Jackboy – Where I’m From (Official Video)

Jackboy – Where I’m From (Official Video)

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Official Video by Jackboy – Where I’m From © 2021 1804 Records / EMPIRE

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27 Responses

  1. Joshua Barnes says:

    love how jackboy ain’t wearing all his chains in this video & showing he’s just like them💯

  2. Wayne Davis says:

    I feel this song so much pain in life jackboy a real one god give him everything he Deserve ❤️ so Humble

    • Boe PaynePill says:

      Jackboy look like a 70s sitcom mom😂
      He look like JJ from Goodtime Mom Florida Evens looking Ass😂😂Jackboy look like he eats a lot of oatmeal and warm cereals black lady on the bag of grits looking Ass 😂

  3. Kade Salzer says:

    You a good dude. I’ll always support you just because of the respect I have for you. You made it

  4. SaMuRaii Gaming says:

    I never known any Jackboy songs before this year or knew him outside the fact he was Kodaks righthand man but I can truthfully say he have struck most of my interest from the music he been dropping. He definitely earning his keep so big props to Jackboy for staying in his lane and making his money without the drama. Im a new fan!

  5. Natalie Fant says:

    This video, our people, and the meaningful lyrics made my day. We love, appreciate and respect you – Jackboy… ❤


    *I used to be a Fan of Jackboy But after listening to this Masterpiece I turned to an Air conditioner*

  7. Dasgasdom3 says:

    Jackboy cant be beat

  8. Hubert Dustin says:

    JackBoy really something else. Glad I was put on at a young age. Seeing his progress is nothing but an honor for me 💯

  9. IsmokeHiphop Live says:


  10. girlhefunnyaf44 says:

    🔥🔥🔥i was waiting for this & No Deals

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