Jack Harlow – Churchill Downs feat. Drake [Official Music Video]

Jack Harlow – Churchill Downs feat. Drake [Official Music Video]

Jack Harlow – Churchill Downs feat. Drake
Listen to ‘Come Home the Kids Miss You’: https://jackharlow.lnk.to/CHTKMY

Label: Atlantic Records
VP Marketing: Alexandra “Ali B” Bianchi
Senior Director of Video Production: Kareem Johnson
Atlantic Video Operations: Lily Thrall & Annie Moorhead
Production Company: Psycho Films
Exec Producer: Sam Canter & Christian Sutton
Cameo from Elle Smith, Miss USA 2021

Shot By: Jack, Gus, Jamie, & Brian Campbell
2nd Unit DP: Brian Campbell
Creative Director: Ace Pro
Producer: Brendan Garrett & Erica Nagai
AD: Jonas Morales
AC’s: Sergey Nikitenko, Michael Pelaez, & Kennedy Cochran
PA’s: Chelsea Wedding & Nick Williams
Edit: Will Tooke
Color: Dante Giani

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTdWmyRB5/
Website: https://www.jackharlow.us/
Instagram: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/Instagram
Twitter: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/Twitter
Facebook: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/Facebook

Youtube: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/YouTube
SoundCloud: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/SoundCloud
Spotify: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/Spotify
Apple: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/Apple

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#JackHarlow #ComeHomeTheKidsMissYou

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21 Responses

  1. Hero says:

    Jack and Drake really did their thing on here, even giving props to each other in their verses. W

  2. GRILLA says:

    “Lucky me, people that don’t fuck with me
    Are linkin’ up with people that don’t fuck with me to fuck with me” 🔥

  3. Hewz says:

    “I guess when the whole world loves you, people only got one way to stand out”

    This whole track is phenomenal. 🔥🔥

    • Justin Waters says:

      @UhhDriel I’m actually a fan of Harlow as a musician. But it’s a general thing that I’ve noticed about his kind.

    • UhhDriel says:

      @Adekunbi salako don’t worry he’s a troll i’ve seen his comments before. Probably some white guy trying to make black people look bad lmao

    • Justin Waters says:

      @Adekunbi salako You know, the melanin-deficient group of people.

    • Jesus Saves! says:

      God heals depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, EVERYTHING, God literally heals my physical pain when I ask Him! Trust in God to heal ALL! He is your creator!
      Lean not on man, you’ll never be healed.

      Know that there is power in the name Jesus Christ! His name casts out demons and heals! People are bothered by his name, for the world hates the truth and wants to continue living sinfully!

  4. Dasgasdom3 says:

    Jack harlow and drake is prolly my new favorite Duo 🎶🗣

  5. Emma Go To My .ChanneI! L!VE-NOW says:

    Jack, i really respect you man. Even tho you industry in a way, you showing the kids you don’t have to be like everybody else. Like to see a sober rapper cuz all these kids out here struggling with addiction. Love from Belgium my man, keep goin hard ❤

  6. Mike Korzemba says:

    Jacks verse is so inspirational, as is the fact that this song even exists 🔥

  7. YoungWhite C.A says:

    Mannn that part when Drake is just spittin that bit right to Jack’s Mom while she’s vibin’ is extreme goals

  8. King Asante says:

    This was a fire collab!!!

  9. t m says:

    a lot of undeserved hate toward this
    man. not every album an artist creates is going to be as good as their previous or next. they have their ups and downs and this definitely isn’t his highest point but he’s still dropping heat.

    • Keytron Onit says:

      Because he’s not being him. He’s being diet Drake. He can rap but he’s style on this album was Drake. His early days were snapping in his own unique vibe

  10. K1Milano says:

    This will go down as one of the dopest rap song. The instrumental and Raps are out of this world, Jack & Drake fire collabo.👏👌🔥🔥🔥

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