Jail Cellmate – SNL

Jail Cellmate – SNL

A new prisoner (Seth Meyers) meets his cellmate (Kenan Thompson).

#SNL #SNL44 #SethMeyers #PaulSimon

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98 Responses

  1. Brooklyn Dixon says:

    His Emmys in the background rlly make this

  2. Victor Rhams says:

    A Bill Cosby sketch! Finally!

    • OuchMySpleen says:

      Last time I remember Kenan impersonating Cosby, it was a sketch around the holidays. I remember Maya, Amy and Tina were in it. 2015 I think?

  3. Nayops 18 says:

    A Cosby skit!, how’d I know this would happen lmfao

  4. SweatyPanda 2020 says:

    β€œThey Put Me in jail for eating salty foods”

  5. Steve DeSantis says:

    Kenan is a legend

  6. David Ewing says:

    Soo crazy….. Who knew years later after playing Fat Albert in the live action movie that he would actually be playing Cosby himself…….. So sad….. 😞

  7. Gary Turbo says:

    Fun fact: Keenan played Bill Cosby when he was on All That

  8. Ruben Decaze says:

    Sad stuff right here, couldn’t really laugh all the way.

  9. YHG says:

    Possibly the best imitation done on SNL ever

  10. Gluten says:


  11. Marcel says:

    β€œTheo” I yelled

  12. shontez montgomery says:

    “I took 2 spoons and went askizzabizzlebiteabootle”

  13. Finnegan Doherty says:

    Kenan was good in this. He is good in all sketches. Kenan is life. Kenan is love. All hail Kenan

  14. Courage Karnga says:

    This was hilarious and deeply depressing at the same time.

    • onlyfacts says:

      Karen I told my kids when I was young black people did not run around looting and killing and committing violence at 57% rates .My father told us what billcosby was portraying was a lie and dammit if he was not right .

    • Anthony Garrett says:

      +onlyfacts He wasn’t a serial rapist but he sexual assaulted many women is what has actually been said.

    • Karen Mathis says:

      onlyfacts It’s sin nature that is inherent to us ALL that you should be worried about. If your father taught you that black people have a worse nature than white people, he taught you lies. I see the lesson of Cosby as not judging by appearances and to be a little suspicious of anyone. But your dad taught you to judge even more by appearances, as if the color of a person’s skin says something about their heart. I promise you that way of thinking isn’t going to serve you well.

    • Salana Salamone Art says:

      a comforting thought is that rapist is serving time

    • Ghostface Chilla says:

      This wasn’t even funny! Most of these skits weren’t funny. Im starting to think the only part of SNL thats even funny anymore is weekend update.

  15. Idiotbox3000 says:

    Will Harvey Weinstein be joining Cosby in that cell?

  16. Travis Moss says:

    Seth Meyers always sounds like he’s reading off a teleprompter.

  17. My Life is Confusing says:

    _I was not expecting it to be Bill Cosby LmaoOo_

  18. juno knobloch says:

    You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villian

    • Duckpool Turner says:

      +Vincent GanVogh the point I was making is that it’s a quote from Batman. People in YouTube love references. This guy was probably just using it without really thinking about it

    • Duckpool Turner says:

      +Vincent GanVogh also I dont think he was justifying rape. He did say he was the villain

    • Dalia Lule says:

      juno knobloch true. That’s why they always say, good guys always turn bad, but bad people never turn good.

    • Salana Salamone Art says:

      the quote doesnt apply here at all, its an irrelevant reference. cosby wasnt a hero that lived long enough to be put into a position where he became a villain doing something morally or ethically grey- he raped people, starting decades before a lot of u grew up with him

  19. King Columbus says:

    Kenan lost mad weight…proud of my dude.

  20. marquis woolford says:

    He named the sandwich Denise…πŸ˜•. Nobody peeped that and the implications?! Plus I find it interesting that SNL going in when SNL writer Hannibal Burress originally outted him when he was trying to buy NBC! Guess if you want to rape/assault women you better be rich and white cause then instead of prison you can still be a movie producer. Or Supreme Court Justice. Or of course, President.

    • victor nash says:

      Bill Cosby never in his life had enough money to buy off NBC. Also Bill Cosby made alot of enemies against other black comedian.

    • do dirty says:

      +David Drake colored tears? What’s your address pussy?

    • Two-Face says:

      marquis woolford didn’t know Hannibal Burress was a writer

    • Camilee Duck says:

      Please explain to me how Cosby was about to β€œbuy NBC” a multi billion dollar TV station when Cosby isn’t even worth half a billion.πŸ™„

    • rash b says:

      He was trying to buy it with a team. They actually killed his son as a warning to lay off the whole trying to buy NBC thing because he had big plans for changing some thing, which the status quo didn’t like. Probably was going to have a similar impact that the Cosby show had, which they never really wanted to air or succeed.. It wasn’t coincidence it was around the same time or just after that his son was murdered. Cosby was no doubt a target of Cointel Pro then and whatever version they have of it now. No one heard of Hannibal Burress until the Cosby thing, that was a set up in exchange for being bigger. He’s not Chris Rock, they made it go viral when they decided it was time to kill his legacy. No doubt everyone else in #metoo got off, and they actually ignored law to get Cosby.

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