Jaden’s 21st Birthday Party

Jaden’s 21st Birthday Party

Jaden turns 21 and decides to celebrate… at his parents house. Damn.

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◈ Created by Westbrook Media

Executive Producers: Will Smith, Miguel Melendez
Producers: Jeff Blank, Aaron Ferguson, Lukas Kaiser, Sadao Turner
Directed by: Jon Brandon Cruz & Liam Underwood
Additional Camera: Juliet Fessel
Editing: Mike Malarkey, Dave Phelps & Brian Vannucci
Production Management: Dawn Manning

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62 Responses

  1. Micah Mickles says:

    This looks like the flyest b-day get together! Small circle, close friends and family.

  2. BTS JIMINIE says:

    I am smiling stupidly through this whole video:’)

  3. Mok@_1 Eatz says:

    I wish I could’ve celebrated my sons 21st bday but he passed at 18. Jaden is a blessing to see grow up into a wonderful young man.

  4. Mohamed Diakité says:

    Jada :
    – “Im cold…”
    WIll :
    – “Who told you to where flip-flops”

    This guys is the best XD

  5. star soul says:

    Everyone is authentic in this family! The exact opposite of the Kardashian family

  6. Libaan Moussa says:

    Will Smith is so rich that he can make money just by filming his son’s birthday party………

  7. dae says:

    Will smith doesn’t age he still look 30s
    And happy birthday jaden aaaaa i remember watching him in karate kid

  8. xXmusicladyXx says:

    Can you imagine being so rich, people buy you f*cking energy for your Birthday?

  9. Cartoon High says:

    I don’t dig his style but I can tell he has a great personality and respects his parents no matter how spoiled he is. Happy 21st Jaden, I grew up watching you and now we’re grown together. We out here?

  10. Crazy Chicken says:

    So does jaden wanna go raid area 51 with me and the boys

  11. Pearcey111 says:

    We did it…Me and your mother are still together lmao I’m dead

  12. Eren Hadzhalaran says:

    “Ahh that would be hot”

    (Silently mouths to camera)

    “That’s not hot”

  13. Red Scorpio says:

    you need time for your kids! not just money…You can offer them anything but time is the most important in life.

  14. Russian Seal says:

    Why does his laugh sound like he’s crying ???

  15. Charlie and Lola says:

    It seems like just YESTERDAY that Jaden was in karate kid?

  16. Fit n Fab says:

    “here’s to being off my insurance,
    here’s to paying your own bills.” lmao

  17. abdiHype says:

    i loved the fact jaden was laughing about his dad all the time

  18. Pearcey111 says:

    What a loving family you can feel the warmth through the video, such great people very touching

  19. Kenpo Kid says:

    Jaden Smith: The table’s hot
    Will Smith: AAAAHHH…….That’s Hawt.

  20. Jessica Burkett says:

    Will:”Jaden get over here and be 21!”
    Jaden:” The sunset is beautiful.”

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