONALLY AS A FELLOW NEIGHBOR, since he stopped driving, his license was expired. i told poll workers that i would vouch for him, which has been a real and normal thing since voting began in america, but a silent woman in a suit with a clipboard hovering over the poll workers tapped her pen on her clipboard and shook her head. the republicans had quietly rescinded the ability for people to vouch for their friends, family, neighbors at the polls. never saw it covered in one news story. you are not you anymore in america. you only exist as a plastic card… which they control.

  4. Iamtop says:

    Paper ballots are really important, only way to assure an election isn’t hacked… That is why most modern countries are still using them. And yeah, elections should be on weekends like in most countries.

    • Dankman9 says:

      California alone has almost 40 million people.

    • Tim Bouma says:

      vote with floppy disks

    • Naryoril says:

      I don’t really see what this changes. You make a voting office for every x-thousand voters, but the offices work in parallel. Maybe add an additional layer or two for aggregating the data, but that data aggregation doesn’t take much time. So i don’t really see how the number of people changes much in the whole process or its efficiency.

    • Aurora Häkli says:

      Also, voting in advance. We can vote the entire week leading up to the election day on Sunday, so you can just pop in to cast your ballot at the local mall when you go pick up groceries.

    • ForTheSakeOf SanityAndSuch says:

      Iamtop 👍

  5. Just Re says:

    Hilarious. This should be a weekly segment.😂

  6. Elise Lyons says:

    “Old people shit” MY NEW SAYING

  7. Dark Sword says:

    LOL this is hilarious. I for one am gonna vote when I am of age to do it. But that clip in the beginning is so true. They’re like wtf is voting

    • ainumahtar says:

      I know it’s been a thing through the ages to bitch at the next generation (especially 2 gens back) but as a millennial (’83) who teaches gen z teens, apathy and disinterest in literally anything other than memes is absolutely insane, millennials get a lot of shit but the world is going to need help once these people are expected to lead unless something serious wakes them all up. Or at the very least enough of them to not just go “eh, nukes incoming? whatever, I’ll check if there’s a reddit thread on it first to see if I can farm upvotes”

    • jdslyman says:

      +Scooters Videos Yep. For some younger people, the only way to get them to vote will have to be through an app on their phone. Since they are glued to it all the time, why not?

    • Scooters Videos says:

      I’d like one of those myself. if blockchain technology is good enough for bitcoin, is it good enough to make voting mostly free from fraud?

    • hillsfr says:

      All those kids are probably gen z. Why do people think millennial are kids? The youngest millennial are about to be 25…

    • Scooters Videos says:

      I don’t understand all the hostility. Until my mid 20’s I never heard all this shit. Suddenly old bitches were complaining about generation x, then it got quiet for a long time, and now everyone is complaining about millennials. It all stinks of whiners with too much time on their hands, and nothing better to do but attack our own people.

  8. pd kama says:

    My Uber driver needs a driver’s license 😂😂😂😂

  9. Lori Vasconcellos says:

    The description on this video is killing me… And I just found out I’m a vintage millennial. <3 I like it, it sounds like a fancy boxed wine.

    • Creative Life says:

      OkamsRazer We’re Gen Xers! 🙌🏽 Young ones at that. lol!

    • hawkeye5955 says:

      +Ultra FU : I imagined the Ancient Aliens guy saying that. 🤣

    • jdslyman says:

      +Drogone Give it time. They picked on Gen X in the 90s and 2000s, they are currently picking on Gen Y, in about 5 years or so, they’ll pick on Gen Z. Hell they already can. They say that some members of Gen Z love the taste of Tide Pods 😂 Not to mention Boomers were picked on too when they were young. The gen before them wasn’t too fond of some Boomers wanting to hang out at Woodstock without shoes and/or clothes 😮 Peace, love and Weed man😀

    • Tara Nikita says:

      Now I know what to call myself!

  10. Ali Awais Farhat says:

    Why is Trevor talking to younger version of himself….

  11. tootz1950 says:

    I’ve voted since I was legally of age. Please, please vote. It means so much to us all.

    • Scooters Videos says:

      If you’re like me, you don’t waste your time reading every story. First you go to the comments and see what other people have to say. You see the debates, the facts each side has brought forward. This gives you an idea of what’s in the big long story. Then, if you feel compelled to, you go read the story and then insert yourself into the debate. UNFORTUNATELY it would seem most people never read the story. They just pick a side, and start copying what other people have said, and they have no idea what the truth is. This is how “alternative facts” become the beliefs of the majority of the two sides of the debate. And if you bother to read the story, and go get charts and things, it’s ignored. “fake news!” “fake charts!” (I’ve already made up my mind because bob, mary, and larry say THIS is how it is and I’m too lazy,tired,busy to research anything for myself.)

    • Scooters Videos says:

      And you have to consider what our society puts on us. Who has time to research? We’re tired. We worked all day, we are feeding our kids, cooking cleaning, doing chores, work, work, work, and now, when we need our brains, they are done for the day. We’re not going to read your chart. We’re too tired. Keep people too busy and too tired to think, and they can’t think. they don’t have the energy.

    • Scooters Videos says:

      and stress. keep the people poor and in debt. the constant worry and stress will wear them out too.

    • Jonas Albin says:

      +How the **** bro, i feel you. That’s why you need to vote PROGRESSIVE and get big money the f OUT of politics!!!!!

    • Kevin A. says:

      Yeah and it’s not that hard.
      I even voted illegally from russia

  12. Josephine O. says:

    This is funny and all but please vote y’all

    • How the **** says:

      Josephine O. it makes no fucking difference for who you vote. Hilary or trump realy a choice my ass. Or even obama it’s all the same dumb ass corrupt 1% politician’s.

    • kiss butt says:

      How the **** yes it does. Obama wasn’t corrupt, the president’s job is just trash; however, this trump guy is taking it to a whole new level.

    • How the **** says:

      kiss butt I don’t even want to know how many children obama killed in the middel east. They are all shit!!!!

  13. girlgreenivy says:

    “you ARE as funny as my mother said!”

  14. Cue 1st Amend says:

    Yes In other countries voting day is a National Holiday

  15. Jory Jones says:

    Old voter: Climate change, who cares about the distraction of Earth habitability I’ll be dead in five years and I want someone who reminds me of my racist old grandpa who was born before the civil war.

  16. Phillip Lamoureux says:

    Move President’s Day from February, change it to Voting for President’s Day, have the school kids promote it and have it on Election Day!!!!

  17. Commenter Person says:

    “Make election day a national holiday”

    Not my area of expertise, but seems like an idea worth exploring further.

    • andrew miller says:

      Commenter Person should be a simple move

    • flinx says:

      The only way to make it a holiday is when enough voters want it and elect people who make it a national holiday. So please GO VOTE and elect representatives who will do that!

    • Vohalika says:

      Most other countries either do this or have their elections on a Sunday. So yeah, it’s one of those ideas that work wonders internationally, but the US somehow refuses to consider and then complain about the effects it has.

    • rylpace says:

      National holiday just makes it harder for young people to vote. You think young people get holidays off? No, we get to serve old rich fucks on holidays. Weekends? Working. If you want young people to vote, make mail in ballots the standard method for voting.

    • Mathias B. says:

      most other nations either have elections on weekend or they day is free. The US made them on a Tuesday so farmers can take there horse wagon to the next city without missing Sunday church because it is apparently still 1850s in the US.

  18. Yudis Natha says:

    Wow, pretty good debut for the new correspondent. He’s throwing some “shade” to Trevor reminds me a bit when Trevor did the same to Jon when he’s still Jon’s correspondent. Looking forward to Jaboukie’s future contribution to Daily Show

    • TP says:

      612Tiberius any1 who gets offended by the way other ppl speak and write is an ass u can correct ppl but if ur an ass about it usually means ur an ass just in general

    • 612Tiberius says:

      your use of the linguistic wasteland of text-speak itself speaks volumes about your lack of intellectual capacity. Grow up and educate yourself, ignoramus.

    • Yudis Natha says:

      +612Tiberius hmm, “He’s” in this context was meant as “He was”, just to clear up any misunderstanding. But as I checked my comment again, I did making a mistake in the sentence’s structure (I think I should added “which” before the “reminds me”.

      I’m always try my best not to make any mistake when writing in English to avoid any misunderstanding or cringe moment whatsoever. In any case, I’m sorry if it makes you feel that way when reading it,and thx for pointing that up.

    • 612Tiberius says:

      Yudis Natha,
      fair enough; sometimes in the rush to get out a comment people don’t type what they mean in their head, as opposed to what is actually sent out. I didn’t mean to offend; it’s just that, as an English major and now aspiring writer, I’m acutely sensitive to such grammatical errors, even when they were unintended. I still can’t stand the use of text-speak, TP; and you should rightly be ashamed to employ such an anti-intellectual form of,…. “communication”. Apologies again, Yudis.

    • Yudis Natha says:

      +612Tiberius Hey, no need to apologise. The fact is it’s the other way around, I’m grateful that you could graciously pinpoint my mistake. One of the things that makes me hard to write it properly was sometimes I can’t interpreted what my thoughts in English sentences, especially when it comes to more complex structures (it’s another reason why I tend to edited my comments when I felt that the sentences was not properly written) and in many occasions I had to write it in a more simple structure as my last effort.

  19. Caitlyn Conboy says:

    I live in Texas. I sent in my PAPER voting registration form a month ago. Checked my registration 3 days ago and I am still apparently not registered in my county. I tried to call the registrars office and got a busy signal for hours.

    This is why young people don’t vote; why can’t I register online? Cause apparently mailing that shit in actually accomplishes not a damn thing.

    I’m still registered a county over though, so, screw it, I guess I’ll drive 50 minutes to vote for Beto.

    • Voicu Violeta says:

      This is another voter suppression tactic…I don’t understand why aren’t all citizens automatically registered to vote when they turn 18?…that’s what happens in a lot of countries, including my own, which is considered ‘developing’. We also have elections in the weekend so ppl can attend in a relaxed manner.
      We also have mandatory, let’s say ‘general’, photo IDs…when I heard about this problem in US, I was like ‘How the hell is this a problem and why and how do you function?’ In my country every citizen is required by law to register for an ID at age 14, we are issued a personal no (your security no) and placed on a card with photo, name, date & place of birth, parts’ name, current address and we have to renew it every 10 years (till 70 or smth.)…we used it for everything, I can even travel with it in the EU countries w/o having a passport.
      I know you have a card for your social security no…how hard can it be to put a photo on it? o.O

    • Chunkboi says:

      Voicu Violeta They put someone in jail because he wanted to make sure the voter rolls were updated with the new registrants.

    • Mathias B. says:

      +Caitlyn Conboy are you sure its open? in some areas it has funny opening times like : 5th Wednesday of the month from 8:15AM to 4:00 PM (Wisconsin Sauk County)

    • Ms_C P says:

      I am in Texas and I registered to vote. They still haven’t mailed me my registration card. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Adelaide McMillan says:

      I would drive from my state (New Mexico) if I could vote for Beto!!!

  20. lazyperfectionist1 says:

    _How the hell does this number manage to stay so friggin’ high?!_

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