Jaguars vs. Patriots | NFL AFC Championship Game Highlights

Jaguars vs. Patriots | NFL AFC Championship Game Highlights

The Jacksonville Jaguars take on the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship during the 2017 NFL Postseason.

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89 Responses

  1. Silver Fox says:

    Remember how much trash talking the jags did at the end of the Steelers game?

    • Jasmine Symone says:

      Y’all are fans from other teams I bet. Yet we didn’t see y’all in the playoffs. So what they talk trash it’s a game.

    • Nyc Boricua says:

      Silver Fox jags did something the lions haven’t done go to their conference championship game , they talk the talk but walk the walk , the lions should have that swagger and confidence but they don’t

    • I don't feel like coming up with a channel name says:

      Silver Fox Yeah, they think they’re something even though they were irrelevant for 10 years

    • DJ117 says:

      Literally every team gets like that when they go from nothing to something.

  2. martin lopez says:

    This game bs so many bad calls on Jax, they got Robed

  3. c mulholland says:

    Jags got cheated late 2 quarter defense pass interference on a uncatchable ball Patriots we’re holding all game wr were pushing off on jags DB NFL is 2 most rigged sports after boxing

    • Fishslap 33 says:

      Wrong DPI call again. Watch the games and not just the censored highlight videos the NML puts out afterwards.

    • Rashad Jackson says:

      That ball was not uncatchable. AJ bouye pushed cooks out of bounds off his route which made the ball uncatchable which is PI

    • Omar Ali says:

      Yeah, i was rooting for the jags. They were playing undisciplined and thats all there is to it. The play calling was fine

    • Martyanis King says:

      c mulholland the jags just got beat thats all the beat they on self ok and the tom and his team just took over the game at the end ok see tom don’t do all that talking before the game ok jags do that’s why they got beat ok to much tlaking

    • Jake Shattuck says:

      Omar Ali Dave Chappelle put it best
      Haters wanna hate
      Lovers wanna love
      I don’t even want NONE OF THE ABOVE
      I wanna p¡§§ on youuuuu!!!

      …but seriously tho, we got lucky af. Your guys had their foot on our throats but we miracled our way back into it. Glad to see not every opponent is blinded by hate screaming imaginary injustice. Too many learn “sportsmanship” from the “pros” they watch so it’s like cool fresh air reading your feedback.

  4. tcdahn7 says:

    When you play the patriots, you also play the refs.

  5. Howard Barnett says:

    13:22 Holding, obvious to all but the refs. This is how the NFL scripts games.
    14:35 Pass interference, sideline ref, staring directly at the foul, must have left his flag back at the hotel. This is how the NFL scripts games.
    18:10 That being said, this is as near to perfect pass defense as I’ve seen at any level over nearly 50 years of watching football. No interference, timed perfectly, able to jump out of the stadium, and he made sure no one else was able to catch the ball. Beautiful.

    • Thomas Perez says:

      Steven A.smith said on his radio show ” the NFL will do anything to get Brady into super bowl within the rules of the game. wtf!!!

    • RajunCajun34 says:

      Whole entire NFL and officiating in the Patriots back pocket. That’s why the vikes beat the Saints and looked like little girls against the Eagles. Brady didn’t wanna get his butthole played with by New Orleans. So im hoping the Eagles break his back, like literally.

    • redsoxfan997 says:

      damn must suck to be retarded, sorry bro

  6. j no one says:

    All the complaints about the refs but Gronk was out the entire second half and the calls were against Jax’s defense not their offense. Pats defense just stepped up and Amendola and Brady made some great plays. Can’t take credit away from either team considering the circumstances. Patriots just made great adjustments at half time and let’s pretend gronk didn’t get hurt and take away some of the supposedly bad calls in favor of the pats, with the way the defense was playing and with gronk they would still win I think. Jax just couldn’t adjust on the fly and that’s the hardest thing about young team when they go in half time with the lead cuz they dunno what adjustment other team will make so they continue to do the same thing and ended up being outplayed. All credits to Jax tho, it was a great game.

  7. Brett McCain says:

    Hey Jags fans, I got a joke for you. What does a dead Sonic the Hedgehog and “Sacksonville” have in common? No rings.

  8. Crazee Turkey says:

    Am i the only one who finds it weird that the past 3 teams the Pats faced in the Superbowl are all birds. First Sea Hawks, then the falcons, and now the Eagles.

  9. James Masters says:

    Those refs deserve Super Bowl rings too Patriots

  10. define crazy says:

    Amazing how Brady won this game without Gronk, Edelman and Hightower.
    Simply the GOAT

    • CHEMICALI3URN says:

      also no Branch, the beast against the backs.

    • Shindler39 says:

      It’s all about game planning by Bill Belichick and the entire coaching staff, they spend about 12 hours a day to study game film and get ready for their opponents. On paper, they are teams in the NFL that are more talented. Brady is clutch and he is the greatest on pressure situation so that help a lot…

  11. shriniwas kelkar says:

    While praising Brady, will it not be appropriate to Thank the patriot’s defence which gave them back the possession 4 times in the fourth quarter? Without them Brady would not have been able to do anything.

  12. Oscar N2 says:

    When you’re the only person left in the universe who still likes the Patriots…

    • Fishslap 33 says:

      I wish they had been called something more evil and heel-like. I could root for a villain. But they’re the “PAAATRIOTS” and ohmigosh God bless America and apple pies! They’re King Kong Bundy draped in an American flag, and now all the cretins cheer for him. Maybe the Boston Terrorists or the Connecticut Investment Bankers would set the tone better. Or perhaps the Eastern Seaboard Nuclear Spills would be best. They could have luminescent green suits and walk around giving little kids cancer in the offseason. RUN KIDS, IT’S TOM BRADY!!!!

    • squares4u says:

      Oscar N2 Go Pats GO!!!!

    • Anthony Semeraro says:

      Considering the Patriots have one of the top 3 largest fanbases in the NFL…

    • Chris Payne HBTW says:

      patriots have the biggest bandwagon fan base of the last 15 years and have the support of 6 states, you are hardly the only one

  13. Brandon Ayala says:

    Tom Brady is going for his 6th ring.
    JT is going to perform in the Super Bowl
    Justin timber lake has 16 letters
    Jaguars blew a 10 point lead


    God another boring ass Superbowl

    • Quentin 33 says:

      KETCHUP PIKACHU Last year’s SB was awesome. I’m an Eagles fan… i think we got a legit shot. Our coaching staff is damn good. Not saying we’re gonna win but nobody thought Pats would lose to the Giants both times in the SB. I think it’s gonna be a good game.

    • james Pitt says:

      Go play pokemon and let the adults watch their sports you man child.

    • Mug Life says:

      You don’t have to watch this boring Superbowl

    • Chris Payne HBTW says:

      Quentin 33, last year’s Super Bowl was awesome for the final 20 minutes of the game, the first 40 was a boring blowout until the falcons decided to get too conservative and lazy on defense, besides Super Bowl 49, the last competitive and entertaining Super Bowl was 46

  15. EL Plagua says:

    *Stephon Gilmore proved today why he was worth the big contract that he got*

    • Garrett Mills says:

      Agreed. He caught a ton of flak early in the season and rightfully so, but he’s been playing well for quite some time now. Of course that play being the biggest he’s made.

    • RajunCajun34 says:

      No he plays for the biggest cheats in football, you don’t just improve massively in one game and possibly your last. Wake up.

    • Jake Shattuck says:

      RajunCajun34 I think someone and here must have a Terrible Towel for you to dry your tears. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Richer Breault says:

      EL Plagua yeah. Because he touched a ball. Jaguars suck. This year’s playoffs suck. Eagles are really the real deal

  16. jbcreate says:

    not a jags fan at all, but i see a lot of holding on the pats side that wasnt called. especially O line in that last drive

    • Omar Ali says:

      The jags were just clumsy. There is an art to avoiding calls and they forgot it

    • Phillygerm says:

      That one pass interference on aj bouye was so bullshit

    • Omar Ali says:

      Phillygerm he ran him out of bounds. There couldnt be more pass interference

    • Chris Payne HBTW says:

      James Davis, that is true, but that doesn’t help your argument, you’re fully admitting yes there is holding on every play, it all depends on how subjective the refs want to be in calling it, i dont care who won, but given you have a TB profile picture, we know which side you are on so pointing out the subjectiveness of the refs holding penalty calls doesn’t help you

    • ojibwa E says:

      If you watch more then one game a year you would know that holding could be called on every single play of every game, wouldn’t that make games fun to watch?

  17. Rich k says:

    love the pats.. jags will be next year. so practice practice

  18. Dariel gonzalez says:

    refs helped patriots all season so this wasn’t a surprise

  19. Bless 38 says:

    Tha G.o.a.t did it again best Qb 4Eva Go Blue….

  20. UnPhayzable says:

    It’s a 10 point lead and they don’t have Gronk, easy win right?

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