Jaden’s 21st Birthday Party

Jaden’s 21st Birthday Party

Jaden turns 21 and decides to celebrate… at his parents house. Damn.

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◈ Created by Westbrook Media

Executive Producers: Will Smith, Miguel Melendez
Producers: Jeff Blank, Aaron Ferguson, Lukas Kaiser, Sadao Turner
Directed by: Jon Brandon Cruz & Liam Underwood
Additional Camera: Juliet Fessel
Editing: Mike Malarkey, Dave Phelps & Brian Vannucci
Production Management: Dawn Manning

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62 Responses

  1. Micah Mickles says:

    This looks like the flyest b-day get together! Small circle, close friends and family.

  2. BTS JIMINIE says:

    I am smiling stupidly through this whole video:’)

  3. Mok@_1 Eatz says:

    I wish I could’ve celebrated my sons 21st bday but he passed at 18. Jaden is a blessing to see grow up into a wonderful young man.

  4. Mohamed Diakité says:

    Jada :
    – “Im cold…”
    WIll :
    – “Who told you to where flip-flops”

    This guys is the best XD

  5. star soul says:

    Everyone is authentic in this family! The exact opposite of the Kardashian family

    • Bexxybex says:

      @Norma Head nah, the kids are all beaut. They’re a definite positive for the Kardashians…

    • Jordаи RIP JAH says:

      VV Player yea! Aladdin…

    • no brah says:

      What you see on camera is not what you see behind the scenes so don’t be so quick to judge people you don’t know…stop hating on the Kardashians for absolutely no genuine reason ..

  6. Libaan Moussa says:

    Will Smith is so rich that he can make money just by filming his son’s birthday party………

  7. dae says:

    Will smith doesn’t age he still look 30s
    And happy birthday jaden aaaaa i remember watching him in karate kid

  8. xXmusicladyXx says:

    Can you imagine being so rich, people buy you f*cking energy for your Birthday?

  9. Cartoon High says:

    I don’t dig his style but I can tell he has a great personality and respects his parents no matter how spoiled he is. Happy 21st Jaden, I grew up watching you and now we’re grown together. We out here?

  10. Crazy Chicken says:

    So does jaden wanna go raid area 51 with me and the boys

  11. Pearcey111 says:

    We did it…Me and your mother are still together lmao I’m dead

  12. Eren Hadzhalaran says:

    “Ahh that would be hot”

    (Silently mouths to camera)

    “That’s not hot”

  13. Red Scorpio says:

    you need time for your kids! not just money…You can offer them anything but time is the most important in life.

  14. Russian Seal says:

    Why does his laugh sound like he’s crying ???

  15. Charlie and Lola says:

    It seems like just YESTERDAY that Jaden was in karate kid?

  16. Fit n Fab says:

    “here’s to being off my insurance,
    here’s to paying your own bills.” lmao

  17. abdiHype says:

    i loved the fact jaden was laughing about his dad all the time

  18. Pearcey111 says:

    What a loving family you can feel the warmth through the video, such great people very touching

  19. Kenpo Kid says:

    Jaden Smith: The table’s hot
    Will Smith: AAAAHHH…….That’s Hawt.

  20. Jessica Burkett says:

    Will:”Jaden get over here and be 21!”
    Jaden:” The sunset is beautiful.”

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