Jaiden and I broke Mario Maker

Jaiden and I broke Mario Maker

Watch as @Jaiden Animations and I conquer Super @RubberRoss World.
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Jaiden: https://www.youtube.com/c/jaiden
Jo: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVUXcTc8S_woC-qQsflETVg

➤ Duncan: https://twitter.com/DwamkTag

➤ Nova1Duke: http://twitter.com/nova1duke

➤ Crystel: http://twitter.com/crystei

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38 Responses

  1. nest4321 says:

    I love the new friendship Jacob and Jaiden forged. Their personalities bounce off each other very well

  2. RubberRoss says:

    Oh.. Oh no.. Well alright, I guess I have to stream my reaction to this. Gimme a minute.

  3. Tooxicnute099 says:

    Jaiden sounds like shes having the time of her life, and its honestly amazing XD

  4. Avión con seD says:

    Jacob and Jaiden’s friendship is one of the most wholesome things in the internet

  5. A Solo Moth says:

    They give off a chaotic brother-sister vibe and I am here for it

  6. Oskar Lopez says:

    I love how in most of Jaidens animations she takes the curses either out or doesn’t say it fully but Jacob is like you thought she was all wholesome and PG look at her NOW

  7. Christopher Moon says:

    55:21 It feels incredibly poetic for this journey to end off with Jaiden getting killed at literally the last possible moment, despite her long crusade

    It’s nice to see Alpharad make an appearance on Jo’s playthrough though, glad that Jo’s giving exposure to smaller content creators

  8. Potatochip Clips says:

    I love going back to these days because this is how I found Ross. When I first learned about him through the Grumps his Mario maker videos were the first I saw and watched and continued to follow the series to complete. And even though I don’t connect with the gartic phone games as much as his Minecraft dnd thing or his FF dating show or egg eating (which I really like those not as much the gartic phone though) I will always be able to go back to this time and smile.

  9. Dash says:

    Having watched Jaiden’s content for years now, it’s heartwarming to see her really getting along with friends and shit

  10. SonicHaXD says:

    I love how these 2 are just trying to out troll each other XD

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