Jacksepticeye’s St. Patrick’s Day Irish Tips!

Jacksepticeye’s St. Patrick’s Day Irish Tips!

You all ready for some more Irish slang!? Uncle Jack has you covered!

Irish Time With Jack ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyZw-lHBkwM

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Outro animation created by Cranbersher:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here

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20 Responses

  1. Roman Ricardo says:

    How many potatoes does it take to kill a Irish?


    Oh me fore fathers are gonna kill me! Long live the Irish.

  2. spartang says:

    Is backstabbing your friends also irish?? or is that just you?

  3. Lycean Brinkley says:

    I am part Irish. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sophie o'Reilly says:

    Thumbs up if u are actually Irish btw I am from Wicklow good mother god heaven above mother of fecken god

  5. Katie Fanning says:

    dia duit agus aoibhean loim jack

  6. Cruiz Hernandez says:

    Jack I have your logo as my second channel but I love your videos

  7. Turtle Gal18 says:

    50 shades of green, lol ?

  8. Boxy221 says:

    This is focken helarious

  9. Shiny Gekkouga says:

    this is very useful info seeing how I’m Irish but living in the US ??????????????????

  10. Bryan Russell 7636022 says:

    OMG this is #3 on trending!

  11. spikers15 says:


  12. Thomas's Dank Garage says:

    happy saint Paddy’s day you mad yoke, what part of Ireland are you from?

  13. Saitama Saiyan says:


  14. Alpha League GamingTV says:

    JACK!!! You are # 3 on trending!!

  15. Fauna Celt says:

    We now see the wild Jack in his natural habitat, on his natural holiday.

  16. Breeze says:

    When I heard jack say you have to wear green I just ran to my closet and put green boxers on my face

  17. A Killer Renée ĢŔÃÝ says:

    Dye ya hair green jack

  18. Etm TM says:

    his hair looks like old lettuce

  19. Syd Gabgames says:

    I’m part Irish! Ya yay ?

  20. Taylor Winchester says:


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