Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: Multiple Fatalities In Florida Shooting | MSNBC

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: Multiple Fatalities In Florida Shooting | MSNBC

Jacksonville Sheriff’s office says multiple people have been killed in Jacksonville mass shooting, and many more victims have been taken to hospitals.

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97 Responses

  1. luzette romo says:

    Wtf is happening to this country!

  2. GarudaLegends says:

    That is not the panhandle. The panhandle is on the left next to Alabama

  3. WarCriminaIActual says:

    I was going there at 1 or 2 and I was late, being late saved my life..

  4. Kanyarat Baker says:

    My BF is a medic here and texted me that at least 27 shot.

  5. Goldclaw837 says:

    Someone mad because they picked a kicker in the 7th round?

  6. Nippu Simmer says:

    You guys are really slow. The shooter is already dead.

  7. arsam kiani says:

    If a muslim did it? Islam is bad bohohoho
    White does it: he was a mislead patriot
    Double standards dont you think?

  8. Scott Cornelius says:

    We need a Mass Shooting TV network in order to keep up on all of them.

  9. Crazcompart says:

    At a football-related video game tournament, of all things…What’s next? On second thought, I don’t want to know…

    • QuorthonsInferno says:

      Let me ask you, is there morally a difference between someone going rambo from mental health, and someone murdering under the name of a god? Because one of those categories has millions of supporters. So watch how you go about looking at that

    • sumboredazn says:

      next place might be a amusement park, like Disneyland or Universal Studios. although THAT would be really tragic…

    • QUEYKINGTV says:

      This simply means that it happen anywhere and everywhere. Grocery stores, shopping malls etc…

  10. Google Name says:

    Meanwhile 3 dead and 11 injured in Chicago shootings and it doesn’t make the news. Not to mention still no arrests? in the 75 shootings the other weekend.

    No agenda at work here. Noooooo.

    Let me go over what will happen in the next 24 hours. Blame the NRA. Hope it’s a white shooter. Attack trump. Call for more gun control because you can see how well that works in Chicago.

  11. Louis Calabrese says:

    Let me guess? The shooter heard voices in his head?

  12. yo adrienne says:

    Here goes all the people who say video games cause violence… And they were at a Madden Tournament not a Call of Duty tournament. This is sad and unfortunate thoughts and prayers to everyone and their families affected by this tragedy.

    • Todd With a U says:

      JNagarya if the shooter would’ve used a goose gun it would’ve killer more people. And guns don’t hope out of cases and start firing, they need a person pulling the trigger.

    • Todd With a U says:

      Reige17 tell that to people who break their TVs

    • Steph Fran says:

      +baole58 Under the Obama administration, we were at war each and every day, maybe Democrats are the war machine.

    • Kermit of Rivia says:

      Thoughts and prayers is what my great grandad was giving folks when he was “partying” in the shores of Normandy.
      Yes, thoughts and prayers won the Allies that fight in 1944…..

  13. El Professor says:

    If 4 dead is a mass shooting, then Chicago should be renamed Beirut, Illinois.

    • Jhed _Maniac! says:

      +Frank Winkhorst what’s wrong with satire.

    • El Professor says:

      +Sharon Harris You’re right to a point. There are more poor whites on welfare than any other race. What’s bothersome is blacks are only about 16% of the population, yet looking at the FBI website are responsible for much higher percentage of violent crimes, hence more prison time. Sadly there is still racism, or what I call Tribalism even though much of the heartland did vote for a black man with a Muslim name….twice.

    • Jpm King says:

      the term mass shooting is clearly apart of a psychological operation

    • Don N says:

      Big Rock um no

    • Active SeIf Protection says:

      Well, it is called ‘Chiraq’ for a reason

  14. X Men says:

    This is why I don’t go anywhere public gathering places anymore.

    • Don N says:

      Antaeus663 watch out we got a badass here

    • Todd With a U says:

      So you have no social skills

    • NGU Warrior says:

      +pigtrapper 1 you’re talking like you live in a warzone , this attacks happen at the most unexpected moments your guns will be useless then .

    • pigtrapper 1 says:

      +NGU Warrior they are only useless if you don’t have them. I don’t carry mine hoping something bad happens…. i carry because eventually… I will need them. It could be a huge boar in a field, a coyote chasing a calf, or if I pull up to someone breaking into my house, guess what… I’m prepared to defend my property and my life

  15. ShadowLugia 711 says:

    Watch their gonna threaten our gun rights again.

    • Atheos1 says:

      people having the right to bear arms is what enables well regulated militias, read the second amendment again…it’s wording may seem confusing to us because most people do not understand what happened a few years before it was written. Shays rebellion. where 4,000 ex soldiers tried to overthrow the government, the confederation of states had no army, so gun owners in Massachusetts got together and formed a militia and put the rebellion down

    • Jpm King says:

      yeah its called problem, reaction, solution. they create the problem by covert means to demoralize society, they create a big boo hoo reaction to the shooting, and then they will offer a solution to take the guns…

    • Steph Fran says:

      +DefKillah 10k you’re clueless

    • kenneth lam says:

      I want opinions from both sides. Why do you support the right to bear arms? And why don’t you support it?

    • Atheist Lego says:

      Infinite64 your either pretty stupid or your “politically correct” and that doesn’t make you “AWOKE” you sheep

  16. Philo Beddoe says:

    Super Hogg is on his way riding his bicycle.

  17. CanadianRaven13 says:

    Thoughts and prayers, blah blah blah and nothing changes in America.

  18. Hector Carreon says:

    In Chicago there’s mass shooting everyday ain’t nobody talk about that lol

    • Silvie Fein says:

      David Katz killed innocents in Jacksonville.

    • Don N says:

      Ian deCastro bought here in the U.S , no guns anywhere resorts to not buying them hurrr durrrr

    • Todd With a U says:

      Vannara Phoeuk there’s been more death in Chicago since 2012 than the Iraq and Afghanistan war combined. And tons of people die each day. So keep saying it’s not mass shooting when there’s hundreds being killed each week.

    • Todd With a U says:

      Joe Smith Trumps making it easier for illegal aliens to become Americans but you keep saying he hates Mexican. Why would he make it easier. And that cute young girls was killed by an ILLEGAL alien.

    • Todd With a U says:

      Sharon Harris there’s barely any white on white crime

  19. Not So Insane says:

    Im sorry for the family members who lost there love ones. No one should have to go thru that.

  20. BigJsPranks says:

    Y’all need to teach your kids that losing is a part of life you can’t win everything.

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