Jack Hanna agrees “1000 percent” with zoo’s decision to kill gorilla

Jack Hanna agrees “1000 percent” with zoo’s decision to kill gorilla

The Cincinnati Zoo sparked outrage for killing an endangered gorilla after a four-year-old boy made it past a barrier and into an enclosure 15 feet below. The zoo says the boy was dragged and thrown before the 450-pound gorilla was shot and killed. Jack Hanna, the director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium joins “CBS This Morning” to explain why he agrees with the zoo’s decision and takeaways from the incident.

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20 Responses

  1. AnthonyPerez0615 says:

    Worst parents…

  2. petersmonkey says:

    Kill the fucken kid and his fucken family, problem solved

  3. neil thurlow says:

    The zoo should be blamed for the fence, the mother should have been more
    attentive to the child.Should the Gorilla have been shot in case of
    attacking the child, probably the most prudent option but a part of me
    thinks tranq it while having a sniper or two ready to shoot if the Gorilla
    looked as if it was going to attack the kid.
    I don’t know the answer but all I know is a threatened species is now more
    threatened but I’m sure the family will sue and make lots of money as is
    usual in America.

  4. Mark Martinez says:

    that voice crack tho

  5. SlapinaBox says:

    They should fine the dumbass mother

  6. Verightess says:

    Bull shit the child’s life isn’t worth more than some kid who’s parents
    were too stupid to watch the child

  7. Samantha Fox says:

    I wonder how the boy will feel about his parents in a couple of years
    knowing they let this happen

  8. aurlll says:

    Come on Jack, I think I’d a hung a net off the wall 38 yrs ago for a couple
    hundred bucks if I didn’t have the choice of keeping these animals out of

  9. MsRainbow Brite says:

    There should have been a better back up plan. Let this boy be an example so
    this doesnt happen again. my opinion on this issue, if the gorilla hadnt
    been scared i doubt he would have moved this child around like he did. my
    opinion (if i am allowed one) if everyone had remained calm, i think the
    gorilla would have had a gentle play and probably would have walked away
    like anyone does with a new toy

  10. Dr. I. Malcolm says:

    Anyone who argues this is an idiot. Human life over animal life anytime…
    like why is that even a question. Sad situation. Please let us throw the
    idiots who disagree to the apes and see what the apes think about their

  11. Obito Uchiha says:

    Gorilla>Deadbeat mom

  12. Dennis Rivenburg says:

    Mankind is Doomed to self destruct???

  13. Wise guy says:


    Ffs ppl this animal is about to be extinct put it in a preserve

  14. SoDANgerous says:

    I agree 1000 percent to kill this guy as well

  15. Andrei Simionescu says:

    Aside from the obvious point that it was the unfortunate and correct
    decision, this guy must be the coolest person ever.

  16. ssgsorrels says:

    should have just shot the parents for not watching their child

  17. LE Franks says:

    ever sent your child to the zoo on school trip?
    ( @@ ) whose watching?

  18. jmoney18 says:


  19. nfineon says:

    There are 6 billion humans on this planet and only a handful of these
    endangered species… Nature had a way before of reducing our numbers by
    getting rid of the stupid and the offspring of stupid people, (think Darin
    awards), we keep removing that and allowing these people to breed without
    any repercussion.

    If you let nature take its course here, we would have NET positive benefit
    to society and these idiot parents would have learned a very very very
    important life lesson about watching your kids when going to a fucking zoo
    with deadly animals. I don’t blame the kid, but this was not the right

  20. Jackikins says:

    People are crying about a fucking gorilla, but not about the soldiers who
    sacrifice their life for your safety. Nope, fuck them apparently.