Jack Harlow – Route 66 feat. EST Gee [Official Video]

Jack Harlow – Route 66 feat. EST Gee [Official Video]

‘Thats What They All Say’ is OUT NOW!
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72 Responses

  1. Smiixl says:

    Jack’s Flow just keeps getting better and better

  2. Michael Gannon says:

    I love seeing my city . Them Louisville Boys doing the dam thing .

  3. Nolo says:

    I remember back in 2016 when jack would be trying to get people to listen to his songs at Atherton. Look where he at now 🔥🔥🥇

  4. DaLaza says:

    Every time Jack drops a song the track gets harder

  5. andthatisTrice says:

    I love this whole album honestly . Love Harlow’s flow

  6. Chaseton Collins says:


    Love seeing that bridge from Indiana to the Ville.

    • LIL GT 19 says:

      Thats kinda racist, slaves from Kentucky tried to escape to Indiana for a bit more freedom

    • Nicole Marie says:

      @LIL GT 19 wtf…. How did we go from loving the bridge to being racist??? I swear I feel like ppl tryna set us all up for a civil war or something!!!

    • Jakob Daugherty says:

      859 we locked in witcha💯

    • Al Chocho says:

      @Nicole Marie he wasn’t meaning that way he’s adding more to this comment about it’s history first off second we’ve had a civil war already if we have a another war it wouldn’t be a civil war not with the type of weapons we have now and days loll do your research there young quid

  7. Highlight Heaven says:


  8. Younggoat says:

    Yeah. Like this comment for jack to collab w cordae.

  9. Diego Levanti says:

    Jacks adlibs during the EST part is him when he finally gets physical with druski

  10. Known Unknowns says:

    Would been a dope vid concept, if they showed Gee’s side Of Louisville then Jacks

  11. Lil Windex says:

    This shit hard 🔥🔥 The Fergie flow in the beginning tho 💯

  12. BatmanfrmGotham says:

    Honestly how can anyone hate this guy

  13. Radius REX TV says:

    “Think they fuckin wit me but they not” relatable

  14. JustVurb says:

    im tryna be friends with jack

  15. sm1ttysav says:

    But I’m from the white side like Hassan.
    That bar skipped over many peoples heads.🤧

  16. ItsMeLourenco says:

    3 things are guaranteed with Jack Harlow.

    1. He’ll always be sus with Druski.
    2. He’ll always have his homies in a mv.
    3. His song’s always slap, No 🧢

  17. Brent Pella says:

    bro if you don’t make a full length song with lyrics that are *only* NBA metaphors, then I’ll dress up like you and do it for you

  18. ok says:

    Jack is so chill person, i like him so much… Who can honestly hate him? (No one)

  19. TimeBucks says:

    He is so chill, i like him so much.

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