Jaden Smith – Scarface (Official Music Video)

Jaden Smith – Scarface (Official Music Video)

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✖ Produced by Daniel D’artiste


✖ Music Video by 490tx (Moisés Arias)

All credits go to: Jaden Smith, 490tx (Moisés Arias) and Daniel D’artiste

This is the first track off of “This Is The Album” music project, featuring Jaden Smith.

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20 Responses

  1. Swerve says:

    Played it five times and still don’t understand a single thing he’s saying
    besides vague secret government plots. this is one well produced,
    incoherent babble. Thats hip-hop these days

  2. mohammad ebrahimi says:

    i thought he aint shit.now i see the proof

  3. Tia Talyor43 says:

    I haven’t checked in with jaden since his collab with jb lol I love this
    this lit asl 

  4. The “Kid at Heart” Rap says:

    Big fan but on every project and single I’ve heard from him he sounds
    heavily influenced by Drake 

  5. Nicholas Martinez says:

    sounds like denzel curry haha

  6. Dom Andrew says:

    Listen to it

  7. Jordan James says:

    This nigga is a true musical artist if only all rap music was as deep and
    meaningful a this great shit even tho it has a dark background 

  8. Joan Sebastian Valderrama says:

    +labrats Thanks for the answer, it’s nice know all that.

  9. Lemance Moss Jr says:

    I Like This. A Lot. I Love The Way He Ends It. I Like Him And His Sister.
    As Artist And As Human Beings. There Minds Are Amazing. Especially At Their

  10. jay rey says:

    i wanted to hate it but that fucking beat bumps!

  11. Kenneth McFarlane says:

    I’m actually a bit disappointed here. I am an FANATIC admirer of Will and
    Jaden Smith, but I don’t really feel like he’s using his full potential
    here. Of course, no disrespect at all to him. I think it’s cool that he
    came up with his own sound, but it’s like I’m not really feeling any energy
    or passion here. I’ve seen him flow like a lyrical wushu master with
    vibrancy, speed, and precision, but I’m just not getting it from this.
    It’s just one man’s opinion on it, though, and it’s not a spiteful one. I’m
    still rooting for Jaden. Always will.

  12. Naz John says:

    Just a big WOWW jaden smith, amazing jaden! ! Finally!

  13. André vilela says:


  14. Shikeem Anthony says:

    They schleep on this one

  15. Rich Folkes says:

    The best is so powerful. ..his voice kills this track man tf ? still give
    him props tho it was decent …need this instrumental 

  16. Bopsih Adfn says:

    The sound was nice. I liked it, I could bump to it.

    However, my issue lies with the lyrics and they way he projected his voice.
    I had to look up the lyrics and read them as I listened to the song to even
    catch a thing that was said.

    It sounds (and reads) like a mess of words that were just thrown together
    with no particular reason what so ever. I’ll say “Nice try.”

    If I could give a rating, I’d say a 2/5

  17. Kizla Key says:

    Why does this have 4k likes when only 169 people watch it ?

  18. Tori A says:

    I can’t wait for his voice to break. It will actually being another level
    to his bars. I can’t get over how hard the track goes but how soft his
    voice it. (Honest criticism not hate)

  19. myworldak says:

    No. Just no. Will, what you teaching this boy?

  20. DJ Topp says:

    i wonder why they cut off the rest of the song