Jaden Hossler & Nessa Barrett Announce They Are Happier Than Ever On Their First Official Date Night

Jaden Hossler & Nessa Barrett Announce They Are Happier Than Ever On Their First Official Date Night

#JadenHossler & #NessaBarrett Announce They Are Happier Than Ever On Their First Official Date Night At The Nice Guy 4.12.21 – TheHollywoodFix

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60 Responses

  1. Sara Wilcker says:

    Jaden is just saying that because he’s hiding our secret relationship.

  2. Skinny Queen says:

    They broke girl code and bro code but they do look good together

  3. Mid City says:

    Imagine saying ur the happiest you’ve ever been after ruining your best friends life smh

    • stacey medrano says:

      I could understand where you are coming from but also people need to see it from a different perspective. They are both getting more recognition on themselves and their music which is what they wanted. Obviously relationships don’t always work out but if you are doing what you dreamed of then why not be happy. And if they are going out then yea it sucks for the other two people but if that’s what they want to do then it is what it is

    • Lala TFW says:

      @Lulus Live no you didnt

    • Anaïs Pluvins de Castro says:

      ruin your friend’s life? He looks terrible … well, he’ll get away with another like he did when he was dating her

    • Holland G says:

      “Ruining your best friends life” that’s a little dramatic, they’re teenagers or at least this is high school drama just put on a public platform.

    • Mary Kirk Griffith says:

      Josh never said his life is ruined, he actually said that he is fine.

  4. Bella Hardt says:

    I mean they are happy so good for them. I mostly feel bad for josh though he really loves Nessa. Mads need to chill out

  5. Katie Lynn says:

    I feel so bad for josh poor guy lost his best friend and the love of his life…

    • julia skarbowski says:

      im not saying what they did was the smartest choice but Nessa and josh weren’t together. They haven’t been together since last year. Keep in mind they’re teens. They weren’t gonna get married. Tiktok couples never last. You can’t stop feelings. What was Jaden gonna do stay in a relationship with mads even though she loved him more than he did? The heart wants what it wants

    • Jaz Curlz says:

      @julia skarbowski no since last year they have gotten back together but haven’t been seen cuz nessa wanted to take a break and focus on her mental health. And plus nessa never deserved josh cause he was a good person to her. Like she just used him.

    • NessaRBLX says:

      He said he won’t be dating nessa anymore

    • Mercy Pena says:

      I never thought she gonna hook up with jaden I feel bad 😢 for josh he deserves someone better that would treat him the way he deserves

    • Jaz Curlz says:

      @NessaRBLX yeah that’s because he respects nessa’s decision. And he is hurt because his girlfriend and best freind are basically together. Nessa never deserved josh. He needs someone better in his life that cares about him.

  6. Ashley Rendon says:

    I understand that there’s a bro code and girl code, I completely feel for mads and josh. I feel like they deserve more and I hope they get that, but you can’t deny feelings and real chemistry between 2 people. the heart wants what it wants

  7. Vic says:

    “i don’t know anything about that” *literally holding nessa’s hand like that in the car*

    • Himani Arora says:

      @Kayla Spinks She wasn’t having anxiety at that time. I’m in med school lmao. Use this against someone else. I know what anxiety looks like.

    • kekekizzle says:

      i wish jaden would just be real about this like omg he’s putting 3 people through hell because he likes a girl- 💀

    • Kayla Spinks says:

      @Himani Arora
      ”im in med school” lmao okay?
      She was having an anxiety attack. if she was smiling THAT DOES NOT MEAN SHE WAS NOT HAVING AN ATTACK. People have different reaction to an anxiety attack. But you believe what you want. You do you

    • Himani Arora says:

      @Kayla Spinks WE STUDY ANXIETY. You can’t push your dumb opinions on me💀💀💀
      Nessa and her fans, always using the mental health card to get away.
      You don’t know shit about anxiety attacks lmaoooo clown

    • Kayla Spinks says:

      @Himani Arora irdc if you call me clown lmao. I actually do know shit about anxiety. This convo is over. Bye and have a great rest of your day bitch

  8. Faith • says:

    They are literally holding hands when they got in the car omg

  9. Tasfia Hossain says:

    The way Jaden was rubbing nessa’s hands at the end !! I feel so bad for Josh 😞

    • Rose Lacandola says:

      @Ines Akhal ok maybe he was not happy for them but i know that he wont stop supporting nessa on every descisions she makes josh is a nice guy. jaden said on his live that he even go to jail for josh cause thats how much he loves him i know that this two ppl will be ok at the end of the day

    • nathaly Ferrufino says:

      Because nessa has anxiety and ppl asking her those questions made it worse, she doesn’t wanna answer those questions rn

    • Luz Nicolle Clavijo Mojica says:

      poor josh.

    • Ines Akhal says:

      @nathaly Ferrufino umm jaden was rubbing her hand a best friend doesn’t do that although she has anxiety she doesn’t even seem like she got anxiety

    • Icy Retard says:

      Lmfao fboys will Betray each other

  10. J Rvdrvgvvz says:

    Man Nessa with Jxdn after she was with Josh for so long it really makes me believe that love doesnt even really exists.

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