Jaguars vs. Chiefs Week 5 Highlights | NFL 2018

Jaguars vs. Chiefs Week 5 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 5 of the 2018 NFL season.

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89 Responses

  1. TheRealYoshi says:

    As an IND fan good job Chiefs πŸ‘

  2. Rushton Kovaleski says:

    The offense on this team is amazing
    Mahomes you name it

    • Random_Stuff333 says:

      +Deadly NFriendly I disagree

    • Ahmad Abdullah says:

      Don’t forget DeAnthony Thomas and Sammy Watkins

    • Liz Fernandez says:

      Better lineup
      The difference is the chiefs have a D sadly falcons dont i even might prefer saints offense over chiefs tbh but just wait till the chiefs get to the playoffs they might have everyone fooled but the chiefs are still the amazing regular season team thats beats all the good teams and then CHOKEs to a wildcard team

    • Ahmad Abdullah says:

      +Liz Fernandez YOU just described the falcons …. NOT to mention the ultimate meltdown in the Super bowl lol

    • RefillForever says:

      Ill take Brady

  3. Lucid Cactus says:

    We’re not going anywhere with Bortles. He’s one of the most inconsistent quarterbacks in the league. The defense did the best they could but they can’t stay on the field all game and play at their best.

  4. Chad Binger says:

    Even with a bad game, Mahomes still wins.

    • BradyistheSystem 5rings7mvps3allpros2opoy500tds says:

      Chad Binger
      As you all love to point out about Brady and his wins it’s a team sport. The team played good.

    • SSA INVINCIBLEx says:

      Sweek Seed the whole scope of things? He put them in scoring position every time they had the ball and he did have a rushing TD. I’d say for as good as the defense was he handled it well. It was 30-7 so it’s not like the intersections meant anything.

    • BradyistheSystem 5rings7mvps3allpros2opoy500tds says:

      Too many box score watchers. People look at the box score for fantasy now and make assumptions. It’s kind of annoying. He did play a good game with a few bad passes. That happens.

    • SSA INVINCIBLEx says:

      Chad Binger the second pick wasn’t even his fault. I mean if you actually watched the game you’d know that..

    • Ace Boogie says:

      Sweek Seed shut up I watched the whole game. He played well. Just cus he had two interceptions doesn’t mean he had s bad game. How old are you 12?

  5. Nicholas Katsikas says:

    As a Patriots fan I’m very nervous about the chiefs game next week.

  6. No Shit Sherlock! says:

    I stand corrected chiefs fans. You guys look amazing and dominated Jacksonville. Teams just don’t do that. You guys are gonna make a run this year.

  7. Wikkz says:

    Where my Chiefs fans at??

  8. Bleeding Silence says:

    All hail the Commander-In-Chiefs. Unbeatable….unstoppable….all crumble before the Chiefs.

  9. Mr 412 says:

    Mahommes is the truth!! He will be elite in the NFL!!

  10. Optimus Cline says:

    Mahomes finally threw 2 INT’s and they still win by 16 lol

    • lets get free says:

      +Callsign Vortex and on a side note Blake sucked the Jags wont get far with him at QB he’s not consistent

    • Dominic D'Amico says:

      +sky langford and the Jags don’t choke smh come on y’all been irrelevant for ever

    • Honey Badger says:

      Optimus Cline bottles threw like 10 lol

    • Sweek Seed says:

      +Dominic D’Amico jags didnt choke ever. Before last year they were horrible. Thats not what choking means. You know what it means and it is true about the Chiefs and you know how the guy means it. Just say “you’re right” and “we won’t do it (choke) again this year”. Or dont say anything back but secretly hope you wont choke again.

  11. Young Blood says:

    Week 1 – 3
    “Teams don’t have film on Mahomes yet lmao he’ll become shitty soon.”
    Week 4
    “Chief’s haven’t played against a good defense yet so they still suck.”
    After this week
    “Chiefs gonna choke in the playoffs.”

    Like damn I wonder what the next excuse will be.

    • Sweek Seed says:

      +johnvuu wont be a true test. Itd be another good test.

    • Sweek Seed says:

      +carsonc29 RG3 was legit good his first year. He’s just one of those who came back not the same after that injury which was 99% his fault.

    • Unnecessarily Loud says:

      Young Blood Next excuse : β€œChiefs are not good, everyone else is iust bad.”

    • Jayson Tatum’s Burner Account says:

      I mean chiefs looked good but it was the defense not the offense that won them the game. In fact the offense didn’t look that good and I thought Jags did a good job stopping the offense.

    • Blake G says:

      Ethan Hsiao their defense is the best in the nfl and the fact that the chiefs still won is just amazing

  12. STARKILLER says:

    Jags did good forcing the first turnovers this season by Mahomes. But they did nothing of note besides that. For the most part, Mahomes led drives up and down the field. Also, KC played excellent defense. If this was Mahomes worst game statistically and they still but up 30….Watch out NFL

  13. Surf Surfing says:

    Put some respect on Bortle’s name

    Am I doing it right?

    • Brandon Lee says:

      mooiemooface Bortles would most definitely NOT be the best QB of all time no matter what receivers.. you are a special kind of stupid young man. The guy is straight up garbage

    • Slim__ x3 says:

      mooiemooface it’s fine bro I hear ya. He has a great day against the pats and he comes and wets the bed he’s back to being sorry these people don’t even watch the game they just look at the box score. Besides the chiefs fans they watch every play πŸ˜‚ they act like our receiving core is the best in the nfl

    • Kawhi's Laugh says:


    • John 2020 says:

      +mooiemooface true but i personally have thought dak was ass since the beginning of 2017 season

    • Blake G says:

      Surf Surfing no it’s supposed to be the Chiefs defense not Bortle

  14. Kevin Eusebio says:

    Best part of this was right at the end of the broadcast. CBS announcer said Blake Bortles was the first QB to throw 400 yards and 4 ints in one game since… Tony Romo. The 3 second silence after that stat was gold πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    We still love you ⛡️

  15. gor9027 says:

    They started 5-0 last year, but this Chiefs team seems far better than last year’s team.

  16. John Michael says:

    Everyone was saying the Chiefs defense was bad so they came out and made a statement.

    • Sweek Seed says:

      +Royal Chiefer Jags defense were still good against the Chiefs though. Mahomes had a poor game, the poorest he’s ever played and that is fitting against a top defense. The Jags offense had a horrible game. Like the stat reiterated in the Browns week 1 tie, when a team forces 5 turnovers they win unless you’re the Browns who got a tie.

    • Buddro Star89 says:

      Yea against a bum offense and no fournette

    • James Mull-Adkins says:

      All these salty clowns hating on the Chiefs still lmfao. Keep the tears coming haters! Lol

  17. Acid Stain says:

    Its a different chiefs this year! THE KINGDOM#15

  18. Acid Stain says:

    Bye bye ramsey go cry to the cameras about how hill is a return specialist. U forgot about kelce tho bro. GO CHIEFS “D” LOL

  19. Q Jefferson says:

    Chiefs are scary. Period

  20. Dana C says:

    I very much thank all of you who aren’t fans of the chiefs for giving us respect. Good luck to all of you!

    • Husker Nation says:

      You’re welcome. I hope my Titans bounce back. Good luck to all you Chiefs fans πŸ™‚ No. 15 is the real deal

    • Condor says:

      Yeah man, much respect from a Broncos fan! As disappointed as I was with our loss to you guys, I’m still happy for you guys! Best of luck to you guys and your game against the Pats! Go show em who’s boss!

    • RefillForever says:

      Patriots are coming to get respect.

    • Ascalis says:

      As a Giants fan, if I didn’t give other teams respect when they deserved it I’d have to spend a lot of time coming up with excuses

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