Jack Harlow – Gang Gang Gang [Official Music Video]

Jack Harlow – Gang Gang Gang [Official Music Video]

Jack Harlow – Gang Gang Gang
‘Jackman.’ is out now:

Director: Eliel Ford
Producer: Brendan Garrett
DP: Emerson Duggan
Editor: Neal Farmer
Production Company: Bucket Pictures
Local Production: Hatfield Media
Label: Generation Now / Atlantic Records
Marketing: Ali B
Video Commissioner: Kareem Johnson

Website: https://www.jackharlow.us/
Instagram: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/Instagram
Twitter: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/Twitter
Facebook: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/Facebook

Youtube: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/YouTube
SoundCloud: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/SoundCloud
Spotify: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/Spotify
Apple: https://JackHarlow.lnk.to/Apple

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36 Responses

  1. blue_hour says:

    jack’s lyrics to this song are truly immaculate. definitely tells a story. we love you, jack

  2. CurlyKJames says:

    I can’t stand when people say Jack is “mid”. This whole album is SO REAL. He could’ve went the commercial/radio route but he chose to talk about real shit on this album. I applaud him for real. it’s hard to talk about topics like this.

  3. Kyrogus says:

    This song covers a topic that a lot of us have to go through but no one really talks about. One of the rawest songs Jack’s made

  4. Cody Gerth says:

    I’ve been bumping this since you put it out. I like how this album is more personal. You killed it bro

  5. YUNG CEES says:

    We need more songs like this in todays rap. Jack gonna stay on top for a minute lmao

  6. Lord Knowledge. says:

    No jewellery
    No nudity
    No violence,
    Just 100% real talent.

  7. brandon alexander says:

    jack always talks about wanting to add his own branch to the tree of hip hop, and this song is truly that branch.

  8. Zipporah Williams says:

    Mad respect to you Jack for touching a subject that’s been swept under the rug for so long. The world need more songs that talks about true life shit. Thank you King for addressing it. 🩵

  9. Nathanael says:

    Respect to Jack for going back to his original way and making this absolute banger 🔥

  10. Rachel J says:

    I’m so glad he’s put out a video for this one. I saw a lot of people confused by these lyrics when the album first came out, I hope everyone listens closely and always hold their people accountable.

    • Tucker Pearce says:

      Yeah I was confused on the first listen but by the end the moral of the story is pretty clear. Great song.

    • Superchet says:

      Last verse clears it all up, no need for video. You gotta listen all the way through. No offense, I know I definitely don’t always.

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