Jackie Chan is awesome

Jackie Chan is awesome

Jackie Chan breaking cement blocks with a punch, while holding an egg inside his fist.

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19 Responses

  1. Wa Gamer House says:


  2. v2009ish says:

    they didn’t show if it was a real egg..! no i do love jacky chan but just
    for the sake of curiosity.

  3. Sōma Yukihira says:

    C’mon Lee!, Carter!

  4. DankGaming420BlazeIt says:

    I bet black people can’t do that

  5. orbitaldildo says:

    Reddit needs to swallow my sperm

  6. JDolande says:

    this is dumb grab an egg and try to squeeze it to break it its really
    really hard

  7. Seven Tian says:

    Jackie Chan is a disgusting commie lover, go to hell.

  8. George Hamilton says:

    What the heck?

  9. Jeebers Nihil says:

    Everyone is missing the point here.1. Egg is hard to break in palm of hand
    by squeezing.2. Bricks are easy to break with that length and spacing.When
    you apply outside force from the strike, it is harder to maintain the egg
    unbroken for it crushes the hand at one single angle. This demonstrates
    that he is breaking these easy to break bricks with a tight fist around the
    egg and not allowing his hand to compress the egg as one single angle more
    than the striking point. TRY THIS AT HOME!

  10. Wew Lad says:

    le reddit army is here xD

  11. SomethingCool51 says:

    wait is that a half dozen egg container? You can seriously buy that?

  12. Abraham Nixon says:

    Great Film! Jack Chan is one of the reasons I took up martial arts in the
    first place, 10 years later and now I’m known as a total Hard Ass at my
    job! One guy even called me pedantic! Ciao.

  13. Reason says:

    It’s a famous magic trick, you gullible people.

  14. MonkGoneGamer says:

    This move is called Crouching tiger hidden hard boiled in kungfu. I know.

  15. ihatebumblebee says:

    Long live Jackie. A true legend and the funniest man to do martial arts and
    comedy rolled together.

  16. Della Yassine says:

    the video quality’s so bad, that the egg could’ve been an actual Chick and
    we wouldn’t have noticed !

  17. ScooterOMG says:

    egg was hardboiled

  18. Green Raver (M u s i c) says:

    He’s still got it!

  19. imhereAbenatsumi says:

    used the wrist not the fist,still awesome