Jaguars vs. Cowboys Week 6 Highlights | NFL 2018

Jaguars vs. Cowboys Week 6 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Dallas Cowboys during Week 6 of the 2018 NFL season.

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67 Responses

  1. J2K1 says:

    Can’t wait to see what Urinating Tree has to say about this😭

    • Moss Wayne says:

      +Jack Jensen type urinating tree in the youtube search box and find out!!
      Basically highlights with some brutal humor

    • Jack Jensen says:

      Moss Wayne gotcha. I figured it had to be a YouTube name since I couldn’t think of anyone with that nickname. Nickname or YouTube name… either way really stupid lol.

      Thanks though for the quick response.

      You a Cowboys fan?

  2. Darious Costley says:


  3. Cory Fessenden says:

    Title should be called: Dallas Cowboys highlights



  5. DWLR says:

    You know very well Skip gone be trolling Shannan tomorrow

  6. rinku singh says:

    Dak is back. Cowboys got Jalen Ramsey speechless lol

  7. The Geico Gecko says:

    the cowboys are the most inconsistent team, but hey


  8. Tanner Tot says:

    Where tf are the haters now??? What are the excuses now haters? One of the worst offenses in the NFL beating a top 3 defense. #WEDEMBOYZ

  9. Deandre Hopkins says:

    Conner McGregor = Cowboys MVP

    • Jack Jensen says:

      nobushi raider that’s ok. I’m sure you don’t have any to begin with. I can just look it up. Obviously I don’t care about UFC anyways. Have a good day πŸ‘πŸ»

    • Jack Jensen says:

      nobushi raider oh and one other thing. There are these things called Jobs and Lives that some people have. You should look into it.

    • Chris Havard says:

      +Jack Jensen I’m pretty sure living under a rock isn’t required to have a job and a life bud, just open up your phone and look into stuff. It literally takes like 30 seconds πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ or do you need those seconds to pay your bills? 😭😭

  10. Emilio Vasquez says:

    If Dallas can play this good on each side of the ball, they have chance to make a big run durning the next 3-4 games. Dak was lights out today, 82 on the run & 200+ yrds in the air. Dallas defence played outstanding, Jalen had no words durning the whole game 3-3 #Cowboysnation #ShutEmUp

  11. Cullen O says:

    Prescott needed this. He needs a solid season, not only to keep the cowboys alive, but to silence the critics. Poor poor jags, if only they had a QB…

    • Chadd Phillips says:

      Only retards think Dak is a good starting QB. Just an above average back up. No Zeke, no wins. Enjoy another 8-8 season.

  12. Deven Lee says:

    I’m so damn glad the Cowboys defeated the Jags not only beat Jacksonville but damaged them beyond repair

  13. Fernando Ramirez says:

    I remember arguing with a guy stating blake bortles was better than dak… Now I can’t find him….. Lol

  14. D NIED says:

    This is completely baffling. Win one lose won Will only get you to 8-8. String some W’s together ,and maybe they can have a winning season. Still doesn’t look like a playoff contender. But they are respectable. Dallas is my team, since first SB. Watched wild card to SB. And 13 win season to 1 & done. Not happy right now.

  15. Zaria Nails says:

    Just because we won does not mean Jason Garrett should stay head coach…

    • hegemony cricket says:

      I never thought Garrett should have been the HC. but they should replace him in the off-season, not add chaos to a young team during the season.

      I think Dak is the right kind of QB for this team, he is improving, and he is a really good field general, he has the respect of his teammates and he is a great motivator. Bottom line, he should be the QB until they find someone that is on another level. For the foreseeable future I think Dak is the right fit. just my opinion.

    • Holla I’m a balla says:


    • Viribus says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • La’ Garv says:

      Cowboy fans down talking dak after a blowout win over top 3 D in the league smh how ungrateful

    • Grayson Thomas says:

      Dallas Bank Robber no he definitely is the future he needs time just like Troy aikmen. Just because he doesn’t get a ton of yards doesn’t mean he’s a bad qb he’s good he’s getting more accurate as time goes on. Zeke has 100 yards dak almost had 100 yards rushing and almost 200 passing we are looking ok.

  16. Emanuel Voelker says:

    Jags you had somethin’ last year …. congratulations on disappointing everyone. And cowboys congrats, but what about the rest of the year …. can you show us more of this? Man, entertaining game.

  17. Sver 19 says:

    Conner McGregor needs to be in all of or games now. He’s our lucky charm!

  18. Zucc Masta says:

    Byron Jones is Easily the most Underatted Corner Back in the leugue

  19. Anonymous 2018 says:

    To all my cowboy fans. Conor McGregor happened. The luck of the Irish is with America’s Team.

  20. B RODS says:

    Congrats to Dallas and their fans. You guys whopped us good. Have a good season.

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