Jack Harlow – Come Home The Kids Miss You ALBUM REVIEW

Jack Harlow – Come Home The Kids Miss You ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQBImEeXNZ4

Jack could maybe be trying harder.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?

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42 Responses

  1. Brad Taste In Music says:

    Harlow is speedrunning killing his career with this one.

  2. Utz ripples potato chips says:

    i think he’s blown up in relevancy faster than he could progress as an artist. sorta the double edged sword of blowing up how he has. i still think he’s okay, and his music is fun, but he’s not pushing the envelope yet

    • wishy washy says:

      there is alot who have/had the same problem. rn its even harder with what kind a reach u can have with internet and etc.

    • Dirks Official says:

      I feel like it’s completely the opposite tbh. He has some really solid projects, like Gazebo and Confetti, that came out before he even blew up. And it seems like he’s grown complacent and somehow downgraded the overall quality and content of his music.

    • The Kid MANIC says:

      i’m really excited see how he grows and reacts to the reception to this album. i feel like he’s really going to do something amazing with his career. he’s got real talent and I think that he just needs to find what really works.

    • OfficialTone says:

      Nah… just commercial music.

    • TheDjMoogle says:

      Lmao “pushing the envelope” there is nothing to push bro

  3. Miggz El Amigo says:

    Man this review was brutal. usually fantano has no problem ripping into artists but this had ” I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.” energy, like a sad parent. Damn…

    • Joshua Bruce says:

      @Batman And Robin wow didn’t realize he scored swimming so low, like damn. Banger in my opinion

    • Kyle2324 says:

      I personally expected a not good so I viewed this as a positive review lol

    • Batman And Robin says:

      Don’t let flannel forget he gave Mac Miller “Swimming” the same score as this album. And then he don’t include it or address in his “worst reviews” video

    • Leo Ansa says:

      This is worse than his 2017 music

    • Ek0 says:

      Fantano summed up my thoughts about this kid, “occasionally clever, monotone one-liners”. Yikes.

  4. Eric Woodard says:

    I love how Dua Lipa “approved” that song and she said “it’s okay, I guess.” pretty much sums up the whole album

  5. Ethan VanderHoff says:

    You can only get by so much on charisma and humor alone without dropping any quality music. Jack just doesn’t have enough nuance to his personality to warrant this amount of attention.

    • Joey Simon says:

      his fanbase of “the boys🥶💪😈” are the only thing holding him up

    • Benny Andejetz says:

      This is why Lewis Capaldi fell off, he was MASSIVE in the uk cos he came off as a really funny and down to earth guy in interviews, but his music just didn’t back it up.

    • EndPieceOfBread says:

      @Random Username couldn’t of said it better myself, mister.

  6. Variegate says:

    Anthony must really like Dua Lipa

  7. Moon-Man Orlando says:

    Damn, Anthony hit him with the: “I’m not mad, just disappointed.”

  8. birds fly says:

    I had hope in Jack. I listened to some of his old projects. I liked them. Unfortunately, this was walk-into-an-outlet-store music. I liked Nail Tech a lot, but the project as a whole is like water with Nesquik.

  9. Danny Alves says:

    It’s DaBaby syndrome, good features, but you then realize it almost always sounds the same to the point that anyone can recreate a Jack Harlow flow without effort. Now imagine getting just that for an entire album

  10. MaybeThursday says:

    This is one of your best reviews ever Anthony! Very thorough, with relevant background info. And written very well, you never bashed Harlow like so many others are doing. Fair criticisms and entertaining. Good job dude.

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