Jailhouse Style – Gumbo Soul food! Who likes gumbo? #FYP #Dpeezy2099 #Tiktok

Jailhouse Style – Gumbo Soul food! Who likes gumbo? #FYP #Dpeezy2099 #Tiktok

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28 Responses

  1. Luke Abler says:

    Hell yeah bro … need this dude as my celly cell … take notes jailbirds

  2. Marc LaDuke says:

    Not just in prison. This helps me get through any day. Bussin!

  3. Madjuice says:

    Bro you’ve saved me from so many nights of not having shit to eat man I got so much random shit around my house and these have been giving me some crazy ass ideas

  4. Gavin Louden says:

    Always glad to watch these! Keep it going man! 🤣 Yeah I’ve used these on the broke days

  5. Stanley says:

    As a certified southern Gumbo maker… I APPROVE 🤤💯

  6. Jacob Higgins says:

    As a real Cajun from the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, I’m grossed out and oddly interested in how this tastes. You got me feeling all kinds of ways lol.

    • þåråñðïÐ ÄñÐrðïÐ says:

      For real. As a cajun from near Lake Pontchartrain, this both disgusts and fascinates me.

    • Max Agrad says:

      @Maria Prado lol! Are you talking about the life where they tell you what to wear, where to stand, when to wake up, when to sleep, where to sleep… I hope you get to experience it for the rest of your life since you seem to be enamored with it.

    • Jaret Bradley says:

      ayo same here

    • Freya says:

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    • Th3 0ne says:

      Not so bad … Trust me

  7. SkyTheGuy04 says:

    This is actually very much in the spirit of gumbo! Taking small scraps and making soul food outta whatever you got. This gumbo is more authentic then some you’ll find at a restaurant.

  8. Mark says:

    Man, that looks great. You should write ‘Bunkie Cooking Cookbook’ – I’d be first in line to buy it. Thanks for sharing brother…

  9. Bryanna Morrison says:

    My little sister is in prison for 8 years. Sometimes she’ll have enough money for computer time. In our letters, she tells me she watches this videos on YouTube and she follows these recipes. She says that it makes life inside for her and other women feel a little more like home. She says that videos like these make her motivated to make the best of her situation. Thank you so much, your videos are a reason that one person is making it. She really likes peanut butter cookies, if you could do a video for Faith

    • Sen.Morbid says:

      @Abe Chaverria bro what are u even talking about

    • Imma be a hero says:

      Bruh 8 years she must’ve done something wild

    • mariyem says:

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    • Abel Abitia - read - Philippians 4:12 says:

      Get her a tablet, shouldn’t be that much money & you’ll be able to JPay her daily

  10. Andrew M. Fishman says:

    As someone who spent time in jail, you are the Emeril Lagasse of prison chefs bro 👌👌👌 love the videos 🙌 if you haven’t done it yet, love to see you do a mufongo roll up 🤙

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